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Hello. I am not tech savvy. I have a Moto G5 Plus that I got three years ago. I love it, but it’s time for my husband to give up his flip phone so I thought I’d give him my phone and I’d get a new one. Need help figuring out which Moto G to get that would be comparable to my 5 plus. I was thinking about the Moto G Power(2021). I don’t watch movies. I just look up things on the internet, check email, text, play some games, take pics, so I just want it to be like my current phone, but with a better camera. And I’d like to continue to have a low monthly bill if possible. Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, my husband is an ATT customer. He pays a lot more per month for his flip phone and only makes calls - no texting. Getting him switched over scares me. Hope it’s not too complicated.

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You will want to start by purchasing and activating your new phone, so let’s start with that.
The easiest way to do that is to purchase your new phone from republic wireless. It will include a sim card with the new phone, so you will not need to purchase one, and you will be able to add your husband with your old phone after you activate your new phone. Be sure to activate your new phone first.
This is a link to phones presently available from republic wireless with prices and comparisons so you can decide how much you want to spend, and which options you would like.
Comparison of Currently Offered Phones – Republic Help.
This is the link for your Moto G5plus so you can compare. Moto G Plus (5th Gen.) Tech Specs – Republic Help

Thank you!

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Hi @teresad.rhuat0,
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You can also review some photo samples in our #reviews:photos category to see photos members have taken with a variety of phones.

We don’t have a lot of photos from the newer phones. I hope you’ll share some photos once you have yours!

Some more useful information for you as you purchase and activate your new phone.

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