Choosing the Moto g6 or g7?


I am currently a Nexus 6P user, and may need to upgrade my phone soon, there’s no knowing. Recently it fell out of my coat pocket and got clipped in the closing car door! Landed on the pavement. There is a slight bend across the upper third near the volume rocker/power button. So far it still works like a champ but I suspect one day it will take its farewell hike.

I’m undecided between the moto g6 (which I’d purchase unlocked from Amazon and BYOP), and the latest moto g7 power. The Amazon reviews are 50/50 it’s difficult to determine if BYOP is a good idea. I also am hesitant to be in the “first wave” of g7 phone users since it just joined the RW market last month. I’m not entirely sure between the generations, but am leaning towards the moto g7 for the Pie 9 functionality and camera options. Any two cents you have is surely worthy to me - either on these moto phones, or another one on the RW shop. Let me know! Thanks all :slight_smile:

Right now, in my mind, the decision is about coverage. How is T-Mobile in your area? Right now the G7 series can only be activated with T-Mobile as the cellular partner. If that’s a deal-breaker, then you have your answer. Otherwise, I’m not clear why you would choose the G6 over the G7.


Since the G7 is a newer phone, OS updates will probably be supported longer. As long as T-Mobile’s coverage is good in your area, the G7 Power would be a better choice.

You can check which network your Nexus 6P is on by going to the Republic app > Settings gear (top-right) > About. If the SIM type says GSM, you’re on T-Mobile.


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