Chrome App Gone

Google Pixel XL

My Choice Talk and Text

no regular data, just occasional purchases

Issue Description

trying to read articles in my web feed, it says, “No app found to open link”

went looking in Apps and Google Chrome is just gone

Hi @barabbas,

Theoretically, it’s not possible for Chrome to be completely removed from Pixels as it’s a system app. Have you swiped up from the bottom of your Pixel to reveal all apps installed on your phone? If so, what happens if you open Google’s Play Store app, search for Chrome then “install” it?

@rolandh totally agree, that’s why i was so shocked. yes i did the swipe up. but i managed to google it, and then click on the app, and it needed to be enabled. not sure when or how it was disabled, but anyway, all’s well, now. thanks for response.


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