Chrome data running in background?

battery is running low, even though I have everything closed.
What phone do you have?
Moto G5 Plus
What plan are you on?
1 gig
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

When I close my apps, I go to the square at the bottom of the phone, and clear all. I thought that closes everything that is open. Somebody else showed that if I got to facebook (on website-not app) there is a box with numbers in it and if I click that box, it shows other web pages that were not closed. I guess I don’t understand it. It has been using battery up when I am not doing anything.

And should I have data saver on?

also my google home page changed. now it shows square pics of previous websites instead of just the google search bar.

those are the Chrome tabs (this does not mean it running in the background as Chrome (like Most apps) will save a app cache or save as app data this information)
those tabs do not load unless you go to them ( though I personally close out tabs before that number gets to double digits, but my wive is in the triple digits as she uses the tabs a a way to save a site address as Android Chrome does not do bookmarks very well)

I thought when I close data, it closes the tab

in android chrome does not close tabs when it is closed from recent apps, to close out an tab one must go to where you can see the tabs and click the x on that tab (or swipe it away)

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when I have fb open, there is no x and I cannot swipe except up and down. I have to click on the box that has a number in it, then the x will show up when it gets minimized.

Yes I was referring to the X or swipe away done after tapping the box with the number [which shows all open tabs]

oh - ok I can do that! Thanks.

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