Chrome Data Saver vs Lite Mode - Using much more data

Chrome recently started using much more data than previously. I discovered that the Data Saver feature was retired in Spring, 2019, and replaced by the Lite Mode.

While both make use of the Google servers for compressed versions of pages, there is a key difference. Data Saver was always on, and I saved a ton of data. Lite mode only engages on slow network connections (2g). In a metro area, I’m getting only 1% savings, since the connection is always fast. Now I’m blowing through my data 2/3 times faster, and an have to avoid using Chrome off WiFi.

Are others having the same experience? Is there a way to force Lite Mode on to regain the data savings?

I noticed the same thing. My default browser is Opera Mini which offers much more data savings that the previous data saver in Chrome and the lite mode. Opera Mini caches and reformats the pages externally and works on both https (secure) pages and http pages. Chrome’s lite mode seems to only work on http, and not on the secure pages. Since most sites are moving to https, it is unlikely that Chrome Lite mode will provide much savings.

The way I test this is by going to a site that reports my IP address. ( will report my correct IP address with Chrome, but will report the IP address of the Opera server when using Opera Mini. Chrome will report a different IP address if the checker is http and not https, so I assume that is only compressing the pages if they are http.

There should be concern about Opera being able to reformat pages that are encrypted on its servers in Norway. For this reason, I do not use Opera Mini on any sites that contain sensitive information.

That is correct as Google will tell you that in order to compress an HTTPS essentially requires the equivalent of a man in the middle attack where the 3rd party servers have access to your data in the clear which is why to the remote server it looks like the Opera IP is connected. No thanks, I’ll use the extra data.

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