Chrome headaches

Chrome has stopped working error message I cannot upload any pictures to social media at all without this error message coming up otherwise everything else seems to work. I have cleared cookies catch history and all that restarted even reset the phone to factory new I done all that stuff so please don’t ask me to do that stuff no more there has to be something else

According to this Google search you aren’t the only one with this problem.'t+upload+photos+to+facebook&oq=chrome+uploading+pictures+to+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0.10259j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Reading through a few of the hits I don’t find a fix. Have you tried a different browser?

Me? I have a powerful dislike for all things Facebook and wish I could uninstall the Facebook app from my S7.

I find it hard to imagine that there is no fix

You don’t mention trying it, so you might give uninstalling Chrome’s updates, restarting your phone, then updating Chrome.

I haven’t experienced the problem, but you might consider searching the Chrome Bug list and seeing if you can find it.
If you do find it… post back the bug ID and some of us can join you in tagging it in the system to get their attention
If you can’t find it … consider opening a bug
Issue Tracker with ‘chrome stopped working’ as the search argument

Yeah I did that to.

It would seem you’ve pretty much tried that which can be tried. There’s a remote possibility there’s a third party app conflict that survived the factory reset. Does the issue also occur when in safe mode?

Have you tried Chrome Beta to see if that makes a difference? ( A check indicates Chome=66.0.3359.126 while Chrome Beta=66.0.3359.106 … odd but believable)

I switched from Chrome to Opera months ago.
I like it SO much better. Faster, never has crashed.
Built in Ad Blocker!
Dark theme mode.
Syncs to Opera for desktop well.
They now have a Opera Touch browser that has some fancy features that allow send to pc type things.

Give it a try! You may like it better than Chrome.

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I’m sorry you’re having issues with Chrome. As has been suggested you may want to switch to a different browser. I’ve used several different ones:

Firefox has many different types of browsers:

Opera too has different browsers:

I liked Mercury, it was a nice simple browser:

This is just a few of the browsers I’ve used in the past. Now I use Firefox Nightly.

Chrome also has other varieties, one of which has been mentioned:

And then there is Brave for Android

Have been using it for about a month and pages do seem to load faster and the ad blocker really works.

Thanks I’ll look into other browser’s.

You’re welcome!

I use Ghostery for most of my 'net surfing. It does not track or keep history, and it blocks ads. On my desktop and notebook I can highly recommend Vivaldi. It’s new, fabulous, and has a lot of features in no other browser. It was written by the guys behind Opera. In other words it’s the internet browser we thought we would always have until the browsers became personal information spy reporters.


A new browser “Vivaldi” was written by the Opera crew. I love it.

I’m going to try it, thanks!

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