Chrome quits working every time I use it

I get a ‘what do you want to do?’ option. Quit, Report, or Wait. I’ve done all. It will always quit again.

Thank you for that report. We were all wondering what your Chrome browser was doing.

Oh, wait… was that a call for help? Not really sure. I don’t see any language that specifically asks for help.

Well, at the risk of offering my opinion where it may not have been requested, I suggest you tap the little square “recent apps” icon on the bottom right of the screen, then swipe away any apps show there. Then, try the Chrome app again. If you get the same lame results, you have little option but to initiate the 3R routine: remove the app, restart the phone, reinstall in the app. Otherwise, I suggest the more user friendly Firefox browser for anything other than casting videos to Chromecast.

My apologies for not putting my ‘call for help’ (which it was) in either the right location or the correct format (in the form of a question-?). Thank you for responding and I will try the actions you suggest. I might have another question after that. Should it be posted/asked elsewhere?

Nope … this is the place … to seek or give help … and there’s a lot of us here on both sides

So ask away !

debt.m20u4x wrote:

I might have another question after that. Should it be posted/asked elsewhere?

I hope the 3R routine works for you. This is the appropriate place to post any questions for which you want community support. There are some long time subscribers here who can help with most issues. When the community doesn’t have the right answer, you can always click the Help link in the top right corner of this web page. That will put you in touch with the award winning RW support team.

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