Chrome vs. Samsung Internet


So I needed to get a new phone not long ago, and I decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S8 as I believed it to be a more powerful device than the Moto Z3 and didn’t want to be constantly removing a case to take full advantage of Moto Mods. So far I love the phone but there’s one drawback that I’ve forgotten you have to deal with with Samsung phones: bloatware.
To be fair, it’s a lot better than it was when I was rocking the Galaxy S3, however, it’s a bit annoying that my phone has both “Email” and “Gmail” and “Internet” and “Chrome,” none of which can be uninstalled.
Since Chrome and Gmail can be disabled, I’ve been testing out the stock Email and Internet apps. Email is fine, but I’ve noticed one significant drawback on Internet: the lack of a Data Saver option like Chrome’s.

Anyone have any significant experiences they’d like to share? Does the Data Saver function matter all that much? I’d love to hear from the community!


Here are a couple of Republic Help docs that my help you

  • Be sure to read the ‘Additional Notes’ below as they explain some important info about calling/texting


Chrome’s “Data Saver” is not the same as Android’s Data Saver. With the Android Data Saver, you limit the applications that can use background data. It basically automates the process of going app by app and making individual settings. Chrome’s data saver works by reducing the size of images received in the web browser by first routing them to a Google cloud server, and then loading them as lower res images. It gives you a running % of the amount of data saved. For me, it has saved about 2% of data over the last 30 days. This feature is turned on and off in the Chrome settings menu.

I mostly use Opera Mini which works much the same way and greatly reduces the amount of data used when browsing web pages. It’s a tiny browser designed to keep things simple. It’s fast and consumes much less data than a full featured browser like Firefox.
Here is a screenshot from the Opera Mini data savings screen:

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I prefer Opera. Built in Ad Blocker, Pop Up Blocker, Cookie Blocker, Crypto Block, Built in VPN support. Has a Data save mode, but i have never need of that.


Opera will save you the most data if that’s what you want out of a browser.


I should have made this clearer but I was hoping to try to keep the choice between Internet and Chrome. Since both cannot be uninstalled and only one can be disabled, I’m not particularly looking to add a third browser to my installed apps. Never been a big fan of multiple redundant apps.


Chrome’s Data Saver matters very little. That’s because it is unable to compress HTTPS pages and there are very few unencrypted pages left. On my phone, since January, Data Saver has saved 52MB on 3.2GB used. Pretty much meaningless. Years ago, before Google punished sites in its search results for not being HTTPS, sites like CNN, which didn’t have “transactions” would be straight HTTP, so there was a more significant benefit. It doesn’t hurt to have it on, and should you time travel a few years in to the past it could save you quite a bit, but it doesn’t do much today.

That being said, for me the biggest reason to choose Chrome is synchronization with my laptop. When I add a bookmark in one place, voila, it’s in the other. If I have Chrome remember a password, same thing. Even history is available if I want to look up something on my phone that I previously started on my laptop. That reason alone is enough for me to ignore Samsung Internet.