Clear Republic Anywhere


How can I clear RA on my computer. It is full of text msgs sent on the phone from way back. None of these now appear on the phone now as I deleted them. But computer version is so full it’s hard to figure out what is going one.


You can not delete message from RA. You can only “Achieve” them.
This essentially just hides them until the conversation becomes active again.
RA keeps synced all messages fro the last 30 days.


Hi @jamesw.1v9was,

There is an option on the desktop Anywhere menu to “reset local content.”
It’s in the Help menu. It will destroy all the messages on the computer and re-sync it to what’s currently stored on our servers.


This may help clean up some of the older messages you no longer wish to see, but please know that the messages removed from the computer using this method cannot be recovered.


That works !! Thanks.


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