Clearing cache question - how long does it take?


Moto X 1st Gen

I followed the instructions to clear my System Cache and everything seems to be fine, but the Formatting Cache message is still up. It has been 5 minutes so far with no movement. How long does this process take? Need to know since there is no progress/status indicator and I want to make sure this is working.


Clearing cache can take 10-15 minutes.


Yep. just went through. Didn’t have as much of an effect on my storage though. :frowning:


Usually, Photos and Videos take up most storage space. Have you checked how much your photos and videos are taking
by going to Settings -> Storage -> Internal Storage

That should show you…all the various items using up storage space…you can then look for ways to taking them off your phone…by either making copies on your computer…or backing them to Google Drive…or similar means.

See here for an excellent article written by a fellow community member. The article was written for the Moto E…but lot of info in there is generic and should help you optimize your storage space

Thanks to @drm186 for the updated link!


It was ported before the new forum went live for most of us


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