Clearing Old Messages (Good data housekeeping practices)

I want to clear my SMS/MMS history. Not just on one cellphone but on Republic Wireless’s servers. How do I do that?

I want to setup my Republic Anywhere account so that messages are automatically deleted after a fixed period of time. Both on my phone but also on RW’s servers. How can this be done?

Republic anywhere will only sync message for 30 days after that they may be archive as I not sure how long they are legally required to hold message (after 30 days it would take a court order to gain access to them)
There is no delete option on the PC or tablet version of Anywhere just an archive option which would hide the message until you get or send a new one to that number.

I am aware of how the none Android versions can only archive. That I don’t care about. I want to be able purge all my old data (once it is no longer legally required), and I want a way to setup messages to be deleted after a certain period of time or certain count limit. Nearly every other Messaging client has some functionality like this. I don’t understand why “Anywhere” doesn’t (just to be clear I am talking about EITHER the Android version or the PC version).

I have messages that were received to an old SIM/phone, that do not show up on my current phone. However, they do show up in the PC application. Since, I cannot delete them from the PC and they do not show up in my phone they are just hanging around slowing down a bloating my PC application.

Hi @joshuaw.cgl0px,

The current reality is Republic is maintaining the Anywhere clients as is, however, there are no plans to continue with development. Therefore, as things stand now, there will be no new features forthcoming.

Like other Android messaging clients, you may, of course, use Anywhere to manually delete messages on your phone. If you wish for an automated solution, I’m afraid you need to look at something other than Anywhere.

There’s no way for the user to delete anything from Republic’s Anywhere servers. My understanding is Republic doesn’t keep message content beyond 30 days. You may limit the content stored on your computer to what’s stored on Republic’s servers by using “Reset local content…”

My understanding is Republic doesn’t keep message content beyond 30 days.

Do we know this for a fact?

I freshly re-installed the PC version this morning and messages that are not available on my phone were populated when I logged in from as far back as August 2018. I performed a factory rest on my phone in Janaury 2019.

Have you reset the local content on your PC as outlined in the help article I previously linked? Deleting messages on your phone won’t also delete them from your computer. Anywhere treats your PC as a separate endpoint from your phone.

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