Clearing the Handover Notification?



I have a Moto-X running Android 5.1 and RW App version on the Base Plan + 0.5GB. I don’t get many phone calls, and sometimes the Handover Notification (“Tap to handover from Cell to WiFi”) doesn’t go away at the end of a call. Currently I have a notification dated 2 days ago. Isn’t it supposed to appear at the beginning and go away at the end? If so how do I get rid of it when I’m not actually on a call? That notification space is valuable…

Thanks — Andrew



Checked on my G3 with same versions. I see just a small notification icon next to the arc during a conversation and no banner unless swiping down on most calls. If the banner appears it goes away after making my choice.

Assume you’ve disabled and then re-enabled the handover in the RW app.
Suggest you 1st try clearing the cache. Clearing the Cache – Republic Help
Next uninstall RW app updates in Play store and reinstall updates. apps.
If no help, reboot the phone to safe mode to eliminate 3rd party apps. Safe Mode – Republic Help

If those don’t do the trick someone else may have more suggestions or RW Support may have experience with this issue. Help Ticket | Republic Wireless Good luck.



Hi @anjrew,

Were you able to get that notification cleared?


Yes, by disabling (and then re-enabling) notifications from the RW app. I suspect that’s an indication that there is a bug in the app, but it’s an old phone now running an old OS version, so now I know how to get around it I’m satisfied.



Thanks for letting us know you’ve figured it out!


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