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My Moto E XT1019 started having numerous apps reporting the “has stopped” error. It got so frustrating I tried doing a factory reset. Unfortunately, I am now stuck in a new installation loop and I keep getting the message, “ has stopped”.

I have tried going to the boot recovery and doing pretty much every option there:

Recover - shows the broken robot and it says “no command”, I then proceed to wipe all the data clean and do a fresh reset but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

Factory - this is frustrating, when I select this option the phone simply reboots and nothing changes.

I am a first time visitor to this site and I am unfamiliar with its ways. I have not filled out a ticket yet. Should I do that?

Sorry to hear about your phone. This might in fact be a critical error if a factory reset didn’t correct this issue. Were you able to successfully factory reset the phone?

At first, it appeared that I have. But upon starting the initialization (the set up process when you turn your phone on for the first time) it kept giving me the “unfortunately has stopped” error and the setup process appears to just loop between the welcome page where you select your language and the “About your Privacy” page. So I’m pretty well stuck. I can’t get into Debug mode either since I can’t get into the settings. So many online fixes are simply impossible.

It sounds like you are going to need a new phone and I believe all the Moto E 1st Gen phones are outside of warranty.

I am a first time visitor to this site and I am unfamiliar with its ways. I have not filled out a ticket yet. Should I do that?

Since you asked…you are currently in the Community area where most question answers and help come from members. The info you get here usually is as good or better and quicker than what a Support ticket may provide. RW Support can often provide solutions to problems we can’t using some tools or info only available to them. You can find a link to opening a ticket at the bottom of the Help Center page. As @coreyk suggest a new phone may be in order. Good luck with your phone.

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Thank you for your replies. I feared that simply getting a new phone would be the best solution. But I think you guys are right. However, I must believe that somebody out there somewhere has the tools capable of completely wiping this phone blank and reinstalling the right stuff. But since this is an older phone, I suppose it would be more feasible to just get a new one. Thanks again for the replies.

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