Com.qualcomm.fastdormancy Just ate all of my data in one night

So, I just woke up to a bunch of emails and notifications saying that I have 25% / 5% / 0% data left on my account. After looking at Android’s Cellular Data Used, it shows that “Android OS” was responsible, but it did not show exactly what was using it. I then went into the Cell Data used on the Republic app, and found out that “com.qualcomm.fastdormancy” has just used 60% of my data in one night, even though I was on WiFi.

Does anyone know what just happened? I have not upgraded to 7.1.2 yet, so maybe it was trying to download the update over and over? Is there any way I can petition Republic to give that data back? Should I open a ticket with them? I have 9 days left for my billing period…

Also, I have the Pixel

You can certainly open a ticket, but unfortunately, whether the data was used intentionally or not, Republic still has to pay for it, so I don’t know how much traction you’ll get in getting it back. That’s also a really strange user of data. Here’s a description of Fast Dormancy: Fast Dormancy in a nutshell | Android Forums and it’s weird that would be downloading anything. I would open a ticket and see if the support team has an additional insights.

Same thing happened to me as well.

Do you have a Pixel, and have not yet upgraded to 7.1.2?

This happened to me as well today - I don’t know the specific process that ate it up cause the app doesn’t specify it. I have a moto G4 Plus. The republic shows my data usage as maxed out in 1 day (1GB used) even though my phone says I’ve only used 2.34MB total usage and 554KB of the android service which republic thinks is maxxed out. I think it’s a republic issue not an actual data issue.

Hi @cheese , @regphi , @joshuap.ghmnxf ,

We’re seeing an issue on our side affecting data reporting for those whose billing cycle date was today. We’re working on the fix. If you’ve opened a ticket you should be notified once the fix is in place.

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