I recently activated a new Nexus 5x on Republic 3.0. The activation process was quite complicated and frustrating with many failed attempts to get the phone to connect properly to cellular service via LTE, but after over a week of troubleshooting, it’s now working correctly.

Unfortunately, the first thing that happened once I finally succeeded in achieving a cellular connection was that an app called com.qualcomm.timeservice used 97% (!!!) of the 1GB data allowance in less than a couple of hours, so that our entire data allowance was gone before we even realized what was happening.

Does anyone know what this “timeservice” is and how to prevent this problem from happening again? (I did try simply going to apps and locating it so I could remove it, but it doesn’t show up in the apps list.)

I wasn’t web surfing, watching videos, or doing anything else I know of that would use data – I actually didn’t even know data was working yet at the time that this program hungrily ate up the entire data allowance. What Google searches I was doing for troubleshooting were done on another device. On the phone in question, I was simply testing texting and calling, while occasionally rebooting the phone to attempt to get new settings to work.


Make a support ticket out so they can figure it out.

Republic Help

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I already did, but was trying here as well, because last time I had a technical problem the people on these boards were much more knowledgeable and helpful than customer support.

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