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I realize it’s off the Republic topic but I am interested in anyone’s experience with breaking the Comcast bundle. In particular around internet and renting their gateway in my situation. Question after thumbnail…

Small business is 5 years… Internet, tv, phone triple play the entire time. I’m tired of the poor customer service but comcast is the only internet game in my office park. Currently on a 75/15 speed and feel confident that I will be able stream tv and convert to voip. With large savings on tv and phone, I will be able to cover the cost hike in stand alone internet.

Question: My franchisee highly suggests a static ip since our ■■■ is web based. I’ve been told by comcast that using their gateway is a requirement because of the static ip. HOWEVER, I don’t use their gateway as a router. It’s merely a passthrough to my wired router (comcast helped set it up that way). Based on that, I think a cable modem should be able to successfully replace their gateway even with the static ip? Thoughts?

I can think of no reason that a static IP would change whether or not you can use an owned gateway with Comcast. The only difference would be that you would have to set the IP in the gateway settings rather than leave DHCP on for the gateway to pickup an IP from Comcast. It’s doesn’t make any sense to me that have a static vs dynamic address with them would change anything about owning the gateway.


I think it’s another example of poor communication, lack of knowledge, or perhaps deception to generate revenue.

To me, this feels like the old school situation where you bought ip service and brought your own modem in the dial up days. Thanks louisdi.

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Poor communication, lack of knowledge or deception, from Comcast? How dare you! They are known to be one of the most knowledgeable, honest and customer focused support teams on the planet!
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