Comcast sitting on their duffs. RW at fault. Oh brother, what a mess!


i’m leaving RW. Going to Comcast with better plan and cheaper phone. RW at admitted fault to my number porting. I do give RW credit for admitting their mistake, but omg what a complete waste of my time.

Issue Description

Outbound phone number porting from RW to Comcast


I want a manager involved on your end to remedy this situation. I also want a time frame on when this will be done. I’ve waited 8 days to get my number ported so this is not a queue thing related to your automated tool.


T-Mobile can port Republic Wireless numbers in minutes. The delay is with Comcast. The number will be ported on the FOC date that Comcast selects.


I’ve called them 9 times. Spoke each time with different operators who said they verified the information going into RW.


Hi @scottse

This is a common misconception we see here in the forum. Porting is a highly automated process and the port is actually in the hands of the winning carrier, in this case comcast.

Please see here for additional information.
Anatomy of a Number Transfer


I’ve spoken with 9 different operators as well.


Ask them what the FOC date is.


I will get them on the phone right now. please remain active on this thread.


Scott, this is a customer-to-customer forum. If you want to reach staff, please open a ticket. Tickets | Republic Wireless


I did that already and never heard back from anyone from your service.


This is not the first time a complaint of slow porting has been seen when transferring to Xfinity/Comcast. Here’s another from a few days ago:

Xfinity/Comcast set the FOC date out pretty far:

“They stated because the numbers I requested to port over were classified as landlines an FOC date of December 4, 2017 was entered, and due to the Thanksgiving holiday they tacked on three more days than they normally would. The request showed no error(s) when submitted”.


I am on the phone with them. Each is pointing the finger at each other. I’m not surprised.


I will ask them about the FOC.


Ask specifically for this: “Please tell me if you have a Firm Order Commitment (FOC) from Republic Wireless. If you do, can you please tell me what the date and time attached to the FOC are?”


ok, just about to ask them.


I’m waiting for the agent to reply. Your help is appreciate. That should force Comcast to provide the info.


There are a few possible responses:

  1. Yes we do. The date/time is… If you get this, you’ll know when the transfer will be complete.
  2. No we don’t. In this case they should have a failure message and should be able to tell you why the request has failed. If they claim that they have no response at all, then the request has never gotten to Republic because responses are automated.



That’s one potential failure message. It’s not the only one and given Xfinity Mobile’s penchant for requesting far out FOC dates not the most likely one.


:+1: Just adding some additional info for a possible reason for the delay, considering the holiday and all.