Comcast | WiF won't connect (originally: An issue with my e-mail)

I had a problem with my e-mail and internet connection, which I had to call Comcast to resolve.
Now I find that I can no longer access Wi-fi and network on my cell phone.
also, my account name is incorrecct. My name is
Please help me repair my phone.
Thank you,

  • Comcast was the last folks to ‘make changes’ necessary to fix your email/internet connection, I would suggest that you return to them for support.
    • Let them know what part of your internet access now fails … the WiFi is normally provided by the same router as the internet connection, so they may have left it turned off as part of the troubleshooting efforts.
  • Your account name can be changed via Account Management | Republic Wireless Account settings/Profile

I have been on the phone with Comcast three times today. Even though my Wifi name is Wendys wifi, the phone won’t accept it. The network but it won’t work either. I had the text option and now that won’t work.

The tech at Comcast asked me to shut off my phone but it will only reboot and not shut off.

Please help me.

A couple of things we don’t know that may help narrow down the problem

  • What is the Router (Make/Model/Version)? … usually on a sticker on the back or bottom
  • If they haven’t had you turn off/wait/turn on the router, could you do that?
  • Which phone are you using that is having the problem?
  • I am assuming that you are seeing the name when you view Settings/ Wi-Fi?
    • If true, then under your name, what does is say?
    • Now, access it and ‘FORGET’ it (bottom left)
      • Select the ‘Show password’ and re-enter your password (remember it’s case sensitive and No spaces)
      • What happens?

This is all I could find:

S/N 28422266

C/M Mac F691143D234A

My cell phone is the issue [redacted]
The router has been reboot 3 times

Phone model can be found in the main phone Settings, About phone.


I cannot find the my phone model. I am legally blind and it is very difficult to the screen. I guess there is no way we could talk?
Thanks for your consideration.

I cannot find ht emain phone settings

You may be able to find Settings in the app drawer. It looks like a gear.


I reset thr wifi and now have retrieved it in my name.

Not sure about the network.

I don’t know how but all is well.

Thank you,

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