Comment on article about porting RW number to AT&T

My daughter recently moved to a town in Kansas where RW has no coverage so she had to get a new phone. She chose AT&T and while at the store they had a very difficult time porting her RW number because their system kept saying it was a Google Voice number. I found an article here titled AT&T Says My Number Is with Google Voice When Transferring from Republic Wireless that addressed the issue but didn’t offer much help. After multiple calls to AT&T support the persistent sales rep eventually got things to work. I wanted to add a comment to the article so if anyone else runs into the issue they can avoid the trouble, but didn’t see a way to do that.

The ultimate solution was to put a 0 (zero) in front of the RW phone number to make an 11-digit account number to give to AT&T.

If there’s a way to add a comment to the article that would be great. If not, hopefully anyone else who runs into this issue will find this post.


RW account number is the phone number.
phone numbers are area code, exchange, and 4 digit number as in
xxx xxx xxxx
which makes up 10 digits

putting a 0 (zero) in front will make an 11 digit account number

so would that mean that ATT needs 11 digit account number and their system just ignores the leading 0?

Just confused, I am.

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My mistake, they needed the leading zero making it an 11-digit account number (edited my post above to fix the mistake).

If you just give them your 10-digit phone number as your account number, their system rejects it and states it is a Google Voice number that needs to be released. If they put a leading 0 on your phone number, then the port will work.

I’m just hoping to save someone else who goes through this the hassle of waiting for AT&T to try and figure it out.

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att been around for a long time so yes it seems like they would need 11 digit account number

thanks for clearing it up…

Hi @markn.eulobn,

Some of us here do have the ability to provide direct feedback on Republic’s documentation. I’ve gone ahead and mentioned what you were kind enough to share here.

For other’s reading here, this particular AT&T sales rep did exactly what should be done in a circumstance such as this. Alas, all too often, frontline sales reps at other service providers are shall we say not particularly persistent. I mention this not to beat up on AT&T or other service provider’s sales reps but rather to point out; it’s the gaining service provider that needs to do the legwork (as this AT&T rep did). The customer should never be tasked with doing so.

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I just transferred my service to AT&T and experienced the same issue. This post was extremely helpful. Adding the 0 to the beginning of the number worked immediately after struggling for hours and contacting customer support from both carriers.

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