Communicating with Republic Wireless, Resentment, Survey, and Other Musings

Happy New Year. I wanted to address this to the company executives but feel like I am being forced to communicate via a social media platform. I suppose I should write a letter but the ink in my printer is empty and I do not want to wait until I buy a new cartridge before I write this. It is in completing your requested survey that I realize I harbor some resentment that needs to be expressed. The survey asks if RW is better or worse than other companies. The truth is I don’t know. That is not a choice so how do I answer? I don’t. I quit the survey.

Back in September, I ordered the Home adapter. Upon receiving and attempting to activate, I discover it does not work with my plan, which I knew and was prepared to change, but also does not work with my phone. How could I have known that? The resentment part is while I was able to obtain a partial refund for the cost of the product, I was still charged for the shipping. Is there no one at RW in fulfillment who had my back and realized that I was ordering a product that was not compatible with my phone? I can understand if I ordered a phone and did not like the phone and returned it; in that case, I should not expect a refund for shipping. That makes sense. But was I supposed to know that the adapter is incompatible with my product? Why would I order it with that knowledge? So the incomplete refund elicits some resentment. The fact that I have to mention it stings.

I am also an early adapter of RW so I did the research, liked the concept and the price and got on board. I started with a Defy and upgraded to a Moto X. Weeks go by where I barely use it, some weeks where I don’t even turn it on. Am I getting the best deal? I don’t know. Am I getting a better deal than I would get with another company? I hope so. Am I getting the best deal that I could get with RW? I don’t know. My bill on the refund plan seems to creep up in price whether I turn on my phone or not, whether I use my phone or not. So, when I get surveys with only the best or worst service/company as my only choices I don’t know how to answer - particularly when the survey requires a response that chooses one or the other before I can continue.

I need to express my current feelings about RW - ambivalent. I don’t mind bare-bones companies but sometimes I just want to talk directly to the person in charge. I only want to do business with companies that operate fairly with their customers and that was one of the qualities that first attracted me to RW.

Hi @tibbsdjt,

Welcome to our Member Community, and Happy New Year to you, too.

I’m sorry to learn that the survey frustrated you. I’ll let the team responsible for the survey know that another option is needed for that question.

I’m also discouraged to learn that you bought the Extend Home adapter without realizing it wasn’t compatible with your plan. We do not have a staff at the fulfillment center double-checking orders to make sure every item selected is compatible with the account owner’s existing devices. Sometimes people order gifts, or are ordering an item from us to go with an item they’ve ordered elsewhere, and such human review of every order would slow down our very automated process dramatically. We could, however, look into adding a warning in the checkout-process when the Extend Home adapter is being purchased on an account with only incompatible phones.

Right above the button to add the Extend Home adapter to the shopping cart, we do have, in bold letters, “Available only on the My Choice Plan.”


Our return policy has been, for quite a long time, that we do not refund for the original shipping. We do provide a prepaid return shipping label at our expense, and we do not charge any sort of restocking fee.

If your bill on the refund plan is creeping up even when you don’t use your phone, that would mean taxes in your area are going up. We have not changed the pricing for the Refund Plan. It remains $10 for unlimited talk and text, and $15 per GB for data, plus taxes and telecom fees. You can compare the itemized charges on your invoice each month, in the account portal, to see what is causing the total price to change.

I’m not the person in charge of RW, but that person has entrusted me with the care of our members through our Member Community. Like you, I prefer to do business with companies that operate fairly with their customers, but more importantly to me, I want to work at a company that treats customers fairly. Republic Wireless consistently strives to do so. We’ve tried to make the information about the requirements for the Extend Home feature available in the online store, in our Community, and in our Help Center. The page in the online store has a chat button available so our members can get all their questions answered before they make a purchase. Our return policy is publicly posted in our Help Center and comes up as the top search result when “Republic Wireless Return Policy” is searched in Google. We spent a lot of time preparing all the information before we made the Extend Home adapters available for purchase, because we wanted our members to have the information they need to make an informed buying decision. There was no intent to hide this information from you, and I’m sorry to see that it caught you by surprise. I’m also sorry you won’t be able to enjoy this feature, because my Extend Home adapter is one of my favorite perks of being a Republic Wireless My Choice member.

You’ve been with us a long time, and it’s a shame for something as simple as a shipping charge to cause such a lingering, simmering resentment. While I can’t issue a refund for the shipping charge, I’ve placed a credit on your Republic Wireless account for that shipping charge. The credit will remain on your Republic Wireless account until it is consumed by your next monthly fee or a purchase from our online store, app, or account portal.

When the time comes for you to upgrade your phone and move to the My Choice plan, please remember that we’re here to answer any questions for you. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, and for being a Republic Wireless member.



I’ve experienced the same frustration with many company surveys. Creating a good survey isn’t at all easy, and, without involving people trained to do that, most surveys are painful for users who really want to offer helpful feedback. And therefore unhelpful to management that really wants helpful feedback.

While problems often develop due to bad sampling of respondents, the real problem is often the wording of the questions and the answers offered. If the Republic survey was designed in-house, it’s not surprising that you and others (me too) were frustrated. If a pre-test of the survey had been done, many of the problems would have been identified and. I’d hope, fixed. And if a pre-test did get run, well. . . I won’t even go there.

With luck, this will be a good learning experience for Republic.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I believe it was noted that I was aware of, and prepared to switch to the “My Choice” plan, but was not aware the Moto X phone was not compatible with the Extend Home device.

My hopes are that RW will include the new Motorola RZR among its phone offerings and that it will be an affordable option for me to consider as an upgrade in 2020.

Warm regards.

That won’t be possible. Motorola has already announced it will be a Verizon exclusive.

Depends how rich you are. They’re $1,500

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