Community Appreciation Thread


I was inspired to create this thread by the kind words of a fellow Republic member who expressed their appreciation for Republic’s Community via a Member Advice chat. Quoting from that chat with the author’s permission:

Hi, I actually just wanted to thank the community for their help in assisting with a problem I had with my phone. I actually need the “anywhere” app. to solve my problem. That was not on my new phone during activation. Thank you for your patience. Your a wonderful community.
May you and your family have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and a Happy Healthy New Year.
I hope the community will see this.

Member Advice chat is staffed by fellow Republic Community members known as Experts. From time to time, you’ll see them in Community with this badge next to their Community name :expert:. Additionally, some of Republic’s Community Ambassadors (myself included) assist fellow members as Experts.

This thread is intended to give folks the opportunity to express their appreciation for Republic’s Community and celebrate what we all collectively accomplish here. As much as we appreciate Republic itself, expressing that is not the specific intent of this thread. Further, if one would like to express their appreciation for a specific Community member and/or staff, I encourage a post here: * Kudo & Win! *


This community is the main reason republic is why (in my option) as good as it is.
the customer helping customer model (like a small towns neighbor helping neighbor) would not work for most company as they are to large and mostly uncaring on there forums where here we have helpful employees who drop in from time to time and both the Experts and Ambassadors( who are basically just customers themselves), who along with the forum members put in a effort to make it work, not just solving issue for customers but educating the customer and each other.


I’m thankful for the community giving me the opportunity to meet such a terrific group of people. It’s amazing to see a group of customers come together and support each other, quickly and competently solving everything from questions about phone features to highly technical queries about calling over Wifi. I’m a part of a lot of communities, including those of other carriers, phone manufacturers, non-profits and others and I’ve never run in to a community as robust and supportive as this one!

Thank you Republic Community.


I believe RW would not have survived 6 years without the Community & @Southpaw. The community was ok but southpaw made it come alive and turn into a real tool for the members & customers. All the Employees that do what they do, Ambassadors, Experts, and the volunteer contributors have stepped up since the change to “discourse”. I honestly don’t know how RW stayed alive on Jive


While my admiration and fondness for Southpaw is absolute, I would also acknowledge that there have been previous Community Managers who have also worked hard to nurture this community’s collaboration between our groups, and that in my opinion, is unrivaled in it’s nature.



I agree with that too.


I’ve checked into this RW community thread from time to time, but for the majority of time I’ve been a RW customer, I haven’t been on these forums that much. However, I’m thankful for this community because:

  1. There are a lot of helpful and knowledge people in this community forum.
  2. I have an opportunity to get help from familiar “faces” instead of just random people. The more I’m active in this forum, the more I get to know about the people answering the questions. If I called tech support with other carriers, I would just have the option of talking to random people.
  3. Because I’m a part of beta testing and etc., I feel like this forum is an outlet for me to help RW be even a better company, and I like spending time on here because RW has helped me save significant amounts of money; I would like other people to have a good RW experience as well.