Community Challenge 12: Extend Home - tell us why you want it!

Your chance to win a free Extend Home adapter!

In early June, @seanr posted a Call for Beta Testers: Home Phone Extension Feature to Republic Wireless My Choice members interested in testing a concept still in development. :nerd_face:

Interest in testing the feature was outstanding! We received more applications than we had Beta slots available. :southpawpoms:

We encouraged our testers to talk about their experiences publicly in our #beta:extend-home category. If you missed those conversations, take some time to read them now! :eyes:

Last week (July 12), Sean posted a follow-up to the Beta with updates and next steps. :smile:

This week, we have even more news for you about this feature :tada:

Now we’re giving you a chance to win an Extend Home adapter for free. Think about what you’ve read about the Extend Home feature. Tell us what you are most looking forward to about this feature, how you think it would enhance your Republic Wireless My Choice plan, and how you’d expect to use it.

We’ll select three winners at random from the replies below and award each one an Extend Home adapter.

Eligible entries will:

  • Be written by a current Republic Wireless member with at least one My Choice service line on the account.
  • Explain at least one anticipated benefit of the Extend Home feature, demonstrating an understanding of the feature.
  • Contain at least 50 words.
  • Reply below by 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

We’ll draw three winners from the eligible entries on Thursday, August 1, 2019.


The Extend Home would be very convenient in my household. I am an in-home caregiver for my mother, who has COPD. It is very difficult, sometimes close to impossible, for her to move anywhere quickly. For many of her medical contacts (doctors, insurance, etc) I have moved them to my number rather than her sketchy lifeline mobile because of the call quality and tendency for her phone to drop calls. However, if she receives one of these calls while I am away, I would have to take a message and call back after I get home. With the Extend Home, she could see it was a phone call for her and I could let her answer at home. This added convenience plus Republic reliability would also allow me to switch all of her important numbers to my line. It’s a great feature!


Our kids are getting old enough that we will want to have a phone option for them soon. Seriously considering the relay, but the extend home option would give them emergency ability to reach out to e911 or emergency contacts as needed and would give me some serious peace of mind. It would be great for calling Grandma just for fun, too.


I have been waiting for this technology! Hearing about it first from Republic is no surprise; I am a Republic Beta user from way back in the day and appreciate the new ground they blaze in the tech world.

The extend home feature I am excited about is the ability to give my kids access to a phone when we are away or outside. We haven’t yet gotten phones for them, so this tech will be perfect! They can call us or make emergency calls as necessary.

Top notch as always, RW!


I would love to win a free Extend Home adapter! Occasionally my wife or I have our phones misplaced by our children and the other is not around to play “call and find the phone.”. It would also be great to have a way for the kids as they get older to have access to a phone without having their individual phone. My wife and I have not had a land line in 12 years so it would be interesting to have that availability without the high cost of a land line.


I think this is a great idea! Our youngest is old enough to know about 911, but we have our cell phones locked down. So having a home phone in a designated location that they can easy pick up if needed would be great. It would be a great addition to our family’s emergency planning.

With parents with older children who can stay home by themselves (who do not have their own cell phones), this will also be a wonderful option. Esp. if the parents are away with their cell phones and the kids need to call them.

I really love that Republic has thought about this. Even better, that they have included it as part of the My Choice service! For those of us on a budget, its nice to have the piece of mind of a home phone, without an additional monthly cost!!!

Way to go Republic Wireless!



I would like to have the “Extend Home” adapter as I am trying to limit my screen time on my phone (especially when I am home), but at the same time I don’t want to miss any important calls (and my only phone is my cell phone). If I was able to have an “Extended Home” adapter, I would be able to tuck my phone away while I am home and not worry about missing any calls because the home phone will still ring.


The Extend home will provide a way for babysitters to call us when we are out on our date, or have them call their support without having to bring in their own phones (or if they don’t have a phone). Another is allowing our kids to learn to call us when we are out on our date or as they get older there will be a place for them to make a call.


We’d love to have Extend Home adapter for our kids. We have a “home phone” cell phone but when the kids use it, it disappears and they try to play games on it and it never makes it back to the charging station. When we find it after much searching, it’s dead. We’ve been looking for a “landline” type option so the kids can make and get calls without the screen temptation. This looks like the perfect way to handle it!


I would like to be able to extend my range. I’m currently on the edge of service. I live below a bluff. I’d like to see if this might help improve my signal when I’m outside around the house. This would also be a great advantage when my granddaughter is at home to get a hold of us.


As mentioned by a lot of people, Extend Home seems like a great option for kids. Having a phone for my toddler to call grandma without me having to hand her my cell with all it’s other addicting features would be great. And the ability to call my cell when I’ve misplaced it would be amazing! Since I’m a single parent there’s not another cell phone in the house to help me find mine when it’s buried under blankets, dollies, and a million books.


I think this sounds like a really cool feature. I have been using Magic Jack for many years for my home phone. It is very static filled, so it would be great to find out if I could get better call quality. Having it be a free service once you buy the adapter is an amazing deal. Question, do both phones ring at the same time?


Great question and thanks for asking. Yes, currently both your cell phone and home phone would ring at the same time. We know there may be cases where that’s not the ideal situation so over time we will be thinking through new features to give you more options on call routing.


This looks great! We don’t have a home phone, and we do have relays for our kids, but this would make it so much easier when we have a babysitter over or we are out for a run and my oldest is in charge. This way they can call 911 in an emergency or call our phone directly when needed. My kids would LOVE this as well to call Grandma and Grandpa. And I would love not giving them a cell phone that they can sneak away with when the phone call is over to play games or sneak a YouTube video :slight_smile:


I’m very excited about this. With the Extend Home adapter I could cancel my home phone service and use Republic as my one and only phone service. This would be a great extension to helping your customers save even more with Republic wireless. My wife and I have separate numbers. Can you have multiple numbers connected to it at the same time?


You will only be able to have one phone number associated to the adapter. If you wanted, you could disassociate your phone number and then your wife could associate her number to the adapter. You just won’t be able to have both numbers programmed at the same time.


One could acquire two separate Extend Home ATAs and connect them to a single two-line phone or possibly a single line phone using a splitter. The disadvantage of the latter would be not knowing which number was ringing.


I’m interested in trying this service out. I’ve been very happy with everything Republic Wireless has offered and looking forward to extending that into my home. I currently have a VoIP setup that uses a Cisco Cisco SPA2102 and CallCentric. CallCentric is a wonderful service that has tremendous features. It only costs about $5/month. But these are duplicated features - DID & E911 costs that I’m also paying on the cellular side. Consolidating two lines into one might (depending on Extend Home pricing) save me around $5/month. Any monthly savings would be in addition to the convenience of having a single line.


First and foremost, I love having a single telephone number that rings my land line AND my cell phone. Moreover, I very much like having wireless handsets strategically located around my home. The Extend Home facilitates both. For years I’ve owned an XLink adapter, a device connected to my home phone system that makes a Bluetooth connection to up to 3 cell phones. I’ve replaced that with the
Extend Home ATA and my present land line will be disconnected on August 1st.

Since installing the Extend Home I haven’t made a single call from my home using my cell phone. My Panasonic wireless handsets are a better fit for me and calls are of better quality than they were when made over Bluetooth using the Xlink adapter.

To be honest, extend home isn’t for everyone. In my case I was able to connect it to my immovable router AND my immovable telephone system using an Ethernet switch and some cables I had in one of my junk boxes. The nerds among us will love it, the others not so much. I’ve talked-up the system with my SO, friends and relatives and only one seems inclined to buy one. His router and telephone system are side-by-side and the monthly charge for his land line just went up $7.00/mo.

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