Community Challenge 13: Celebrating Republic Wireless' second year as an ASP Top Ten Support Site

:southpawpoms: As you’ve seen in @beng’s announcement, Republic Wireless has been named a Top Ten Support Site by the Association of Support Professionals for the second year in a row (and the second of two times we’ve entered the contest.)


We want to celebrate this award with our members and identify opportunities to improve before next year’s contest!

To enter this month’s challenge, simply reply below with both of the following:

  1. A description of a time when you had a positive experience being helped by our Help team, our Experts, someone in Community, or an article in our Help Center.
  2. A thoughtful and constructive suggestion of something specific you’d like to see our support team do better.

One eligible entry will be selected as a staff pick to win

  1. one month of free service (up to $25)
  2. one Republic Wireless T-shirt
  3. one $10 Google Play Store gift card

Four winners will be selected by random drawing from eligible entries to win their choice of

  • a month of free service (up to $25)
  • a Republic Wireless T-shirt paired with a $10 Google Play Store gift card

Eligible entries will:

  • Be written by a current Republic Wireless member
  • Include a both a positive Republic Wireless support experience and a constructive suggestion for improvement
  • Contain at least 50 words
  • Reply below by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

We’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Sorry, our staff, Experts, and Ambassadors are not eligible to win this giveaway.


When RW was still budding, the options were limited even more for customer support. At first, our traditional mindsets were upset about it. We had some issues with our initial set-ups (user error :wink: ) and finally gave in to the Community Forum. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and helpful the Community ended up being. Since then, the site has grown even more. We’ve been able to quickly find answers to issues and especially love the live chat.

As far as suggestions go, our RW app runs so slow that we feel like we have to be on the mobile site or computer to get help/answers. If I understand it correctly, it’s not embedded in the app itself anyway, but it would be nice if I was able to access it all easily in one place (like the app).

  1. While on vacation a couple years ago, I realized I was not getting all my messages. I went on Republic’s chat system and talked to Lena, who advised me to clear the data for the Messaging app. That seemed to solve my problem! We were able to clear up the problem in real time.

  2. I actually struggle to think of things the support team could do better, but I suppose it would be nice if a notification were delivered to our phones alerting us whenever there is a service outage (perhaps this would have to be over WiFi). One evening in the spring of 2016, no matter what I did, my phone wouldn’t work, so I wiped the phone. That didn’t work–as it turned out, Sprint was down, but I didn’t think to check The incident cost me a couple hours, but I realize that was my own mistake.

Congrats, RW, on another well-deserved award!


My experience with RW Help Team via a trouble ticket exceeded my wildest expectations. In the past, I had intermittent issues that was a challenge to troubleshoot and report properly on, due to many possible variables that were in play on my end. But once the issue did become persistent, I was quite surprised that the agent that responded (Alex) was actually very useful. I am a very tech savy person, and was glad to have pretty much a 1 to 1 ability to communicate with someone who actually knew what they were doing and could actually detect and fix things on RWs side directly. As well as communicate with me on my level in near real time via messages.

I have never had anything close to that experience with the Support from other providers. The reps at other companies just seem to read from a script, search Google for answers, and just don’t care to help one of their customers, let alone be able to actually see or do anything network tweak wise. Not the case with RW.
Such personal attention and communication ability, not only with tech support staff; but also via their very active and well groomed Community Forums, is what keeps making me wanting to stay with RW service, regardless of enticing “deals” that competitors offer up.

As far as room for improvement in specific regards to the Support Team, there was a disconnect between what was already done via the Community Forum posts, and the Help Ticket. The 2 venues for Support could be more closely tied into each other somehow so your Support Agents can be better informed initially as to what the user may have already troubleshooted or been told if they had first started their Help request via a forum post. The Support agent in my first few tickets did not seem to read the forum thread even though I had linked it in the Ticket, made things a bit rough at first.

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I had to rely on Republic Wireless support when transferring my service from my Moto G to my Motor G5 Plus earlier this year. For some reason, the transfer was not taking place properly and I had no phone service for hours. I was able to email Republic Wireless several times and had answers from 3 different support personnel. I did finally get the problem worked out through working with them. I was walked through several options to try to fix the problem until one worked. I was extremely impressed with the followup to my problem. All of the support personnel who had originally contacted me sent me follow up email to make sure that my phone was working. That was so considerate. Each one offered to help me further if needed. It is so rare to feel like support personnel actually see you as a person with a problem that is important to you. I felt very warmly taken care of by Republic Wireless support. The only request I would have is for an emergency contact venue that would get help to subscribers who need immediate assistance and are panicing. I was in panic mode and didn’t have any idea how long I would be waiting for contact from a support person. In the past, I haven’t had problems that needed immediate assistance and I always found my answers in chat groups or over a period of time consulting with whatever support personnel answered me. I’d feel better knowing there was an immediate response option. Thank you for all you do. I don’t think I"ll ever leave Republic Wireless!

  1. We have always received excellent customer service help. Either providing links to specific help articles or community threads, or providing information clearly for me themselves. My wife has had a tough go with her phones, often something isn’t working properly (moto e4 and moto e5), and they have been willing to either send her a replacement, or provide a discount on a new phone). No shipping costs as well is so welcome.
  2. I honestly don’t know if this is already an option, but having an instant chat through Facebook messenger might be another way for people to reach the support team. Not everyone might think to go to the website first, but instead go to the Republic Wireless facebook page.
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  1. I had a specific question regarding the new annual pre-pay plans and whether or not my teacher discount would apply to that. I could not find anything regarding this in the extensive documentation on the pre-pay plans, which I understood, so I reached out to customer support. My helper quickly understood what I was asking about and did confirm that it applied, which impressed me. You don’t always assume that the first person you speak with will be able to understand the specifics of your question (for me, it was the very specific teacher discount), but he did and was very helpful, which led to me promptly switching over to the pre-pay plan.

  2. One thing that could better help the RW community out might be to periodically evaluate new product and service developments, as well as the subsequent influx of support questions. If there are patterns in certain questions being asked, then perhaps specific guides can be put together to address those questions. For me, the example is my question about teacher discounts and pre-paying annually. Since RW has this benefit program, and the annual pre-pay option is new, perhaps the existing documentation about the teacher benefit could be updated to state that it is also annual plan eligible.

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I’ve been with RW for 2 years. Previously, I was a 20 year customer of VW. The customer service difference is like night and day. I have used Republic’s customer support 4 times. Each and every time, I have received a complete, respectful and full explanation. My most recent support question was concerning my battery not charging. I was given a series of operational “trys” and resources to explore if needed. Truthfully, when I used to call Verizon for support, I was more than often, left confused, frustrated and looking at the same issue. One of the reasons I left.

Honestly, I hope the support team continues to deal with questions and concerns in the manner in which they are. Complete, concise and ready to help. I do not know if an chat forum is available. If it were it would cut down on the wait time for support answers. But, I would not trade it for the great support I have received up to now.


Recently I upgraded my phone, but the model I wanted wasn’t available from RW so I had to buy directly from Motorola. RW went above and beyond getting the correct SIM card to me, free of charge, via overnight shipping (also free) so that I could get the new phone activated before we left on vacation. I had numerous follow-ups via email on my help ticket to check on how things were going, and also had excellent customer service via live chat regarding the SIM card.

I have no suggestions for improving customer service. The fact that you are even asking for suggestions shows why RW is the best option for cell service. Your customers are #1!

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This summer, I had my first experience with ghost touches. My phone was experiencing a sunlight glitch where the light sensor falsely sensed a touch on various portions of the screen. For example, it would open an app and randomly “tap” the screen. This lead to a my phone doing various activities outside of my control such as liking and unliking Instagram posts, sending automatic texts to various message threads in my inbox, sending drafted emails, deleting photos, etc. While slightly amusing, it was also really frustrating.

When I reached out to RW Help Center, I was directed to the Community Forum- which had my exact issue documented and certain steps to take to fix the issue. After following the steps and still having slight issues with the ghost touch, I started a help ticket and immediately received a response. RW staff are attentive and prompt in replies. I do appreciate having a real staff troubleshoot my phone issues, and circle back to the customer before closing the ticket.

I would like to see more product and price choices for consumers- phones, phone accessories, etc. Thank you, RW!

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My experience with RW Help Center is probably rather generic for most people. Like many, my phone broke (dropped it off a very tall hill while hiking). I had to get a new phone and sim card. No big deal - got everything. But the calls and service were just spotty, and since I live in a major city, it didn’t make sense. I emailed the help team and got the try the community forum. Some people offered suggestions, many which were very technical, but still nothing. The support team picked up on it and sent me a new SIM card within 72 hours of reporting the problem. It solved the problem and went back to regular life.

It’s interesting - I’ve been with RW for years and it doesn’t even occur to me anymore until someone asks. Flawless system for me and couldn’t be happier.


I have always hated getting new phones…Thanks to RW Help Team I myself activated my new phone and transferred everything from my old phone to the new one without the assistance of my daughter…I am very tech challenged (I hate technology)…The RW Help Team assisted me, was very patient with me, and answered any and all questions I had while activation and transfer…I had told the RW Help Team member who assisted me that I have panic attacks when activating a new phone and she kept me calm…She made it easy for me taking things step by step and slow…Thank You RW Help Team for your patience with us older people who aren’t “tech saavy”…You’re the best and I am so glad I switched to RW 3 yrs ago…!!


Tech support: I couldn’t call my house for over a year from my Moto g4 Plus. Then I couldn’t call my daughter’s cell phone (also an RW customer). I finally saw fit to open a ticket. After many emails back and forth, with me testing the calls while she watched, the tech person decided to reset my account on your end. It all worked after that and I haven’t had any problems since. I don’t need to contact Tech Support often, but when I do, they are always there and always willing to help. I really appreciate that and I appreciate only spending $20 a month for my phone. I’ve been with RW since 2012, I think. I have no reason to look elsewhere and I don’t.


When I first joined Republic Wireless, I was new to the smart phone scene. Even though I had used other people’s smart phones before, I had never had to set one up or figure out all of the functions. I struggled with figuring out how to change my current phone number to my new phone. I talked back and forth with an Expert over the course of a few days and they were amazing. Each person I talked to made sure that I was getting the help I needed and did not end the conversation until I said I no longer needed support. Whenever something else came up, an Expert would contact me to let me know what was happening. I would love to be able to contact the support team over the phone. It is a lot easier for me to learn something or fix something when I am able to get immediate feedback audibly.


I recently reached out for help with the extend home adaptor. Was able to get more information about it and helped me make my decision to purchase. Love the chat feature for these issues.

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Republic Wireless support folks of all stripes - staff, experts, community - ARE indeed so great! It would be easy peasy to talk them up. But I’m going to talk about a bot instead! In May '19, I had a small issue -:a pop-up saying my phone wasn’t activated (long after having been activated). After searching the community forum unsuccessfully, I submitted a request to the Republic Help team. Now, one of the things that is so great about all the actual humans referenced above is how quickly they respond - usually within minutes! But an automated email acknowledging my request beat them to it (of course!). Below the brief cursory acknowledgement were suggested solutions to my issue. The top suggestion nailed it! There’s even a convenient button to press if the suggestion does the trick: “Yes, close my request.” Wonderful!

What would I like different? Like many folks, I was attracted to RW because of the savings. I would like to see more inexpensive-but-solid phones offered - especially ones that aren’t Motorola. (Their support is at the opposite end of the spectrum from RW! If you have a problem, expect to be stuck with it, or else try to prove your case, send them your phone, and not have a phone for many days. Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone manufacturer that had the same culture and service as RW!!??) Anyways - more inexpensive-but-solid phones.

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Thanks to all who entered Community Challenge 13 above!

When I selected the date for the winner announcement, I apparently failed to adjust the tuning on my crystal ball :crystal_ball: and didn’t foresee some intense, time-consuming meetings that would require the attention of our staff-pick judge today. We’ve had to delay the winner announcements but are looking forward to sharing that news with you before the week is over!

Thanks for your patience, and for taking the time to submit your entries!


Thanks everyone for your patience in us announcing our staff pick winner! In fact, we’re now going to select two lucky winners to make up for our my tardiness.

Drumroll please… :drum:

Our first staff pick winner is… @AUser.Resau!

I’m glad Lena was able to quickly resolve your issue through chat! Chat has become an increasingly popular method of support in recent years and one that we have plans to continue improving. Your idea of delivering more proactive notifications for service related impacts is fantastic and one that we’ve been exploring. Thanks for the kind words and great recommendation!

Round Two
Our bonus staff pick winner is… @SpeedingCheetah!

It’s great to hear of such a positive experience! Our agents, and even those like @southpaw who often work in the shadows, take a lot of pride in helping to resolve our members’ issues and get to the bottom of a problem. Over the past 2 years we’ve been trying to integrate more of our Help Center and Community components into our support interactions. it’s an ongoing effort and one that still requires some work, but we’re committed to continuing to improve the experience. Thanks for the review and constructive input!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this challenge and please join me in congratulating @AUser.Resau and @SpeedingCheetah! @southpaw will be reaching out to arrange your prizes and will be announcing our 4 additional random winners soon!


Sorry for all the delays on selecting the winners, and let’s have us a drawing, NOW! :tada:
My two lovely assistants today are @Louisdi and @SuperT!

Let’s start with @Louisdi - please pick one integer from 1 to 9, inclusive.

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