Community Challenge 14: How would you use our new Data SIM? Tell us for your chance to win!

We’ve got a new Data SIM on the horizon

We’ve been working on an exciting new product - a Republic Wireless Data SIM. You might be wondering “Didn’t you used to have a Data SIM?”, and the answer is yes! This time, we’re changing things up a bit.

We launched a Pilot Data SIM program in December of 2018 and learned quite a bit about usage, pricing, and much more. When we ended our original Data SIM pilot, we used those learnings to see how we could move forward with a new offer.

This new Data SIM offer will be slightly different in a few ways than our original Data SIM, and we’re looking forward to launching it soon. We’re going to save the specifics for later, but we wanted to take some time to learn what you would use your Data SIM for.

Not sure what a Data SIM is or what it can be used for? Here’s more about what a Data SIM is and what it isn’t. Essentially, a Data SIM is used in devices such as a GSM Hotspot, a laptop that supports a SIM card, a tablet that has a SIM card slot, or a “spare” GSM phone that you aren’t using (just to list a few examples). By placing the Data SIM in one of these devices, you can then have access to LTE Data, much like you would on your smartphone. Use it when you travel, when WiFi isn’t available, etc. Please note, a Data SIM is not a replacement for the SIM card in your current active Republic Wireless phone.

:shushing_face: Top secret info:

The new Data SIM card will provide 10 GB of data and is good for 30 days from activation.

Be on the lookout for more details about our new Republic Wireless Data SIM offer!

Your chance to win!

We’ll be giving away one Data SIM to 3 lucky winners. To enter, simply reply to let us know how you would use your Republic Wireless Data SIM.

Eligible entries will:

  • Be written by a current Republic Wireless member.
  • Use a minimum of 50 words to explain how you would use your Republic Wireless Data SIM.
  • Reply below by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 1.

We’ll select three winners by random drawing from the eligible entries by the end of the day Thursday, October 3.


I would use the Data only SIM as a GSM roaming option (via a older phone hot spot and Republic WiFi calling) when traveling with my CDMA devices (I need CDMA Partner where I work) but when traveling I run into area where GSM partner would work better.
a second way I would use the Data only SIM is a reward for my son so when he away from home he can still play internet games on his tablet when we are (he not ready for a cell phone and even when he is the data would be limited)


I could see myself in the future using data only SIMs for:

  1. Live streams of YouTube collaborations at conventions.
  2. Live Interviews of people at the conventions for people at home to get a sense of what the convention is all about.

I read this very interesting quote earlier this year from the popular YouTube Secrets book:

“At a recent event in Palm Springs, CalmourCon, we shot twenty interviews in two days. It was a lot of work, and we didn’t have much brain power left by the end of the second day. However, we left the convention with twenty weeks’ worth of videos created from one batch. So, while attending an event might cost a lot of time and money, the payoff can exceed what you spend.”
YouTube Secrets, 143

At the end of last year, I recorded a video with someone at a convention, and after reading YouTube Secrets, I see I can plan things out to do more batch recording at conventions in the future. These recordings might not be specifically related to the convention itself, but conventions have a way of bringing talented, like minded people together, so in addition to attending great meetings, I can also be potentially be utilizing that opportunity to collaborate with people to create content for a specific niche on a YouTube channel. I could do a short live stream with at least one person I would collaborate with for a little bit, potentially also teasing future content I would from the convention as well.

I think batch recording videos at conventions and then also adding some live streaming to the mix while I’m at a convention can potentially interesting to my audience.

For instance, I saw Darrell Eves’ livestream at VidCon; he had a livestream backpack, and he was walking around the conference with his phone, talking with people at the event and also responding to people’s comments in the live chat as best as he could. I’ve never been to VidCon before, but it gave me a much better perspective of what VidCon is about. At his video conference, VidSummit, people are going to be having live streaming backpacks, and I’m assuming will at least do something similar to what Darrell did at VidCon and just walk around the conference interviewing people. I could see myself doing similar things like that as well on a smaller scale.

Not everyone gets to go to a conference, and live streaming and interviewing people at the conference helps make at least some of the aspects of a conference be accessible to people who weren’t able to make it.

I have no plans to go to a conference this year, so you don’t have to include me in the data sim drawing. I just wanted to give my 2 cents on what I would potentially use something like that for. This type of idea might even require getting multiple data sims…I don’t know…


I would use the data sim as a hotspot in my van, for my boys. They love to use their kindles, and such in the car, but can only use games that don’t require the internet. So, it would be great for them to use. I could also use it for my map app, to help with finding things as well, as I don’t have data on my phone currently. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, I really appreciate it.


I would use the data only sim to keep tabs on my elderly mother via her relay while she is running errands. Mostly because the relay helps her stay independent but my data gets eaten rather quickly by my love of streaming music and video chatting with friends and family.


A data SIM card would change our life! Well, that might be a bit overly dramatic. However, we converted a 1995 International School bus into an RV. We don’t live in it but we use it like a regular RV. The longest trip we took in it was from our home in Southwest Florida to The Grand Canyon. That was a 5000+ mile round trip. I installed a cellular booster and a mobile WiFi unit. It works and gives us a small WiFi network for within the bus. And the cellular booster saved our bacon more than once. We would LOVE to use the amazing Republic Wireless service we enjoy on our cell phone on our Bus.


I would use my Data SIM to help me hotspot for my military work as a Company Commander while I’m on the road. I would also probably use it to take breaks and scout out new mountaineering goals. Most recently I’ve been using my free time to read up on potential expeditions in the Wind River Range. :slight_smile:


I have 4 kids that are 7 and under. Couple that with taking a lot of road trips, you end up with the need for data. I would use it to power devices on those road trips. I would also use to to experiment with going more “off grid”. I suspect camper living is in our future and we would need to stay connected, yet be mobile. This is something that I have already started looking into which made this a timely offer that you all put out.


We would use the Data SIM as a hotspot when traveling with our 6 kids (ages 2 to 13) so they could stream videos to watch from Netflix and Amazon. My older children have cell phones, but no data, so this might be a good way to allow them to have data from time to time.

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I would use the data sim as a hotspot when at client locations without reliable wifi; also would add a tablet / notebook computer for connected mobility within the office, meetings, client locations and when on the road.

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I would be using my data sim to stay connected while at my dad’s house. He lives in the boonies and doesn’t get reliable internet, but I can get data on my phone. (Though it is spotty it is more reliable than any kind of Internet up here). Also it would be much cheaper then satellite internet.

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I would use the data sim at the cottage where it could be used by the family for keeping intouch with everyone on social media as we only have a talk plan currently on republic

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I would use the data only SIM while living in my RV. RV parks have internet usually, but it hardly works at all. It would be a joy to be able to put this in our tablet and listen to more music! I was so bummed I couldn’t be a part of the previous data SIM program. Very excited for this! Thanks

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I would use a data SIM to call family abroad, anytime, anywhere !

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I’d use it when I’m low on Data. Usually happens when I’m on vacation where I don’t have steady internet access.

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I’m a youth pastor and our space that we meet in doesn’t have internet, which limits the things we can do for lessons. I would use the data sim in order to have a hotspot for our computer to be able to enhance the lessons for my middle schoolers!


If I understand correctly what it is, I would use it for the GPS/maps on our phone. Our GPS unit died and it’s a pain to print out maps before you travel but I don’t really want to replace our GPS. :slight_smile:

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I would use a Data SIM to enable a hotspot in the car for the boys on long trips. Their tablets are WiFi only, and they don’t enjoy any offline games. A Data SIM used in this fashion would allow them to play online games, as well as stream movies, on their tablets. Definitely a useful item.

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I work at a stand alone, remote location guard hut and it gets really lonely out there in that box. Having access to live input and movies would greatly assist in keeping me awake and alert. Being able to watch timely news broadcasts would help to keep me in contact with what is happening around me and , once again, keep my mind active and awake.

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I would use the data sim as a hotspot for my ill mother. She loves to use her kindle sometimes and in her car, but can’t always download them because she doesn’t always have the internet. So, it would be great for her to use. I could also use it for my map app, to help with finding things as well, as I don’t have much data on my phone currently. Thanks for the opportunity to win one, I really appreciate it!

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