Community Challenge 15: How good is your phone's camera? Show us for your chance to win!

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the opportunity and excuse to take more fun pictures with my phone camera!

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Our next category is Animals - indoors with flash.

We had only 1 entry in this category, and my original plan was to combine all the small categories to make a category with enough entries for a drawing.

But as ongoing evidence of my inability to think things through, this was the only category with too few entires. There are no other small categories to combine it with. :woman_facepalming:

With no drawing needed, we will award a prize to @hillarybl for her Santa Herbie photo.


Now we’ll draw two winners in the Animals - indoors, no flash category. This category had 14 eligible entries, and we will pick two winners.

@theresar, please select two winners between 1 and 13.

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Twelve because that’s what my husband said.

@louisdi’s idea was great! :wink:

That is just too cool and made my day, thanks! -Theresa (And if there were a dragonfly emoticon, I would have put it here :grin: )


@louisdi is always full of great ideas. Or something.

Your husband’s dozen means that @gigia.epccvz has won a prize with a stunning photo of Miss Dot. :chicken:

And your second selection for this category?

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Let’s go with lucky number 9!

Number :nine: means that the fellow with the good ideas has won with his Supercool Spiny Box Puffer. Congrats @louisdi!

(Musical interlude while I prepare the next category) :musical_keyboard:

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Well done, that’s the number I would have picked for the number of toes on my left foot!

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Our next category is Objects, low light with flash. We had five eligible entries, but only 4 remain. @superT are you around to pick a number between 1 and 4?

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let me “Ask Google” for a number between 1 and 4 and see what it gives :yum:

Google says “3”


Cool. That’s me! What do I win?

Thanks @SuperT! Lucky number :three: means that @teresan has won a prize for a crystal formation photo!


Hi @hillarybl,

I’ll be in touch with all the winners individually later tonight. Congratulations!

For the next category, we’ll select two winners in the Objects - indoors, no flash category. We had 13 eligible entries in this catogory.

@johnny5, could you please start us out with a number between 1 and 11?

@theresar, would you be able to supply the second winning number?

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Number 9, Number 9, Number 9


The second number is 6, for all the objects photographed in the dark indoors.


Number :nine: brings a prize to @rebeccar.pzdkj8 for a photo inside the Mt. Baker Theatre.

Number :six: means that @pirin has won a prize with a “can’t win if you don’t enter” photo!


Next up (and we’re close to the end) is our Miscellaneous category. We’ll pick two winners.

@johnny5 could you please start us out with a number between 1 and 11.

@theresar, if you’re still with us, please give us a second number.

I choose 3, please.

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