Community Challenge 15: How good is your phone's camera? Show us for your chance to win!

Next up (and we’re close to the end) is our Miscellaneous category. We’ll pick two winners.

@johnny5 could you please start us out with a number between 1 and 11.

@theresar, if you’re still with us, please give us a second number.

I choose 3, please.

:three: means that @dannyr will receive a prize for the photo of Nelson Madela’s prison cell.

We may have lost @theresar, would you select a second winner in this category, @johnny5?

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I choose 11, please.

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Number eleven brings a win to a photo that makes me think it’s from a movie set - Summer Colors by @SuperT.

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Thank you @sherrys you’re right it’s a magical place in the heart of that wildflower.

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Ohh! Thank you!
(Sometimes I feel like I’m livin in a movie set) :yum:

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Two more categories to go!

Landscapes and scenery - night photography. We had 16 eligible entries.

@SuperT please start us out with a number between 1 and 13. @johnny5, please then give us our second winner in this category.

I pick #2

Number :two: was randomly (and coincidentally) assigned to @twoseas who wins a prize for a postcard-worthy photo of Chicago.

I’m not sure @johnny5 is still online. (This has been a doozy of a drawing!) @SuperT could you go ahead and pick a second winner in this category? Another number between 1 and 13.

Sure… Second number is: 11

Number eleven is a popular number tonight. This time it means that @gruntz has won a prize with a photo of Long Beach in Wainfleet, Ontario Canada.

Our final category is Landscapes and Scenery - bright sunlight.

This was a popular category, with 40 eligible entries! We have 34 potential winners left.

@SuperT, could you please select two numbers between 1 and 33?

Whoa, that’s Great! Thank you so much.


Sorry, stepped away for a min…

Let’s see… lets say: 21

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and: 6


Thank you @SuperT!

Number 21 means @billys earns a prize for his photo of Yankee Stadium. :baseball:

Number six means @happywillow0 is our final prize recipient for this challenge, for his photo of Yellowstone.

I’ll be in touch with all our prize winners tomorrow (there are a LOT of prizes!) and I’ll work on a way to clean up this topic so we can continue to collect photo samples and display them in a meaningful way.


Just got my email! Thank you!!! What a happy surprise. :slight_smile:

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Hi @jonathanw.pdeuwu,

I’ve been back through and counted several times and I can find only three butterfly pictures total. There were lots of insects photographed, though!

Very exciting! Thank you! There were many great photos submitted.

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