Community Challenge 15: How good is your phone's camera? Show us for your chance to win!

:three: means that @dannyr will receive a prize for the photo of Nelson Madela’s prison cell.

We may have lost @theresar, would you select a second winner in this category, @johnny5?

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I choose 11, please.

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Number eleven brings a win to a photo that makes me think it’s from a movie set - Summer Colors by @SuperT.

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Thank you @sherrys you’re right it’s a magical place in the heart of that wildflower.

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Ohh! Thank you!
(Sometimes I feel like I’m livin in a movie set) :yum:

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Two more categories to go!

Landscapes and scenery - night photography. We had 16 eligible entries.

@SuperT please start us out with a number between 1 and 13. @johnny5, please then give us our second winner in this category.

I pick #2

Number :two: was randomly (and coincidentally) assigned to @twoseas who wins a prize for a postcard-worthy photo of Chicago.

I’m not sure @johnny5 is still online. (This has been a doozy of a drawing!) @SuperT could you go ahead and pick a second winner in this category? Another number between 1 and 13.

Sure… Second number is: 11

Number eleven is a popular number tonight. This time it means that @gruntz has won a prize with a photo of Long Beach in Wainfleet, Ontario Canada.

Our final category is Landscapes and Scenery - bright sunlight.

This was a popular category, with 40 eligible entries! We have 34 potential winners left.

@SuperT, could you please select two numbers between 1 and 33?

Whoa, that’s Great! Thank you so much.


Sorry, stepped away for a min…

Let’s see… lets say: 21

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and: 6


Thank you @SuperT!

Number 21 means @billys earns a prize for his photo of Yankee Stadium. :baseball:

Number six means @happywillow0 is our final prize recipient for this challenge, for his photo of Yellowstone.

I’ll be in touch with all our prize winners tomorrow (there are a LOT of prizes!) and I’ll work on a way to clean up this topic so we can continue to collect photo samples and display them in a meaningful way.


Just got my email! Thank you!!! What a happy surprise. :slight_smile:

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Hi @jonathanw.pdeuwu,

I’ve been back through and counted several times and I can find only three butterfly pictures total. There were lots of insects photographed, though!

Very exciting! Thank you! There were many great photos submitted.


Holy cow! Truly some great photographers here! Who would have thought 10 years ago that you could take one of those photos with a smartphone?

The photos from the above challenge have been organized in our #reviews:photos category, and we invite you to continue to contribute your best shot there.

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