Community Challenge 15: How good is your phone's camera? Show us for your chance to win!

Sorry, stepped away for a min…

Let’s see… lets say: 21

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and: 6


Thank you @SuperT!

Number 21 means @billys earns a prize for his photo of Yankee Stadium. :baseball:

Number six means @happywillow0 is our final prize recipient for this challenge, for his photo of Yellowstone.

I’ll be in touch with all our prize winners tomorrow (there are a LOT of prizes!) and I’ll work on a way to clean up this topic so we can continue to collect photo samples and display them in a meaningful way.


Just got my email! Thank you!!! What a happy surprise. :slight_smile:

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That looks soooo familiar to me…except for if the sun’s peaking, it’d be highest in the sky that day - so it just might be peeking. Is this anywhere near Saratoga?

Yes actually it wasn’t too far from Saratoga. Just a little south of there at a golf course called Burden Lake in Averill Park, NY. It was early morning - maybe 9ish.

Hi @jonathanw.pdeuwu,

I’ve been back through and counted several times and I can find only three butterfly pictures total. There were lots of insects photographed, though!

Animals, Bright sunlight on an older Moto X 2nd Gen with no modification.


Dreary day with a Google Pixel 3 - normal camera setting (NOT portrait :open_mouth:), no post-processing

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