Community Challenge 16: Share your festive image to fight hunger this holiday season


This challenge has been extended through 1/5/2020! Enter today!

This month we’d like to challenge our Community to share your holiday images with a fun twist for your chance to win a small prize and raise money for a local food bank!

Just share a photo or image that represents your holiday festivities and, for a bonus entry in the drawing include a Republic Wireless arc in the image! If you don’t own any Republic Wireless swag to include in a photo, you can print the logo from this download file or color/craft your own. (Be creative!)

For each eligible entry submitted, we’ll add $5 to a holiday contribution to a reputable food bank (maximum contribution: $1000). The selection of that food bank will be determined by the geographic area in the United States with the most representation in this challenge!


  1. No photos of people. Any identifiable photos of people will be deleted. Moderation on this matter will be final.
  2. Keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  3. Submit only your own, original images. Images may be photographs or other artistic renderings, but they must be your original work.
  4. By submitting your image as an entry in our challenge, you understand that the image is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the image freely.
  5. Each participant may enter and win only once.
  6. Eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, Dec 15, 2019 January 5, 2020.


To be eligible to win a prize, you must:

  1. Reply in this topic
  2. Share a holiday image. (Include a Republic Wireless arc :rw: in the photo for one bonus entry in our drawing!)
  3. Name the geographic area you’d like your entry to represent
    Optionally, you may also name a specific food bank if you have a favorite.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families are not eligible to win. @Ambassadors and @Experts are eligible to win in this challenge.


For each eligible entry in our challenge, we’ll add $5 to a holiday contribution to one local food bank.
Your entry counts as a vote to select the food bank that will receive the contribution.
In the event of a tie, we’ll have a vote by Community Poll to determine which food bank will receive the contribution.

Prizes - Your opportunity to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

#### Staff picks (Awarded 12/16/2019)

:trophy: Three staff picks will be selected from all eligible entries

Random drawings

:ticket: Five additional entries will be chosen by random drawing

Prizes will be awarded by the end of the day, Wednesday, January 8, 2020.


Pacific NW (Washington State)
Your challenge seemed lonely, so I brought some furry Christmas friends to keep it company.

I went on a “make hats and scarves for everything!” kick and this was the result…

(My Favorite :point_down:)


Hi @joeyh.3kstjb,

I love the hats and scarves! And especially that the holiday conversation is all RW!

Sadly, this has been a lonely challenge. I kind of expected that sending an E-mail that says “help us fight hunger” would get somewhat less response than one that says “your chance to win,” but I didn’t expect it to get no response at all. :crying_cat_face:

Or maybe everyone was already burned out submitting photos for the last challenge?

Or maybe it is just too hard to come up with a photo that’s festive, has no people, AND includes our :rw:, but you have certainly done a great job of it!

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Here’s a little guy helping with the gift wrapping. For the region, let’s go with Raleigh, NC, home of RW! (if that’s too specific, the Southeast)


I think this challenge is a great idea! For some of us (including me) it’s harder to find a festive scene and remember to incorporate the arc, but it is called a challenge, after all.

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My Kitchen Window Early AM

Taken with a Pixel 4 XL Using Night Sight

In Honor of Republic’s iPhone Beta Taken with an iPhone XR Using Flash


Thank you @joeyh.3kstjb, @AUser.Resau, and @rolandh!

There’s no reason to have staff picks since there were only three entries! I’ll be in touch with each of you by DM with your prize.

I’d like to extend this challenge through the holiday season, to give people some extra time to take festive photos. We’ll accept entries through 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, January 5, 2020. We’ll have our drawing and award the remaining prizes on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

In the interest of having a successful fundraiser, I’m going to remove the :rw: requirement, and make incorporating the :rw: into the photo good for a bonus entry in the drawing.

I’ll update the top post with the news of the extended challenge.


With no additional entries, we have no additional prizes to award. :crying_cat_face:

We’ll roll the leftover prize funds into the donation funds, and provide a $65 donation to the food bank with the most votes by the end of Wednesday, 1/8/2020.

  • Ranier Valley Food Bank, Seattle, WA
  • Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, Raleigh NC
  • Feeding South Florida, Pembroke Park, FL

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Thank you to those who participated!

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