Community Challenge 18: Southpaw's Stupendous Sticker Swapapalooza

Update 2/10/20

Although this challenge has now ended, we’ll continue the sticker swap without any further prize giveaways. If you would like to swap a sticker that represents you for a Republic Wireless sticker, just mail yours to me at the address below and include a return-addressed envelope and an explanation of why the sticker represents you.

This month I’m challenging you to a sticker swap and clutz story exchange. You have two ways to win!

First, some context:
I have been clomping around the office lately in an Aircast boot. It reminds me of my elementary school days when a classmate would show up in a plaster cast and friends would be asked to sign it. So with the help of some office brainstorming about how to decorate my boot (thanks @swall!) I’m turning that childhood memory into your challenge for this month.

Option 1: Southpaw’s Stupendous Sticker Swapapalooza

Send me a sticker that represents you. It can be a sticker from your hometown, your alma mater, your business, or something you are passionate about. You can let me know if you’d like it to be used to decorate either my boot or a big file cabinet full of swag and accessories (also known as the Community Treasure Chest). We’re hoping to see the cabinet covered in stickers that represent our members, a reminder of who it is we’re here to serve each day.

To participate in this option:

  1. Send a sticker that represents you to
    Republic Wireless
    940 Main Campus Dr. Suite 300
    Raleigh, NC. 27606
    • Include a return-addressed envelope, and I’ll send you back a Republic Wireless sticker!
      • Let me know if you play an instrument that requires a guitar pick, and I’ll include a set of three Republic Wireless guitar picks, personally punched out from our Republic Wireless SIM card carriers.
  2. Reply to this topic to let us know what kind of sticker you sent and why it represents you.

Option 2: Clutz story exchange

Share your best personal clutz story. I’m hoping I’m not the only person who can fall up stairs, knock the wind out of myself as a child trying to see just how high a I could go on a hippity-hop (if I jumped off of something really high, I’d go really, high, right? Physics?) or roll off a yoga ball and end up in an Aircast boot.

To participate in this option:

Reply to this topic to share your personal clutz story.


To be eligible to win a prize, you must either (1) send a sticker and reply in this topic with the explanation for the sticker you sent or (2) reply in this topic with your clutz story by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 2, 2020.

  • Each qualifying reply will be worth one entry in the drawing.
  • You may enter only one time for each option. (One sticker description and one clutz story). To enter twice, please post a separate reply for each option.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members are not eligible to win in this challenge. Our @Ambassadors and our @Experts are eligible to win in this challenge.

Five winners will be selected by random drawing on or before February 7, 2020.

Prizes -

Winner’s choice of one of the following:

  • Republic Wireless T-shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2X) image
  • Republic Wireless heavy-duty cinch bag image
  • Republic Wireless laptop sleeve sleeve
  • $10 Amazon Gift card!

Is the Aircast on your Right or Left foot, please? I need to know if a right- or left-footed sticker is needed.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It is on my left foot, and now I can’t wait to see what a left-footed sticker looks like.

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Can we select your forehead for the location of the sticker?

Only if you show up to stick it on in person.

Ooh man. VA to NC is NOT a long drive.

The first sticker I found was ting. I’m guessing you don’t want that one.

:woman_shrugging: I didn’t say where on my boot I’d put it.

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OK, headed your way…well OK, I have to buy stamps first. Who uses the mail these days (other than lawyers)?

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Ok, I got 3 stickers (each of an area I love walking in, in a city I love), heading your way to be used as you see fit.

I didn’t bother with a return eps (I got lots of Republic stickers already) :wink:

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I could share loads of clutz stories. I too had an incident with a deadly yoga ball. Here is one of the less painful ones:

About 7 years ago I purchased a TV on sale from Amazon. I was thrilled to finally get rid of my 70 lb tube TV. I purchased this TV back when lifting 70 lbs wasn’t an issue for me.

Once I received the new TV, I unpacked it and had it stand near the fireplace. The fireplace wasn’t on at the time. Well, now that I’m older and have slipped disc among other issues. Lifting tube TV was going to be a challenge at best. So I put a bench next to where the old TV is perched. I figured I could lift it enough to slide it onto to the bench. How wrong I was!

The old TV is 34" so it’s big and awkward to hold as well as heavy. So while negotiating it off it’s perch and thinking I had a good grip. No sooner do I lift said TV it slips out of my hands, misses the bench and slams into the new TV sending it into the fireplace. UGH!

Now to clean up the carnage. After few attempts, I eventually dead lift the old TV and get it on the bench. Then dragging the bench with the TV into another room, where it’s still sits to this day. I pull the new TV out of the fireplace and check on it. Surprisingly it just had a small scratch on it’s frame. The stonework on my fireplace on the other hand had a big chip taken out of it. The old TV’s box look like it’s been through the wars, at least the tube didn’t explode.

I have yet to figure out how to get rid of the old TV. One scenario was to open the front door and push the TV down the stairs and let it roll out the door. Now that I have a new front door, I’m not going to do that. If it could crack my stonework I hate to think what it could to do my front door. One day I’ll ask a friend to take it to Best Buy.


Wow littletoucan, that is quite a clutz story!! My biggest clutz story has to be in May 2010. I was leaving my Mother in law’s house after Sunday lunch. I had on some high heeled clog sandals. I had purchased them for my son’s upcoming high school graduation and I thought I should wear them for a little bit to break them in. Little did I know I would almost end up breaking my neck in them. I stepped off the side of the driveway and that is when I knew I was going down! I ended up trying to fall for about 50 feet until I realized I would never catch myself from falling. That is when I went down, landing on my ankle that twisted when I stepped off the driveway. And just like everyone does when they fall, I immediately popped back up, minus the shoes, of course. I dusted myself off and got in the car. I told my husband that I couldn’t believe he wasn’t laughing at my fall. He didn’t even witness my “Trying to be graceful but ended up being a Clutz” fall!! Just typing about this fall, I can still see it playing out in slow motion. Needless to say, I also ended up in an air cast too! So I ended up going to graduation with one lovely sandal on one foot and a ugly black aircast on the other foot! But that didn’t stop me from wearing my beautiful dress that went with the killer sandals!


These clutz stories make me feel slightly better about my own! Many years ago, one of the local bartenders got married and had her reception at the bar, inviting anyone who wished to show up. The music from the jukebox was great so my husband and I were dancing. Now it was March in Vermont. You can’t dance in snow/mud boots, so I shucked mine off at the table. Getting creative with a classic Van Halen song, I jumped up with zeal. My sock had worked it’s way forward a bit, so when I came down from my glorious leap, it rolled my toes over and my whole body lurched forward. I thought, hey, I’m okay, stopped dancing for the night and eventually put my boots on and drove 30 miles home. Yes, I was the DD that evening.

Next morning, my entire foot is swelled up like a football, so I get my husband to drive me to the ER. I had broken 7 bones in my foot, so time for a cast and air boot for me! Fortunately, no surgery but the doc said I would have been fine had I been drinking.(!) Lots of jokes about my dancing, and the nickname “Grace” is earned. Week 8 comes and there’s still some healing to do, so I’m advised to use my newly healed foot carefully and walk with a cane for 2 more weeks.

13 days into the 14, I was at work coming down a very narrow stairway and managed to fall down the LAST stair! WHO DOES THAT??? I insisted I was okay, but policy was to send me to be checked out. Sure enough, I had broken the bottom of my OTHER leg and was in yet another cast and air boot. When my husband came to pick me up that evening after work, he thought it was a joke. I’m amazed we didn’t get divorced that summer - I was in a cast from March until the end of August.

Now, out to find a really great sticker!


Love these stories. I have soooo many, it’s hard to pick just one! I’ve broken 4 bones (wrist, shoulder, collar bone & hip) all done by what I call “operator error” or unsafe behavior. Clutziness is my middle name. I’ll send one story & would love getting guitar picks! Thanks

Sending a sticker from a storytime series we ran at our library (I’m a Children’s Librarian!) all about promoting compassion and self-acceptance–something near and dear to my heart! Enjoy!


Back in Highschool, I worked at a local pizza shop that had a row of booths on a raised platform about 25 feet long, and about 2 feet high. One night while cleaning, we “accidentally” spilled a jug of phase (that fake butter oil substance that makes the dipping sauces taste amazing) on the platform and created the best slip and slide combination you could ask for. Once we mastered jumping on and sliding across on our feet and exiting the other side I thought it might be fun to incorporate some tricks in the process, 360 spins on, 360 spins off. By now we had attracted the attention of several onlookers, and this was going to be a great trick… until I caught my apron on the railing to the platform and lost my feet from under me (think banana split slip from the cartoons) and I landed flat on my back. Luckily only my pride was hurt, but to add more insult to injury, oil and wood create an amazing bond that is practically impossible to clean up. We spent the next several nights cleaning that platform and eventually had to put nonskid tread tape to make it so customers could sit there again. I learned my lesson…next time, ill be sure to take my apron off :slight_smile:


About 20 years ago I was working as a counselor at a residential camp on a college campus. There was a low chain barrier that kept cars from driving through the residential quad. All summer long we kept telling the kids to not stand on the chain, or jump over it, because they’d hurt themselves. On the last night the kids were with us I got a call on my walkie-talkie that a kid had been hurt playing frisbee, and I was needed over by that dorm. I ran out of the office, went to jump the chain (since it was an emergency), caught it with my foot, fell, and broke my arm. When I got back from the hospital I found that several of the other counselors had their kids make me “Get Well Soon” cards. One of the kids, who I’d talked to a million times about not jumping the chain, pointed out that I wouldn’t have been hurt if I’d followed the rules and not jumped the chain.


Sticker sent. It’s a Vans sticker from my 13 yo’s collection. He loves getting new stickers even though he’s yet to actually stick them on anything! Vans is a shoe brand, ever heard of it!? Lol
I had a checkered pair when I was his age. Now I’m the only one in the house without a pair. Almost as many Vans as RW phones!

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Clutz story #2:

Many years ago when I had a '71 Grand Prix. Some of you older ones may remember this striking vehicle with it’s long front end. It was an electric blue with a black vinyl top, front and back big fat blackwall tires. Every weekend I waxed this car from top to bottom. It was waxed so much that when I drove on a sunny day the glare was awful.

While at work I decided to take my lunch outside and sit on the hood of the car instead of eating inside the car. Put lunch and can of soda on hood and now it was time to hop up. No sooner did I get up, my lunch and I quickly slid all the way down the hood and onto the pavement. Made a hard landing on my bum, nothing broke but it was soar! Of course one of my co-workers caught the action and ribbed me when I got back inside.

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