Community Challenge 2: Fitness Challenge


Community Challenge 2: Fitness Challenge

September 18 - October 2, 2018

Let’s get active! :weight_lifting_man: We’re challenging our Community members to join our Community Fitness Challenge! You don’t have to be a trained athlete to participate; we have a variety of ways to win so everyone has a chance.

Note: You may participate in more than one challenge event, but you may win only one prize.

:man_cartwheeling: Challenge Event 1: Up-and-at-em! Log your time spent on fitness activities

Report your fitness activity and time you spent participating. We’ll award one prize to each of the top three participants, and we’ll have a drawing if there’s a tie. Log your entries in this form.

:running_man: Challenge Event 2: Step-to-it! Report your steps from a fitness tracker

If you want to participate in the steps challenge, report your daily steps from your fitness tracker, pedometer, or app. We’ll award one prize to each of the top three participants, and we’ll have a drawing if there’s a tie. Log your entries in this form.

:spiral_calendar: Challenge Event 3: Stick-with-it! Compete for the most consecutive days of participation

We’ll tally the number of consecutive days you participated in the challenge based on your entries above. We’ll have a drawing from among those with the most consecutive days of participation (at least 20 minutes of activity or 5000 steps for any day to be eligible) for three fun prizes.

:memo: Challenge 4: Write-about-it! Reply below on one of these three subjects:

  • Describe your fitness routine (three prizes to be awarded)
  • Review your favorite fitness app, its features you use the most and why you like it (three prizes to be awarded)
  • Tell us about your proudest moment in your fitness journey (three prizes to be awarded)
    (Eligible entries must have a minimum of 200 words, and prizes will be awarded by random drawing for each of the given subjects

:trophy: Prizes!

All winners will receive a prize package including:

  • One Republic Wireless Nike visor
  • One Kingston 8 GB Micro SD card
  • One $10 Google Play Store Gift Card

Second place winners in events 1 and 2 will receive all of the above and

  • A Republic Wireless T-shirt

First Place winners in events 1 and 2 will will receive all of the above and

  • A Republic Wireless stainless steel water bottle

:calendar: Challenge dates

Our challenge will run from September 18 through 11:59:59 p.m. PT, October 2, 2018. All entries must be submitted in our entry form (for events 1-3) or by reply below (for event 4) by 11:59:59 p.m. PT on October 2. Scores and eligibility will be determined on October 3, and winners will be announced by the end of the day on Friday, October 5.

Suggestions Welcome: What's Your Favorite Music Player App?

My fitness journey began many years ago now. Like many kids growing up in New England I played youth hockey (right defense). When I reached high school, it turned out the hockey coach was also the cross country coach. If one wanted to play hockey for him in the winter, one ran cross country in the fall. His stated rationale was running would build up our skating endurance. I still think his real reason was it guaranteed he’d have enough male runners to fill out the team. :wink: And, so began my avocation as a runner. Among the things I enjoy about running and hockey is one need not be supremely athletically talented (I’m certainly not) to be decent. Perseverance goes a long way in both sports.

To date, my proudest running moment remains training for and completing my first half-marathon (13.1 miles in just under 2 hours). Previously I’d limited myself to middle distances (5K, 10K). The impetus for the longer distance was a request from a friend that I train with her to run an inaugural half marathon benefitting the Lisa Boccard Breast Cancer Fund. I did not run the half marathon this year but did run the 5K.

My favorite thing about running is that it’s a community (which is why I enjoy hanging out here as well).


My fitness journey begins each day as I consistently manage to drop the remote control off the couch. This usually requires the effort of putting down the leg rest, and bending down. Sometimes, I even have to get up. You would think with 3 kids I could make them get me the remote, but that doesn’t always work.

To participate, I’ll log the number of times the remote falls, how far it falls from me and what I need to do to retrieve it.


As always, we can count on you for a shall we say unique contribution.


This is a challenge right up my alley!

A little background information:

When I was a young chick, I was very active, running and bicycling. As I got a little older I added free weights. I could bench press just about my own weight and I could leg press 3 times my weight.

Now I’m an old bird: My fitness goals and methods have had to change. With diabetes and degenerative joint and disk disorder, among other things, it’s a whole new ballgame.

So my favourite piece of equipment is my 13 year old Bowflex, see photo.

This gives me the control without needing a spotter and yet is unstable enough to work those little connective muscles that get neglected. Because I have two hip replacements it’s essential I keep surrounding muscles and especially bones strong. My lifting days are over, but Bowflex allows me to work the same muscles using a pushing or pulling exercise. I use this 2 or 3 times a week. The amount of time is not the goal, the goal is quality reps. With the Bowflex I can also give my abs a good workout, which is good for spine stability. Very versatile piece of equipment.

I do enjoy running a sprint, but pounding the pavement is out of the question, so I use my second favourite piece of equipment is my 15 year old Gazelle. I get a good cardio workout and it’s fun! Which is very important when doing an exercise routine, if you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it. There are a number of different types of exercises that can be done too. Gazelle photo:

Next I had to get a new piece of equipment for my shoulders, upper back and arms and not work my legs so much (In particular not wear out my implants). The arthritis in my shoulders is bone on bone, so must be careful with how I exercise them.

Speed Bag photo:

Work this for 10 minutes and I can feel the difference in shoulder capsule and it’s a good cardio too! Mostly it doesn’t stress my joint! I work the Speed Bag every two or three days, or just for fun.

Because of the diabetes there has to be a good balance of weights and cardio. Each affects glucose levels in a different way. Weights give a more long term stability to glucose levels, but right after a workout glucose will rise. Cardio lowers glucose immediately, but doesn’t give long term stability. But it does have other good benefits, so it’s good to add it to any routine.

Then as part of any exercise routine food. You might think a keto diet would be best or me…well it’s not. Ketosis is my enemy. I’ve never had a weight problem, (Yes skinny people get diabetes too. It’s in my family.) so I eat to stay alive not lose weight. Try to eat organic veggies raw or lightly sauté and fruit when I can get it. Eat carbs that don’t cause a glucose spike, trigger carbs are different for every diabetic. And eat easy to digest meats, especially seafood.

So far so good, my Doctor and I are happy with test results!


Progress report for 9/19/2018

We’re off to a slow start which means there are still plenty of ways to join this challenge and win!

Remember, we need your Community Username when you fill out the form! There are already three of you in the form whom I cannot give prizes to, because the names you entered are not Community usernames and I can’t figure out who you are! Please DM me to identify yourselves!

Here are some lov-e-ly charts from the data so far:

Current pie chart of the distribution of minutes in each activity so far:

Steps leaderboard:

Minutes leaderboard:


Your charts are missing “picking up the remote” as a form of exercise?


Perhaps you can find a category to classify it under. Aerobics, maybe?


Is there a category for “dancing” that would include activities like square dancing, ballroom dancing, line dancing, etc.?

(Edited to add the following) Since dancing is in the top 3 of most popular extra curricular activities in the world for those over age 50 and has been shown to promote good physical health (lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase mobility without joint damage, increase balance control and centering, increase bone mass and muscle, and aid in efforts to lose weight per Scooter Lee, Certified Gerontologist and Founder/CEO of Dancing for the Dream), I am surprised dancing is not yet on the list of activities for this challenge.


Hi @selfruler,

Unfortunately, Scooter Lee wasn’t available to help me create the list, and dancing didn’t come to mind.

I’ve added it now, please join our challenge.


Thanks for adding dancing to the list. You can probably tell from my avatar why I asked about dancing! I have joined the challenge.


Progress report for 9/21/2018


There’s still plenty of time to join the Challenge, and lots of opportunities to win!


I love staying active and preferably outdoors. I try to keep my running miles up but also do some cycling and swimming (but no, I seldom actually do triathlons). My normal week is usually 3-4 runs, 1 @~5 mi, 2 will be 8 mi then try to do one run/wk over 10 mi. Then squeezing in some recovery/cross training and 1-2 bike rides/ wk and that is about all I can fit in, but I love it. I do my best running early in the morning, ideally out by 5:45! Love to see this fitness challenge! Mike


I first started getting into fitness early on in High School. My basketball and soccer coaches would schedule weekly workouts at the school and that’s when I really started to enjoy weight lifting. Ever since then, I’ve kept a steady routine over the years and have modified my workouts accordingly. I typically stick to weight lifting (not much running). My week normally consists of: 4-6 workouts spread out throughout the week, each day is a different routine (chest, biceps/triceps, legs, etc.). Over the years I’ve begun to lean more heavily on body weight routines (pull ups, push ups, dips) and less on heavy weights. This has helped reduce nagging injuries and improved recovery time.


My current fitness routine involves one day of racquetball each week (2.5-4.5 hours) and various workouts at home throughout the week (HIIT, push-ups, pull-ups, dumbells). I play racquetball with a group of probably 30 or so people. The group plays 3 days/week, though attendance varies based on the day and season. The group trends a bit older (some of the people have been playing racquetball for as long as I’ve been alive, and I’m 35), but we have a lot of fun together. We play mostly doubles, but there’s a lot of variety since you get to play with different partners and there are many different playing styles. I also occasionally play with the Penn State University club team. There are a lot of students just learning the sport, so this is a much different caliber of racquetball, but I enjoy the youthful enthusiasm and the opportunity to teach a game I love to younger players. Plus, they’re much more open to playing singles, which is practically a different game compared to playing doubles.

For about 2 months, I’ve been working to increase the number of pull-ups I can do. I’ve been using the app 100 Pull-ups, which has been very helpful. It starts you off with a test of how many pull-ups you can do at once, and then it builds a recommended workout schedule based on your max. After you’ve completed the 3 workouts for each week, you retry your max pull-ups, and it builds a new schedule. The program recommends a rest day between each workout, and you can set the app to give you reminder notifications. Despite liking the app, I’m skeptical that I’ll ever be able to do 100 pull-ups at once, but so far, I’ve improved from 27 to 33.

I’ve also recently learned how to do a muscle-up, something which has eluded me for a long time. The most I’ve been able to do consecutively is 3, but hopefully, that will improve as my technique gets better.

For anyone who struggles with having regularity in your workouts, I can really relate. I very much appreciate apps that keep things simple and provide reminders each day or at a schedule you like, but I fail on a regular basis to exercise as often as I intend. I’ve been appreciative of the significant research that has demonstrated that you don’t need to work out for a long time to see the results and benefits from exercise.


My fitness journey get serious 2 years, 253 days ago when my Dr asked me to choose life or smoking. I quit on the spot, and had 2 stents put in to relieve my 95% circulation lost. My Dr stressed exercise was something I needed badly. So I started really making sure I exercise daily. I choose walking for my exercise, since I have 5 dogs and the bigger ones can always use the exercise, especially our younger Australian Shepherd. I’ve also switched my way of eating to Keto, and I’m really starting to feel great and have more energy. I walk in the morning before work, and after work in the evening to make sure that I’m getting enough exercise.

My proudest moment was when I could walk over 3 miles and not get winded or need to rest. It showed me that quitting smoking made a huge health difference. I look forward to walking whenever I can now, and nothing is stopping my walks now and I’m grateful to be alive to tell my story.

Picture of 4 out of 5 dogs. It’s hard to get them all together in one shot



I so love Aussies. I had two Aussies years ago and now have two Aussiedoodles.


Progress report for 9/22/2018


As we head into the second week of our Community Fitness Challenge, I’m interested to know if my fellow participants have a particular song on their phones (we all use our phones as part of our fitness routine in one way or another right :slightly_smiling_face:) that motivates them. For me, my go to running song is:

Despite the title, it has nothing to do with running per se. It does reference things those of us who grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area would tend to remember fondly. For those here not familiar with the Modern Lovers, they were not particularly well known in the U.S. outside Boston and the Northeast. Members of the modern Lovers went on to form more well known bands The Cars and Talking Heads.


Yes. I have a mix of Take That a British band. For all my high techness. I don’t use my phone to play music. I burned a CD…remember those, round sliver disks? I play it in a boom box that is probably older than many of the folks in this forum. A sample of their music: