Community Challenge 2: Fitness Challenge


My favorite workout routine is the Kayla Itsines 12 Week Workout Plan - I find it’s a great way to get my cardio in. The programs (1.0 and 2.0) include specific workouts to complete 3 times a week (legs, arms, abs). I’ve really enjoyed it because I complete the workouts during lunch with a group of co-workers. Bonus: I’m done in 30 minutes! :muscle:


My proudest fitness moment: The year is 2014, and i’m training to run the New York Marathon, to be held on November 2nd. My wife was pregnant as was due to give birth via C-section the week prior. October 26th rolls around and my wife gives birth to a healthy baby girl. As any new parent knows, the first few months (or years) are full of sleepless nights. A week later, on November 2nd, I stood at the starting line delirious, sleepy, and fatigued. The NYC Marathon is very special to me. In the years prior, I was obsessed with getting into the race, however, it is notoriously hard to gain entry. I had finally completed all the prerequisites to gain acceptance, and I made it a point train extremely hard for that special day. I dedicated the race to my new child - Emilia.
I forgot about all the fatigue, lack of sleep, and focused on all the joy I felt that week. I trusted my training, and gave the race everything I had.
In the end, I surpassed my goal, and came away with a personal best time. I had an amazing week, and running the race of a lifetime was the cherry on top. Did I mention that I ran the marathon on my 1st wedding anniversary?
Truly the greatest week of my life!


My proudest moment in my fitness journey occurred in 2016 and continues to this day! If it were not for my passion for and commitment to my fitness routine, I never would have met the love of my life at the gym. I noticed him immediately because he was 21 years older than me (66 years young) but had the body of a 30 year old man and worked out like a 25 year old man. I admired him for his deep devotion to his regular fitness routine because it clearly showed by how amazing he looked. I was very proud of him and still am to this day. I am also very proud of myself because I loved myself enough to take care of myself and make my fitness routine a priority in my life. As you can see, if it were not for my strong desire to exercise on a daily basis, I never would have met him! My fitness journey has improved my self-confidence and self-worth to the point where I believed I could get to know an attractive man. It also put me in the right place at the right time to meet a great guy who had similar interests as me. For some people, they may be proud of how much weight they lost, the amount of time they spent exercising, or how much stronger and healthier they are, but for me, I am proud of how I finally discovered my true self and my potential which led me to many great opportunities.


It’s not too late to enter your steps, minutes, or a written entry in our Community Fitness Challenge!

Here are this morning’s leaderboards:

All entries must be submitted by Tuesday night, October 2!


One day left!

(Eek I’m last! Look out Readheadjean, I’m going walking tonight!!)


Thank you, all who participated in our Fitness Challenge! It’s time to name some winners. :southpawpoms:

Final leaderboards, based on entries received by the end of 10/2:

And our winners…

Remember, you can win in only one category, and staff cannot win. Those who qualified in multiple categories will be named as winner in the category where they ranked highest or would receive the best prize.

:man_cartwheeling: Challenge Event 1: Up-and-at-em! Log your time spent on fitness activities

:trophy: 1st Place: @randys.4kbtfo with a whopping 2040 minutes.
:trophy: 2nd Place: @selfruler with 1061 minutes
:trophy: 3rd Place: @jigamo with 660 minutes
:southpawpoms: :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:

:running_man: Challenge Event 2: Step-to-it! Report your steps from a fitness tracker

:trophy: 1st Place: @rolandh with 122,966 steps and participation every day of the challenge!
:trophy: 2nd Place: @rhs4 with 105,295 steps! and participation in 14 of the 15 days of the challenge! (Note: @rhs4 was omitted as third place in Challenge 1, recording 851 minutes, since participants can win in only one category.)
:trophy: 3rd Place: @Benni1 with 81,246 steps!
:southpawpoms: :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:

:spiral_calendar: Challenge Event 3: Stick-with-it! Compete for the most consecutive days of participation

Once we skip everyone who already won a prize above, we have only one winner in this category. Congratulations to @jerroldj for logging three consecutive days of participation!

:memo: Challenge 4: Write-about-it! Reply below on one of these three subjects:

We had nine eligible entries in this category. Excluding staff and participants who already won in categories 1-3, we have only one eligible entry and will not need a drawing. Congratulations @littletoucan, and thank you to everyone who shared a fitness story.

I’ll be in touch with all the winners later today. Be sure to keep an eye on this category - we’ll be launching the next Community Challenge in mid-October.


Thanks for putting this together, @southpaw. I really enjoyed getting to hear the stories that were shared. Republic has some pretty amazing community members :southpawpoms::southpawpoms: