Community Challenge 20: Spring Inspirations

Spring cleaning, gardening, home improvements, or just getting outdoors…

Tell us what the warmer weather and longer days inspire you to do! Set a goal and share your progress for your chance to win!

How to enter

To be eligible to win you must:

  1. Reply in this topic with your goal for this Spring. Will you plant a garden? :sunflower: Take a daily walk? :walking_woman: Take up a new hobby? :paintbrush: Sanitize your space in a spring-cleaning frenzy? :sparkle:
  2. Post a second reply at least one week later, but before this challenge closes on April 12, letting us know what progress you’ve made toward this goal.

Bonus entry: Show us your progress! Earn one bonus entry for including a photo that shows how you’re doing. (One bonus entry per participant.)


  1. Submit only your own, original content and photos.
  2. No photos of people. Any identifiable photos of people will be deleted. Moderation on this matter will be final.
  3. Keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  4. By submitting your photo as a bonus entry in our challenge, you understand that the photo is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the photo.
  5. One entry per person.
  6. Eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Winner selection

Winners will be selected by random drawing between Monday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 15, 2020.
While Employees may participate, they may not win.
Experts and Ambassadors are eligible to win.


Five winners will be selected by random drawing to win their choice of one of the following:

  • A Republic Wireless Nike visor1
  • A Republic Wireless T-shirt2
  • A $10 Amazon gift card
  • A $10 Lowes Home Improvement gift card

1 Republic Wireless Visor:

2 Republic Wireless T-shirt


My husband and I are both pack rats and our bedroom shows it the worst. My goal is to unearth the dressers, go through the piles/boxes and organize/get rid of stuff (no girl, you will never be a size 6 again. :sob: Let it go!).

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Daily pushups. Being more active!

Expect a photo of the chart!

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Not only did I get the dressers cleaned up, I found a daily chore list and have (mostly) stuck to it for two weeks now. While cleaning my hubby’s dresser we came across a birthday card (with a piece of solid silver enclosed!) from ours son’s birthday…THREE AND A HALF YEAR’S AGO!!!


I got off to a great start on my original goal and was pretty faithful for the first week… and then I got sidetracked, so I’ve subtly edited my original post to cover my tracks.

I did take a 6.6 mile walk, though. That has to count for something.

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Sometimes the Community makes it very easy for me to figure out the winners. We won’t need a drawing to determine that @Joeybug and @AUser.Resau are our winners this month.

Thank you both for participating, and @Joeybug congrats on the progress you’ve made breaking the pack-rat cycle!

I’ll be in touch with each of you individually about your prizes.

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