Community Challenge 21: How are you doing?

Our Republic Wireless Member Community has long been a place where we can really listen to our members. We don’t think of it as a stage from which we talk to an online audience, but rather a true community, a place where we can hear our members’ voices and even get to know the individuals who trust us to provide their cellular service.

Since stay-at-home orders, quarantines, toilet-paper foraging, and sickness are providing us all with enough challenges at the moment, Community Challenge 21 is going to be a little different. Rather than challenging our Community members to complete a certain task, we’d just like to hear from you.

Some of us have seen inspiring examples of people finding ways to cheer up neighbors. We’ve seen creative expressions of gratitude to medical professionals. Families are spending more time together. Some of our members have lost their jobs. Some are struggling with illness. Celebrations of life’s milestones have been postponed or canceled. Take a moment, reflect on the last few weeks, and share your thoughts with us. Let us know how you’re doing. We’re listening, and we care.


Thank you for the concern. We appreciate it. Here in SW VA, we are doing ok, especially since we sold our house and are trying to pack.

But last Sunday, while in the Waynesboro, VA area, my phone would not send any texts. All is ok now at home, so I am wondering if it was a system problem with RW or something else I should be concerned with?

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Hi @robertr.210,

Welcome back to our member Community! It’s good to hear that you’re doing ok, and congratulations on selling your home!

Is Waynesboro to be your new home? If so, there may be coverage differences there, or there might have been a local tower issue. It’s a bit hard to troubleshoot when you’re no longer in the area, but coverage looks good around Waynesboro, and I don’t see any reported Republic Wireless outages for last Sunday.

Can you let us know the next time you’re there if you’re still having issues texting?

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Our family is doing fine. We were a little worried at the beginning, when the TP was running low and all the stores (and Amazon) were out of stock. Was able to find a box through another source online, and we are good now :slight_smile: The kids have adapted quite well to a home school routine. Our schools haven’t supplied much to work with (just workbooks for the elementary students and online links for the high schoolers), and no virtual lessons (our district won’t allow Zoom), so we are doing our own thing. Lots of science, math, history, music, Spanish lessons, cooking, gardening, outside time, and creative activities. We also make sure to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and review the meaning of key words, so our kids understand what our forefathers fought for. One of the only stressful parts about this situation is shopping. Every store seems to interpret the guidelines in their own way, and change things up without notice, so trying to get groceries for the week is a pain. We do miss getting together with friends and family, and enjoying weekends away, but we are getting a lot accomplished around the house (finishing projects, organizing, deep cleaning, purging, etc.). We have been able to have virtual meetings and appointments, so can still take care of several things from home. Our neighborhood has been wonderful with keeping connected from a distance (teddy bear hunts, hearts and rainbows in the windows, lovely sidewalk chalk art, painted rocks, etc. My husband works for an essential employer so is gone during the day, but can take care of quick errands on his way home. This helps with keeping the kids out of the stores. I am now home with the kids, and really enjoy all the extra time we have together. We are looking at this time as an opportunity to spend more quality time together and also get items checked off the never ending to-do list :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I will try and text then…maybe this week. Let’s say we might be disappointed with coverage in Waynesboro, could there be other options? No need to answer now. I will bring that up should I have further issues.

Thanks again for reaching out.

I for one do appreciate it.


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Hi @robertr.210,

We do offer coverage through either of two cellular partners, so yes, if it does turn out to be a coverage problem, we may be able to solve it by moving you to our other cellular partner. Just let us know.

Take care!

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Hi @heatherd.tuemtk,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in! It sounds like you have your hands full, but are making the most of the experience and keeping a wonderful attitude about it all. Stay safe!


Greetings, Bob!

We live a couple hours away in Lynchburg; moved here from CT. At first our coverage in the 'burg wasn’t as good as CT, so Republic sent us new SIM cards to put us on the other network and now life (and reception!) is good. Hope you like Waynesboro. Looks like a pretty neat place when we pass through on I-64.



I’m doing okay but definitely not as well as I would like. I’ve been furloughed from my job for the past four weeks with no guarantees that I will be called back. The job search hasn’t been going well either since the market is flooded with the unemployed and employers are freezing job hiring. I’m very fortunate that I have a good savings balance that will hopefully see me through. My biggest worry is that I’m going through some health stuff and I still have health insurance while furloughed…but if that changes, not sure what I’m going to do. Lots of worries. At least my cell phone bill is pretty low!


Thanks for asking! I work for a large university, and was transitioned to working from home. Made an office space in the basement and quickly got kind of spoiled! The new commute is great; the biggest delay on the commute is that the cat likes to sleep on the cellar stairs, so have to watch out for that obstacle while carrying the coffee pot down there. I am kind of an introvert and recharge from being alone, but I definitely think I am fully recharged now and hoping that life can return to “normal” again a ways down the road, and hoping that we will get to see our awesome students for the fall semester! And, going to church online is better than nothing, but no substitute for the community of gathering in person. Looking forward to that!

How is everyone at RW doing?



Our family has been very fortunate thus far. My wife and I are both still working, though we now work from home. My son has transitioned to online learning pretty successfully. The first week and a half was a little rough, but the teachers and students seem to have the hang of it now. My son uses Microsoft Teams for class meetings and assignments, and Office 365 to complete his assignments. It’s the same software I use for work, so it’s been pretty easy to adapt, and he’s getting some useful experience. The only setback has been the family dog tearing an ACL while chasing a rabbit. My stimulus check is pretty much going to the veterinary clinic.


Glad to hear you are both still working, and that it sounds like most of the wrinkles are now worked out of your son’s transition to online, The school I work for is using Teams as well. Hope the dogger has a good recovery, and the vet leaves at least a little bit of that stimulus in your pocket.




Hi @aliceylain,

Welcome to our Member Community, and thanks for taking the time to let us know how you’re doing. It sounds like you’re facing some sobering challenges head-on, and we wish you the best with both the job and your health.


Hi @glennb.h1mfwg,

Thanks for chiming in to let us know how you’re doing, and to answer some other members. It’s great that you’re able to work from home, and that the universities didn’t have to come to a screeching halt, leaving the students’ futures in complete limbo. Feel free to share a photo of that speedbump you have to navigate each morning on your commute!

Thanks for asking about Republic. We have been able to transition easily to working from home with lots of strong support from our IT, People Services (HR), and management teams. I’m not missing the stress and wasted time of the drive each day, but I am looking forward to getting back into the office and heading out to lunch at Ruckus with some of my colleagues. :pizza:


My family and I are doing well and adapting to the current environment
we had no real issues item shortages (always keep about a month supplies on hand in case of a bad winter storm hits and we get stuck at home while digging out) after about 3 weeks the panic seams to have stop at the stores and we have been able to restock)
My sons school was closed for the school year replaced by some online apps ans suggested work (which we are making him do even though he doesn’t want to)
I one of the lucky ones at my work and still have my job (though 20% of my pay is now being deferred for the next few months) (Automotive field and out contractors and Union have been laid off / furlough for the time being) , I been working from home since middle of March and even though we are starting to plan a return to work in May other than short trips in to the labs I will be mostly working from home til mid to late June (if things go as planed) (Union workers look like a May callback, Contractors are still TBD)

as I still have my job I have been making a point of having takeout to help the restraints that still open a few times a week, I also increase my charitable donations to help those who have not been as lucky as we have (I fear we {as a nation} have not seen the worst of the economy from this as many small businesses will not recover from this shutdown and they are the backbone of the economy)

Here hoping for everyone to stay healthy

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I’m…alive…Been rough.

I was suddenly and unexpectedly let go last August from a position at a small company I had thought, and had been frequently praised at, and told was a place i would be there long term…The day after my 1yr anniversary of starting there, the owner was approached that weekend, by a long time business colleague and friend that wanted a job there, they had far better skills and credentials than I, to do the same job and more,…so, in the name of “perfect person for the job” and that they could not pay 2 people to do the same job, the new guy (me) that was less a perfect fit, was booted. Just like that. Via email Monday morning before i came in, don’t come to work anymore…we will ship your things to u. Of course, worst possible time for it to happen with other things going on that complicated things and further stressed me out…long story.

These days…

My elderly Grandparents are getting more and more unable to function in the modern world with anything technological. Alzheimer’s and mild dementia a possible thing with them…more and more “senior moments” happening. They also are very political, very hard to be around. Especially with this virus pandemic and their beliefs that its some political ploy to affect the election, made up by the (political party they hate). Or some China bio warfare. They are at high risk, have various health issues, and its hard for me to see them disregard the Stay at Home things and be so…dismissive and political agressive about it during these times.

Anyways…I have not had a steady job or source of income since last August…just random short temp things. Had a bunch of family issues and life issues pop up too.

Thinks were just about to take off i thought, when I was about to be hired at a place that was a rare opportunity, good pay and I was excited about, but the pandemic hit the weekend before I was to start, and hiring stopped and they retracted the offer. That was the weekend of the mass panic buying hit my area too.

Now, nearly 90% of the people in my state are unemployed and am but just 1 of many thousands applying for a jobs at a gas stations or hardware stores, or walmart. Whatever is still open. My vehicle decided to sit this pandemic out and won’t start anymore. Public Transit is severely limited or shutdown. So yea, easy to say this is the worst times of my life…pretty sure some others can say that too. I do personally know some folks that are worse off than I am thanks to this world changing pandemic. And also, some people I knew from many years back, that I lost contact with, recently found out many of them do have or did get the virus and are recovering, and 2 people that I knew from my past, have died from it.

Just taking things day by day now…bored out of my mind…watching tv and streaming shows/movies. And trying to not get the virus, or causing panic when I am out by my allergies acting up that make me cough and weeze alot.

I’ve been shopping around for lower cost cell phone service options, since my 1yr RW plan is up next month (that i bought last May when i could afford to). But that is proving more a hassle than I would like.

Hope the world can start to get back to something of what “normal” life used to be some time soon.


Hey @SpeedingCheetah, I’m so sorry to hear how badly all of this is affecting you :slightly_frowning_face: Reading through your response broke my heart, you sound like a really great person that just keeps getting hit by every possible thing that could go wrong. I know what that’s like to have grandparents that don’t seem to take this pandemic as seriously as we wish they would, and I’m so sorry to hear that so many people you know have gotten the virus, but I’m glad that it sounds like most of them are recovering. I’m not sure what your situation is at home, but I’ve found that it helps to look at this time as an opportunity to get things done around the house that I’ve never had the time (or rather, made the time) to do before, such as deep cleaning and wiping down dirty parts of the walls. Also, getting outside has been great for my mental health, especially as the weather starts to get nicer around the country. Something about feeling the sun on my skin just feels so good and it’s nice to see that with all of the bad going on right now, all of the plants and animals are thriving. It gives me hope that things will turn around and is a bright spot amongst the dark. If you have a dog I’m sure they’d love to go on walks too! :smile: Keep hanging in there, things will get better. We’re always here to talk to if you need it, and you can reach out to me directly if you’d like.

Caitlyn :rw:


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