Community Challenge 22: A thank-you gift for those in the medical field

Tell us about someone in the medical field who deserves a thank you for his or her work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’d like to send your medical heroes a thank-you gift. Tell us about anyone who is working in a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or other medical environment, and how they’ve stepped up to face the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll pick twenty of our favorite stories and send those nominees a thank-you gift. Prizes include Google Home products, Bluetooth earbuds, speakers, or headsets, power packs, dash mounts, and microSD memory cards. We have twenty fun prizes to give away!

To thank you for participating, we’ll have a random drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card for three people who post eligible nominations.

How to nominate your hero:

  • Reply in this topic to tell us about someone in the medical field who deserve a thank-you gift, and why.
  • Do not include full names, just a first name or even description like “my pharmacist at the local drug store” is all we need in your public reply. When the winners are selected, we’ll contact the people who submitted those nominations to get the info we need to send out the prizes.
  • One entry per person, please.
  • Republic Wireless staff and their families are not eligible to submit nominations, though they are welcome to share stories on this topic.
  • Eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 7, 2020.

Winner Selection

Thank-you gifts

Twenty winners of our thank-you gift prizes will be selected from eligible nominations by a committee of Republic Wireless team members on or before Friday, June 12, 2020.

Participation prizes

Three people who submit eligible entries will be selected by random drawing on or before Friday, June 12, 2020.

Winners will be announced on or before Friday, June 12, 2020.


I nominate Julia, an urgent care RN in San Diego. Julia has continued to go to her job every day amid setting up outdoor clinics to protect all of the patients and guidelines that changed several times in a day. Also working without complaint when having to give up a shift to save the company money. A truly dedicated RN.


Myself and staff at a NYC urgent care were and are always there. Most of us were sick early on but returned to work when allowed and deal with increased patient volume while maintaining our sanity…I think.


I nominate my daughter, who works in an Urgent Care Clinic. Although she has fibromyalgia, she never misses work due to it. Also with Covid-19, the problems are compounded due to her children still at home. But she is a real trooper and uses all safety guards she can to ensure their wellness and safe being. With a smile always on her face, she goes above and beyond to help those that come to the urgent care seeking help.


My nominee is Angel, musical therapist for Samaritan university hospital. Five years ago I got my aunt out of a nursing home in Puerto Rico. Everyone left her there. A few days ago, I took my aunt to the E R for a pressing emergency and they admitted her that night. With covid 19, I was not allowed to be with my aunt in the hospital and it was hard for us both. Both she and I attended Angel’s drums alive community class this past summer. The next day, Angel recognized my aunts name on the hospital roster and she reached out to us both offering to visit my aunt Cecilia. So super grateful for her kindness, My aunt is elderly and hope is a beautiful thing!!


I nominate Ben, a young , handsome, emergency room physician who early on knew that rural health was in desperate need of good doctors. He works very hard, with long shifts and treats each case with such care and compassion.
Not only is he a good doctor, but a very kind and compassionate one.
He goes over and beyond in his conscientiousness and concern for every one of his patients.


I nominate the head RN of our federally qualified health center in Philadelphia. Long before COVID-19 came to our city or even the USA, she was keeping up on the virus activity overseas and started trying to prepare for its advent on our soil by purchasing needed equipment (PPE, thermometers, etc.) From the time it broke out in Philly in mid-March until the present day, she has lead the charge in ensuring our staff are well covered, safety protocols are kept and we provide excellent service to the patients and non patients whom we are screening at our three clinic sites. She does the work of almost three people in terms of quantity and quality and is always ready to jump in and assist with anything- in spite of her many demands and how a task may be not using her training to ‘the top of her license’. Moreover, she is also a local pastor, committed to serving her community through prayer and leading (now online) worship services week in and week out. And in the midst of it all, she still maintains a great sense of humor.


I nominate my daughter and my son, but only one can take advantage of this. They are both RN’s, but our son is deployed at the moment. As her brother has been called to war, so has she. She didn’t choose this, it chooses her, she doesn’t know how long her deployment will be but she is in for the long haul.
She works with cancer patients primarily and now many also have COVID-19. She continues to persevere as each day is a battle. As she is sometimes tripled masked, she smiles with her eyes love and encouragement to those she cares for.


I nominate my wife of 48 years, Gail, an ordained minister and Hospital Chaplain. She attends to the spiritual and emotional needs of hospital patients and their families. In normal times this is 30-40 patient visits per day. In these COVID-19 times she calls the Covid-patient isolation-room phone and if they are not able to talk [due to being ventilated, sedated, etc] she calls the family at their home and asks about their spiritual needs, which are often many. She still visits non-isolation rooms in person wearing her PPE. She has an uplifting and encouraging Spirit that helps the patient and family endure their personal difficulties.

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