Community Challenge 24: How do you keep your phone safe?

For Community Challenge 24, we’d like to invite everyone to help answer another question our members often ask: Which case is best for my phone?

To participate, simply tell us what you do to keep your phone safe. Have you found the ultimate case? Do you use a screen protector? Is phone insurance part of your budgeted cost of owning a phone?

Don’t simply post a link to a case. Doing so will not count as an entry. We want to hear from you about why you would recommend a specific product.

We’ll select 3 winners by random drawing to each win a $10 Amazon gift card. If we have 50 or more eligible entries, we’ll select two additional winners!


To be eligible to win a prize, you must:

  • Reply in this topic before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 9, 2020
  • Tell us which phone you have
  • Describe the product you use to keep your phone safe

Receive one bonus entry in the drawing for also telling us about a time your phone survived a cringe-worthy accident with the product you are recommending, or about a time when your phone suffered a mishap that perhaps led you to this product.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families are not eligible to win. @Ambassadors and @Experts are eligible to win in this challenge.


We’ll select our winners by random drawing on or before Thursday, August 13, 2020.
If we have fewer than 50 eligible entries, we’ll award three $10 Amazon gift cards.
If we have more than 50 eligible entries, we’ll award five $10 Amazon gift cards.


Let’s kick things off!

We have two Moto G6s in our household. My wife uses a Wallet Flip Case from icarecase. The case has a protective shockproof edge that surrounds most of the phone. The flip cover is magnetic, has handy credit card slots and a stand feature. The cover gives a good surface area to hold and the flap makes a good handle when using the camera. The phone has survived at least two drops to the tile floor with no damage…only some mumbling :relieved: Mum was the word from me :zipper_mouth_face:

Patty Case

I use a similar Flip Case from DLHLLC. The case has a full body protective cover with TPU bumper that provides good edge and switch protection. It’s not a contest, but I’m ahead in the number of times the phone has been dropped with no damage. My case is a little thinner which is a benefit since I carry my phone in my front pants pocket.

Fred Case

Even though both cases have flip covers, we decided to use SPARIN tempered glass screen protectors for additional protection. Having both the flip cover and screen protector does a good job protecting the screen from those annoying scratches. Not sure the screen protectors do anything for drop protection and hope to stop trying to find out :grinning:

We learned from accidents with our previous phones so started with cases and screen protectors for these phones from day one. Best thing we ever did. The cases are kind of old school…but they do the job!


For my Pixel 3 XL I put a glass screen protector on it and a jelly case. The particular jelly case is thick and has liquid filled back with glitter. Very pretty.

I’ve dropped the phone several times and so far it’s always landed on it’s back.

Last year I had the phone on a dash mount using it’s GPS to navigate home, when I was broadsided at high speed. All the glass on the passenger side shattered sending some over to my side of the car. My hand had a small cut from the glass. The car then ricocheted into a stop sign which almost punctured the passenger side of the windshield. At this point my phone as well as my passenger’s phone went air born and mine landed at my feet. Passengers phone landed in the road. Other drivers phone landed in the road and was crushed by fire truck, Oops!

Once the car stopped and I was able to turn off the engine. I picked up my phone, the glass from the passenger side fractured the screen protector. The phone landed on it’s back and was and still is fully functional! Later on when I went to change the screen protector, the phone’s screen didn’t have a scratch on it!

The passengers phone was later found by police and returned. It had an Otterbox case, suffered no damage and worked fine after it’s ordeal.

(By the way everyone survived the accident and no major physical injuries.)


Phone: Moto e4Plus
Case: Feitenn Wallet Flip case w/ magnetic closure
Screen Protector: tempered glass
I like the simple, slim flip case. It has a card holder on one side and keeps the phone secure on the other side. I can’t tell you how many times the case & screen protector have saved my phone. Just this week it got knocked off the counter, onto the tile floor…and no cracked screen or other issues! I’ve made the mistake before of not getting a case & screen protector right away for a new phone and paid the price with a cracked screen, so now I always wait for all the equipment to arrive before using any new devices.


I found a tpu case for the G7 that works perfectly. Case is made up of two pieces - a bumper and a detachable back part. I use the bumper by itself and phone is protected against drops from seating position. I use nano explosion proof screen protectors. These are better than glass screen protectors imo. These are soft flexible but feels like glass. Provides more shock absorption than glass. There are two types of these. The regular one usually comes in blue backing. The other better one has white backing.

Insurance experience: I have purchased square trade in the past multiple times for phones and other stuff. Only used it one time for a phone and once or twice for other things. Zero hassle process with square trade. You have to register your product. I always signed up phones as electronics. I use mid to low end phones now like the G7. But If I use higher end phone in the future, I’ll get square trade.


I use a flip cover case as well, and have since my first generation Moto G through my current G5S plus. I have never used a separate screen protector.

I work in an industrial environment onboard ships, and usually have to carry my phone in my chest pocket on my coveralls. I find myself leaning over equipment I am working on, and often only realize (too late) that the discomfort I am feeling is my phone digging into my chest as it’s holding my weight up…

A bunch of the guys at work give me grief because the styling of the case isn’t something they would choose, but I’m the guy without a cracked screen… Unfortunately it did fall into about 3 inches of water once, but a quick dry off and it’s still going strong


So, I bought my phone in November - 2014. It’s a Moto G. Not a G5 or G6; just plain G. With it, I purchased the Otter box defender and regular screen protector. I have yet to change the protector, even though there is a small bubble around the speaker hole. Just five months ago the hard plastic part of the cover snapped in two probably because I had one of those metal plates so it could stick to a magnet in between the case and phone. The rubber part of the case is mostly in tack even though the bottom has split a little and tore off. My phone will hit the floor a couple times a week but what’s left of the rubber still keeps its cool.


I currently have a aluminum bumper case (with a thin silicone liner between the phone and the bumper) on my Moto Z3 play with a Incipio wireless charging battery Moto Mod (if it wasn’t for the battery Mod I would have the phone in a wallet case)

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I have a Google Pixel 3a, which is only the second smart phone I’ve ever owned.
I had the worst experience with basic phones, like going through 3 a year.
When I purchased my first smart phone, I knew I needed to get security down pat with it.

The one product I tell everyone I know to get is:
Zagg Invisible Shield- Glass Screen Protector.
Some may think the price is a little steep, but it has a lifetime warranty and they will replace it if it cracks.
I also credit this glass screen to saving my phone (and wallet) a few times.

In addition to that, I’ve had good luck with Otterbox cases.
While I have had a few crack, they are also great with their 1 year warranty and you can replace it as many times as needed within that one year. They provide great front support- as far as the case and rubber edges hit the ground rather than your screen.

I like to switch out my cases but always play it safe, even if some of the cases I visually like more, it isn’t worth breaking my phone over.


Well, let’s start with what I use to protect my moto e⁶. When I bought my phone from Republic, I also picked up a phone case (which had the added benefit of making the shipping free), and I later picked a glass screen protector off of Amazon. Those two together are pretty much my entire phone protection system™.

Now, a story of me almost losing my phone? I was about to bike to work, and I just checked my phone before heading out to see if I’d any notifications. Seeing none, I attempted to slip my phone back into my pocket, but I missed. The phone fell out of my shocked grasp onto the driveway, corner first. And it didn’t just fall - I had been pushing my phone into my pocket - so it fell with some force. It cracked the screen protector immediately, but thankfully didn’t do any damage to the actual phone. That, however, was the most danger my phone’s been in.

So far, I’ve been lucky, my past phones have failed due to their battery starting to break down and swell, not physical damage due to my carelessness.


I have a Moto G4 phone. I purchased my DuroCase case off of Amazon and I love it. It has a picture of a cat and a galaxy on the back. It also has a kickstand which comes in handy when recharging the phone because of the heat. It lets air flow in. Being the klutz that I am, I have been extremely lucky to not have dropped or bumped my phone anywhere. But as an added precaution I also have it in an old cloth camera bag. It fits in it perfectly. Also helps insulate the phone in this dry hot Arizona heat. When I go to church I don’t take my phone with me. I keep it in an insulated bag with a small ice pack separated with strips of cardboard so it doesn’t get too cold.
I have been blessed to have a great phone, cover and service.


Interesting to see that (so far), everyone is a self-insurer :slight_smile:

My journey to using a screen protector (glass), and case came when I was walking the hills of San Francisco with my first smart phone, the Republic Wireless Moto X. I tripped but thankfully being Weeble like, I wobbled but didn’t fall down. My phone however, flew out of my pocket glass side down (of course), and slid like a toboggan on the sidewalk for about 11 feet. :scream:
Surprisingly it was not badly scratched, but it taught me the lesson of protecting my phone!

My current phone, a Pixel 3a has a clear flexible silicone case, embellished like @littletoucan’s with a Republic sticker to up the cool factor. :sunglasses:
I just dropped it for the first time a few weeks ago on the asphalt. It landed on the corner of the phone without any damage whatsoever. Whew!

Now let me go find some wood to knock on :wink:


I always get a case for my phones. I cringe when I see nekked cell phones. I got a Trident case I loved for the original Moto X I had for 5 years and some kind of screen protector. When I got the Moto X4 in 2018 there were no Trident cases for it but I got a Spigen case which has served well, and a healing plastic screen protector. Two and a half years later it’s no worse for wear even after several unpleasant parking lot spills. Using this phone as-is with the silly slick glass back would have been a nightmare.


I swear by Lifeproof. I am a fumbler and am always Juggling and flipping my phone on the floor or occasionally across the room. It has saved my Samsung S7 for a couple years. Never had any crack in my screen and it kept on ticking after hitting the floor to many times to count. It’s also not bulky at all. When I read the good reviews and bought mine I wondered how it could really protect my phone being so slim but it did. I had to occasionally open it up and clean the screen cover. I don’t know how but pet hair is insidious and somehow manages to get into sealed things. I wish they made it for more phone brands then they do but if they make it for yours I highly recommend it. I’m so pleased with it that I just bought and gifted one to my son in law for his iphone. He’s hard on phones like me.


I have the original Moto X and the first thing I did was put it in an Otterbox Defender. I’ve managed to drop the phone on a variety of surfaces and the Defender has done it’s job. I also put a screen protector on it, though the case covers both sides of the phone so I don’t know that it was necessary. I’m not sure how many years I’ve had this phone now - 6 maybe? - but it’s still working perfectly. I also like the convenience of being able to use the built in clip on the case to attach the phone to my belt. Would definitely recommend it.


I use an Incipio NGP case for my phone. I like it because it is so slim, some think I have no case. Everyone I see (family, mostly) has a large, bulky case, I suppose thinking the bulk will better protect the phone. Mine is tight, and at the time I bought it (many years ago), they had purple for me, and black for my husband. Now, for this phone (Moto E4), they seem to just have black. But it’s a reasonable $20 and free shipping.
Once, I was on a ladder and dropped my phone to the concrete below. No issues after. I do use a plastic screen protector, but am not sure that’s even necessary. I love my case! When I upgrade my phone eventually, I’ll go for the same case.


So, this isn’t the ultimate case because the ultimate case isn’t available for my Moto G7… I want a case that adds zero bulk, provides protection, and has good grip. Can’t find the combo. And with the sleekness of the white GUY, I didn’t want to hide it. My first case didn’t last long so I invested more in this one by Poetic. It has a screen be protector built in. Normally I don’t bother, but I scratched in I the first few days of ownership. The screen protector hides that scratch, somehow.

I don’t have insurance. Is that a thing on a BYOD phone? These things are durable. And ATT made me bitter years ago when I realized, after dropping a phone in a lake, it would have been cheaper to never pay the insurance then pay the deductible. I backed over my last phone with my SUV. One crack in the screen that you couldn’t see, but you could see the the adjacent pixels no longer had the same brightness. It still works perfectly and is my backup. I even
plan on fixing it…



In the spring of 2017, I bought a used Moto G3 which was in “acceptable” condition, including drop damage on its corners and scratches on its screen, for $50. Even spending $10 on a case would be 20% of the item’s value, so I didn’t. I dropped it a few times myself, usually from pocket height, and it’s always survived (though I did learn from this that after a drop, I had to apply pressure to the speaker area to get it to work again).

Anyway, last week I upgraded to a Moto E (2020). I ordered a TPU case because unlike the plastic found on a case like Otterbox, it won’t break, and the rubberiness provides a nice cushion. (I understand Otterbox makes good cases, but my experience with them is that even under standard use they don’t last as long as a one-piece TPU case will.)


I have the MotoG Plus, and I don’t use a product to keep it safe. Most importantly, I just don’t use it for transactions that would endanger my identity, credit, etc. There is nothng on it except friends’s numbers, apps like Words with Friends, Facebook, YT, etc. Frankly, I think it’s risky to use a phone like a bank/ATM/credit card, and then stick it in your pocket or just carry it around like a lot of people do (and then constantly setting it down everywhere).

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