Community Challenge 28: The Gratitude Challenge

As we approach Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to reflect on what has been, for many, a very challenging year, and through that, find a way to share some positivity. Tell us about someone or something you are thankful for, and why.

We’ll select five winners by random drawing to win a $20 Amazon gift card or Republic Wireless swag item.

How to enter:

To be eligible to win you must:

  • Reply in this topic to tell us about someone or something you are thankful for, and why.
  • Submit your entry before 11:59 p.m. PT on Sunday, Dec 6, 2020.

Bonus Entry:

If you write about a person (or group of people) you’re thankful for, take it one step further and find a way to show them your gratitude. Then come back and tell us about that for a bonus entry in the drawing.


  • Do not include full names. Please mention people by only a first name or even a description like “my daughter’s first-grade teacher”
  • While creativity and humor can be fun, keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  • One entry and one bonus entry per person, please.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff and their families are not eligible to submit nominations, though they are welcome to share stories on this topic. Experts and Ambassadors are eligible.

Winner selection

Winners will be selected by random drawing between Monday, Dec 7 and Thursday, December 10, 2020.


Five winners will be selected by random drawing to win their choice of one of the following:

  • A Republic Wireless Nike visor1
  • A Republic Wireless T-shirt2
  • A $20 Amazon gift card

1 Republic Wireless Visor:

2 Republic Wireless T-shirt


I am thankful for technology that allows us to have virtual visits with family to keep us all healthy.


I am grateful for Susan W., acupuncturist, who not only works miracles with acupuncture, but really gets me and for my sisters, Janie, and Wisa for taking care of our 101-year-old mother at home until her death this year in February. I’m grateful for all the grocery clerks who have been serving us while we shelter in place, for all my neighbors who have gone shopping for me and for Maia who has been taking care of my 74 year old friend who fell and could no longer handle her own affairs. AND FOR ALL THE DEDICATED HEALTH CARE WORKERS, FIRST RESPONDERS AND THOSE WHO ARE CARING FOR AND ADMINISTERING TO COVID PATIENTS. MAY WE AS A NATION TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTEST ALL MEMBERS OF OUR NATION TO PROTECT THOSE WHO CARE FOR US IN THIS HOUR OF NEED.

In addition to a great monthly price, I am also thankful that Republic Wireless staff were able to resolve a stubborn technical issue to get my phone service working on a new phone, enabling me to continue enjoying the great benefits. And, that is just one of dozens of things to be grateful for even in a year like 2020.

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VERY thankful I have remained uninfected with Covid so far, in spite of spending most of last summer out in the community doing the Census, and now back in healthcare again. Both of my closest friends have family members with Covid, but also thankfully, they are recovering. Thankful that two vaccines are effective and ready to roll out soon. Like others here, I’ve also been thankful for Zoom for making it possible to keep in touch with my various groups (my local bookstore and the workouts with the YMCA).

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I have lung issues but thanks to my S.O. I have not had to go to a grocery store one time since this all started. I am so thankful for him and his kindness and love for me to do that. He is a very special person and I am very blessed that he is my love. <3


I’m grateful for wonderful neighbors who accepted us when we moved into the neighborhood last year and are always watching out for us and who let us know if anything is wrong. I’m also grateful for the example of my elderly homebound neighbor who found her way to serve her community by putting a sign in front of her house that reads “You Are Loved” for all to see. It makes me smile each time I see it and makes me want to reach out and serve a little more this holiday season.


I’m thankful for my health care community. I have a lot of health problems and they always want to try and help me. Twice this year I dealt with some very serious mental health issues to the point where I was hospitalized. Had it not been for my primary health care, my therapist,caregivers, friends and most importantly the family I have I don’t know what I would have done or where I’d be at this point in my life.

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I am thankful for Thrive Today organization and their teachings about appreciation/gratitude and what it can do to change the rut in your brain! Putting this into practice has saved our marriage, this year, in spite of covid, has been the best year we have ever had in our 36yrs of marriage!

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I am thankful that my melanoma was found before it had spread.


I am thankful for my precious grandchildren. They are living miracles, and keep me young and active. Highly recommend!

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Thanks to my oldest brother, who introduced our family to the world of investing. Thanks to him for, The Sun Gate, watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu. The pride of lions walking by just a few feet away on safari in South Africa. The Trevi fountain early in the morning in Rome, and so many other experiences. Thanks Bro.


I am thankful for my son’s J&J. They always give back by volunteering with people whom have “special needs” and animal shelters… Yet even today they give back to these organizations (as they both started to volunteer at a young age); and are both in the US Army for MI, giving so more on a daily basis. They have hearts of gold and I know this holiday season they will make others days joy-filled.

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I am thankful for the courage and determination of essential workers persevering to make it feasible for many to stay home.

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I’m thankful for all of my co-workers and how we’ve gotten creative with maintaining a fun atmosphere despite being WFH. I’m particularly grateful for how we’ve all stepped up to check in on one another too. And of course all of the essential workers!

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Mine is easy! We just had our son a couple of days ago. So, I am thankful for all the nurses and doctors that helped make sure he and his mother were healthy, safe, and comfortable (as much as possible). They have been wonderful and caring during a stressful time. When it would have been easier to just go one mile, they went the extra mile or three in their care for us.

They are truely sacrificial and incredible, but after being home, I see my wife one upping them as she cares for our son. She gets no sleep and has no energy, but she still manages to treat him like a little king. She is incredible, and I am most thankful for her!

Then again…I am not getting much sleep either, so maybe I’m just hallucinating that she’s doing so much… Lol


I am grateful for so many things. Grateful that we have a home and our health and food on our table and my family. God bless everyone. It is coming upon winter and a COVID vaccine looming close. I am happy and grateful to be surviving this all.

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I’m thankful that we live in a time where technology is helping us through this year. We are getting closer to having a vaccine for Covid-19, and it blows my mind how fast they are able to develop it and test it. We have various ways of staying connected to loved ones over video chats, texts, and calling. There’s also computers to help heath experts examine the data that will show us trends so they can tell us what they predict as far as cases rising and falling, so that we can stay safe. And last (but definitely not least) we have so many streaming apps available to us, so for those of us who are at home a lot during these difficult times, at least we can find something on Disney + or Netflix to lift our spirits a little. Technology really is amazing, and I’m glad that I live in 2020 to experience it.

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I am grateful to have cbd. I have been using it for around 10 years. Back then it literally looked and tasted like oily substance extracted from plants/veg. lol. It was massively icky. But cbd works. It got me out of depression and helped build and stabilize day to day flow. Hemp derived CBD can be found online and they are very good quality. Processes involved in extraction and refinement have matured and product is cleaner and more reliable. Anybody wanting to try out should start with very small dose. I take one or two drops with coffee or something. It has adaptogenic properties so it’ll adapt to your body to balance things out. But you can’t feel the effects like thc. So don’ t over do it. Over a few days/weeks of use, you’ll see better outcome. CBD can help body and mind get in good healthy balance and that helps with anxiety, cognition, mood, sleep, overall wellness. Cheers. :smiley:

As it turns out, I was not hallucinating about the incredible care that my wife is giving our son! I have been doing my best to show her that I’m thankful.

Naturally, she gets those shoulder massages.

I try to wake up before her and get everything ready for the night feedings so she can get back to sleep quickly.

Also, I have been intercepting those dirty diapers.

I am also trying to plan a rest and relaxation day for her once our son can go a bit longer between meals.

Unfortunately, I have no idea who or nurses were… The hospital stay was a blur, but we are going to write the labor and delivery wing a thank you note as soon as we figure out how to address it.

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