Community Challenge 3: Security Challenge


Hi @mb2x,

I kind of enjoy our past method of letting people pick the winners rather than automate it. It also helps spread out the participation to ensure the integrity of the choices.


I’m available for picking if you’re still doing it tonight.


Oh man! I liked the automated method :frowning: . Are you talking about randomly picking a number or having people vote?


Hi @dave_kc,

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be precise about the time. I had a work event after hours to attend, and wasn’t sure when I’d be back online. We’ll start in just a few minutes. I believe @louisdi and @mb2x and around and I can use up to three other volunteers.


I pick Avagadro’s Number!



I don’t know whether to be more worried about your sanity or that of the person who “liked” your post.

If you’d like to pick the first winner, please pick an integer from one to ten, inclusive.


3 for the number of beautiful, well behaved, intelligent children I have.


Someone mentioned Avogadro’s number in a class the other day… I have no idea what it is other than it’s some scientific number-and it’s really long.


Maybe @louisdi’s three children can explain it to you.

Based on the number three, our first winner is @johnny5!

@mb2x, please pick our second winner by selecting a number from 1 to 10, but not three.


7 …


Lucky number 7 is assigned to @nancy.n! Congratuations, and thanks for sharing the credit card consolidation scam!

@louisdi, would you like to pick our third winner?


Number 1. This time for the (current) number of lovely and intelligent wives I have.


Current? :confused:

In any case the number one is assigned to @mitchellb.uwaw3T who shared a “winning prize” scam. (This one is no scam, though, @mitchellb.uwaw3T - you’ve really won a prize.)

@mb2x, ready to give us our fourth winner?


10 …


The number ten was assigned to @jamesw.n75kzt who shared the extended warranty scam. Congratulations @jamesw.n75kzt.

And @louisdi, please finish this out with our final winner.


Going back to my original Pick, Avagadro’s number, lets lop off everything after the decimal and drop the 10 to the 23rd which leaves us with just 6.


The number six was assigned to @bestcee who wrote up the Student Loan Scam for us. Congratulations!

Thank you very much to my lovely assistants for the evening - a round of applause for @louisdi and @mb2x, please. :clap: :clap: :clap:

And… most everyone around here has figured out that I do not like giveaways where we end up with nearly as many losers as winners, so the others who took the time to write up a scam and share it during the challenge will receive a Republic Wireless T-shirt to thank you for your participation.

Watch for the fourth Community Challenge in a couple of weeks!


I apparently stepped away… no problem, life happens that way sometimes.