Community Challenge 30: An Appreciation Day for Everything!

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a “National Day” or “Appreciation Day” for just about everything?
:chocolate_bar: National Chocolate Day: 10/28/21
:dog2: Dog Appreciation day: 8/26/21
:butterfly: Learn About Butterflies Day: 3/14/21

and :exploding_head: who’d have believed it: Community Manager Appreciation Day: 1/25/21

As a fun way to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day, Community Challenge 30 invites you to thoughtfully answer at least one of the following questions:

  1. What could our Republic Wireless Member Community do to serve you better?
  2. What’s your favorite “national day” or “appreciation day” and why?
  3. What (silly or serious) “national day” or “appreciation day” would you add to the calendar and why?

Submit your entry for your chance to win Republic Wireless swag, a month of free service, or a $20 Amazon gift card.


  1. Keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  2. Submit only your own, original work.
  3. By submitting your work as an entry in our challenge, you understand that the entry is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the entry.
  4. Each participant may submit up to three entries by answering each entry question one time.
  5. Each eligible participant may win only once .
  6. Eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 7, 2021.


To be eligible to win a prize, you must reply in this topic with a thoughtful answer to one of the entry questions.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families are not eligible to win. @Ambassadors and @Experts are eligible to win in this challenge.

Winner selection

Winners will be selected by random drawing between Monday, February 8 and Thursday, February 11, 2021.


Three winners will be selected by random drawing to win their choice of one of the prizes listed below: If more than 20 people submit entries, we’ll unlock two additional prize drawings for a total of five prizes.

  • A Republic Wireless Nike visor1
  • A Republic Wireless T-shirt2
  • A $20 Amazon gift card
  • One month of free service for one service line - Talk and Text plus 1 GB of data.

1 Republic Wireless Visor:

2 Republic Wireless T-shirt

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My favorite day is 420 day. For some reason it is a day that makes a whole lot of people happy and it’s also my birthday.


Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day @southpaw!

My entry is a “World Day” where the whole world celebrates! :tada:

MAY 23! :turtle:

(or is it just me?!) :rofl:

Cool. I have a 37+ year old Florida box turtle.


Happy Republic Wireless Community Manager Appreciation Day @Southpaw

                        :southpawpoms:           :southpawpoms:
                    :southpawpoms:     :southpawpoms:   :southpawpoms:   :southpawpoms:
                :southpawpoms:             :southpawpoms:           :southpawpoms:
              :southpawpoms:                                 :southpawpoms:
                :southpawpoms:                             :southpawpoms:
                  :southpawpoms:                         :southpawpoms:
                      :southpawpoms:                   :southpawpoms:
                         :southpawpoms:             :southpawpoms:
                             :southpawpoms:       :southpawpoms:
                                :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:


My apologies to @southpaw, I realized that I hit the wrong reply, and didn’t have the time to delete and recreate … the contest would be over, and once again I would be a day late and a dollar short :blush:


One of my favorite days is “Napping Day” which is on March 9th this year. Once you get to be my age you don’t need to ask why :sleeping:


A favorite “national day” that I will be celebrating this year falls on Monday, February 8th: “Laugh and Get Rich Day”, a day for enriching your life with happiness. How to celerate? Laugh, laugh, and laugh! Read and tell lots of jokes to get in the mood to think up some income producing ventures, like entering a contest where your name may be randomly drawn on Febuary 8th to win a $20.00 Amazon gift card!


My favorite day is “eat ice cream for breakfast day” because what better way to start the day? Coming up on Saturday, Feb 6, 2021! Woo hoo!


It also makes a whole lot of parents sad…

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Republic Wireless could celebrate a national customer loyalty day! Some kind of recognition to customers for how long they have been with Republic Wireless.

There could be a Pay It Forward day. A day that encourages everyone to share something small (or big) that they have done to “pay it forward” to others.


Just saw the challenge. A “Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day” a few days late.

My favorite theme day is “Talk like a Pirate” day, September 19. Arrrh! It even has an official theme web site:


Ride to Work Day. Because i love motorcycles!


April 26th - National Pretzel Day! I love a good soft pretzel. :yum: :pretzel:


National republic wireless day. The day would be the day when RW became a reality.
Coming from big red ,I wish I found RW sooner than I did.
Go RW.

Thanks @josephs.humgw3!

I’m late drawing the winners, but I have to stick to the rules that say the entries had to be submitted by 2/7.

Continuing our tradition of drawing the winners a day late, we’ll pick our three lucky winners tonight.

@mb2x is helping with the drawing tonight, and will start us out by selecting an integer between 1 and 9, inclusive.


I will choose…8

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Thank you! Lucky number :eight: was assigned to @gracej.8ce0a8 who enjoys “eat ice cream for breakfast day.” I’d like to know what flavor ice cream she had for breakfast last week!

@mb2x, who is our second winner?


For the second winner, I’ll choose 3!

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