Community Challenge 33: What's the most important memory you've saved on your phone?

We often hear from members who are devastated to have lost a cherished photo, text message, or voicemail message that had been saved on a phone. Many are surprised to learn that as your mobile phone service, Republic Wireless does not back up the personal content on your phone.

In Community Challenge 33, we challenge you to think about the content you have saved on your phone and why it’s important to you. Tell us about something on your phone that you cherish, then tell us how you have backed it up safely, or ask our Community for advice on doing so.


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To be eligible to win a prize, you must reply in this topic with the following information by 11:59 p.m. PT on 5/9/21:

  1. A description of the most cherished content on your phone. (Photos may be shared, but please no photos of people or screenshots that include personal information.)
  2. A brief description of why it’s important to you.
  3. Steps you’ve taken to preserve that item somewhere other than your phone, or a request for help doing so.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families, @Ambassadors, and @Experts are not eligible to win in this challenge. They are welcome to participate.


:ticket: Three winners will be selected by random drawing on or by 5/16/21. If we have more than 20 eligible entries, we’ll add one bonus drawing for every additional 20 eligible entries.

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I have two grandchildren, so my phone is chock full of their precious faces!

One photo in my collection really stands out. Last summer, without prompting, my (toddler) granddaughter and and grandson stopped what they were doing, and hugged each other. Big, big smiles on their faces! Fortunately, a few of us had our phones at the ready, and the result is one for the ages! What I like about the photo is that it doesn’t look posed. Their faces were so natural; something very hard to achieve with 3 year olds!

I immediately used the photo for my phone’s wallpaper. I made a few prints, which is something that I rarely do. Relatives and great-grandparents got their copies! I always show this particular photo when I’m bragging about them. It’s also fun to take a minute to scroll thru the album; seeing how quickly they grow up!

I have the photo saved in two offline backup locations, along with other critical files and photos. One is in the “cloud,” and one is on local backup media.

I now find myself looking for “that special photo,” rather than trying to get them to pose. Sometimes, I just hold the shutter down, and I check later for that special one.


We went to Africa to see unbelievable animals.
Yet this is still one of my most favorite pictures on the trip.


We Went to Africa to see amazing creatures.
Yet this is still one of my most favorite pictures in Chobe National Park.

That’s beautiful @dannyr! Is it a sunset or a sunrise? And how have you backed-up/preserved that photo to be sure it’s not lost forever if the phone is damaged?

Sunset at Chobe National Park, Batswana.
Backed up from my wife’s phone to my computer and on G Drive.

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I have a voicemail made by my almost-3-year-old daughter, saying goodnight to us while my wife and I were away for our first extended getaway since she was born. This was made about 8 years ago, before I was even using Republic, but I’ve carried it along with me on SD cards from phone to phone.



Do you have the recording preserved somewhere other than that SD card?

I know I should; In the last year I’ve transferred my photos over to googlephotos, and I need to gather up my other miscellaneous files into the cloud.

I have one of my special needs students on a platform swing for sensory motor time during his OT session. Big smile and nice eye contact seen. He is autistic.
Saved it on Google drive somewhere. Priceless.

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Our photos are all backed up in the cloud, so this gets me thinking about text messages to the folks about milestones with our kids. Someday, we might want to see that amusing anecdote about the funny thing the kids said or the first time they climbed on something unexpected.

What have others done to back up texts they would like to remember? Screenshots? Copying to a document? Writing out longhand (ugh)?

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Hi @rayalan,

Many of us use an app for that:

Backup to cloud storage is an option with the above suggested app.

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So hard to choose just one! But I’m going with this pic taken on our last vacation with our two Grandsons. We have been taking them to Benezette, Pa every year to see the Elk for about 12 years. On the way home, they start talking about ‘next year’! Our grandsons’ favorite memory of this photo is the fact that I fell in the water to get it! :joy:

This particular photo has been made into a canvas that hangs on our home. I still like physical photos, so I print off the ones that mean the most.


The most precious photo for me is of my cat. He went with me through thick and thin, was there whenever I needed someone and pretty much scared every dog that ever came to my house.

About a week after I took the photo, he lost the fight with the cancer he was battling and died in my arms.

The photo is securely backed up on Google Photos and also on a physical hard drive.

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I have a voice mail saved on my phone from 2013. My mom had called to tell me that “The Sound of Music” was going to be on tv and that I should tune in. It was one of her favorite movies. It’s a very mundane message, yet very precious to me. My mom died in 2014. I miss her every day and whenever I need to hear her voice, I play that voice mail. And hearing her voice is like the sound of music to me.

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Hi @ralfh,

I’m so sorry to learn of the loss of your cat, especially after he had been through so much with you.

Would you be willing to share the photo you mentioned?

Hi @carolynr.iithsq,

Welcome to our Member Community. I’m sorry to read that you’ve lost your mother. I have some recordings of my father that I treasure for the same reason.

I want to be sure you don’t ever lose that recording. Did you know you can download the voicemail and save it to your computer or to a Google account? Please take a look at these instructions and let us know if you have any questions:

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Yes, of course. Here he is. Not the greatest picture, but still my favorite.


My latest and fondest memory is from my father’s funeral where he battled Covid and a tumor but finally lost his battle this last Thanksgiving of 2020. It should also be stated that it would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary that day. My mother had lost her battle with cancer November 19th 2019. So this picture says it all for a fitting goodbye for my father.

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