Community Challenge 34: Tell us how you've helped to make the world a little better this last year

As we reflect on the last year or so of lifestyles changed by the realities of a global pandemic, we know that despite all the focus on negative news, there have been many positive moments, little acts of kindness that may appear to go unnoticed, but have a quiet ripple effect.

In Community Challenge 34, we challenge you to share one positive thing you’ve done in 2020 or 2021 to make the world a little better place. Don’t like to toot your own horn? Tell us one thing someone you know has done, instead.


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  1. Reply in this topic by 11:59 p.m. PT on 6/6/21 6/13/21 telling us something you have done (or something someone you know has done) this last year, to make the world a little better place.
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This is a two-way challenge. While we’re challenging you to share your story in our Community, Southpaw’s challenge is to clean out the Community Treasure Chest! The Treasure Chest is full of overstock phone accessories from our online store. Some are returns, and the packaging may show some evidence of their previous travels, but all are in good shape and just need to find a phone owner who will put them to good use. (The prize fulfillment form will help us make sure we send you a prize that’s suitable for your phone, so please fill out the details carefully.) The Treasure Chest is also brimming with swag items that would be much happier in your hands than tucked away in our office.

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I stayed home and stayed healthy. To the essential workers who went out and did what was required under very trying circumstances, you have my gratitude. Couldn’t have done it without you.


I did the best I could volunteering at a local cancer support center. Covid made it tough. Still, stuff breaks, and the “to do” list doesn’t take a break for a virus. It took some creative scheduling to keep everyone safe.

Mission accomplished.


followed the rules to help stop the spread (ie stayed home as much as one can, keep masks handy and used them when was out and about,)
made extra donations to the united way though work to assist those who lost income during these times


Thanks for getting us started, @cbwahlstrom, @ceedee, and @drm186!

This was what came to mind for me, as I was writing up the Challenge:

I was walking in my neighborhood the other day and saw a cardboard box near the street in a neighbor’s yard. Once I was closer, I had to smile. The children who live in the house had taped a hand-written sign on the box that said, “Don’t litter! Put your trash here!”
They were willing to serve as the neighborhood trash can in the hopes of getting people to change their ways.


Awesome idea!

My wife and I walk regularly in the area. We always bring a bag for trash and recycles. Our record is 77 cans on a 5-mile walk!

I tell people the nickel/can helps fund my retirement! :joy:


I have been volunteering to help the elderly in our community since the early 2000’s but Covid put a stop to that. I still get calls directly from people that I have helped in the past and I have not let Covid stop me from assisting them. I still continue to perform volunteer work in our community even though our formal volunteer program was halted due to Covid.

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I ride with the Patriot Guard Riders doing funeral escorts for Fallen Vets and first responders .This is my 16 th year
This is an all Volunteer Org and we do it with Honor and Respect.

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We’ve tried to stay home as much as possible, wear masks, and avoid crowds. As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time walking the paths near our house, interacting with neighbors by smiling and waving. Just these little interactions have brightened our days!

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I am a participant in Clean Boats Clean Waters. Our job is to identify and attempt to eliminate invasive species before they can take over our lakes. I mostly spray Yellow Iris and look for Eurasian Milfoil. We are on a chain of fresh water lakes and the Eurasian Milfoil turns into a huge blanket of dense weeds. You can not boat through it and it propagates rapidly. Once it starts it spreads.

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I raised $6,000 last year to provide free postpartum care packages to Black mothers who had recently given birth. We have given away over 70 care packages so far!


I’m participating (again) in “No Mow May”! NoMowMay - BYO-BEEZ

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I volunteer at Possum Creek Metroparks doing pond patrol. I pick up litter and fishing line left by visitors. The fishing line is placed in special containers at the park. The line from the containers is then shipped to California for conversion into fish habitats.

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I teach at boys’ high school, and we have been in five-days a week, with all of our students, since September. Despite their age, they had a lot of fear for themselves, for their families, and for their future. The good I managed was to try to make this uncertain, and frightening time, as normal as possible…and a lot of fun. Attending to their mental health became equally as important as their intellectual health!


Went to La Libertad in March 2021 on a mission trip to help make beds for kids who have never had beds and that sleep on dirt floors. We also worked on different projects to help families in need. Made food packages and helped cook meals for families that needed food.


I’m a volunteer EMT with a busted knee and am unable to be on the ambulance because of my injury. I started volunteering with my local Medical Reserve Corps in 2018. We were called upon early in the pandemic and I have been volunteering with them since day one. I’ve volunteered as a contact tracer, case investigator, helped to set up the overflow rehab hospital in case we needed it and got trained to staff it, worked many hours in the county COVID call center, and now I volunteer at the vaccine sites, doing paperwork, giving vaccines, being on first aid duty, and most important of all, talking to people and listening to them. I have also kept my full-time job working at a hospital through it all, and that has been particularly difficult, as we are a “COVID hospital” where the sickest patients go.


Since all of my events were cancelled last year, I did a lot of singing telegrams to be the voice for people who weren’t able to travel or be with their loved ones during special occasions.
I have also received food from various food banks and collect food from produce stands that regularly throw out perfectly fine fruits and veggies. So I have passed along the stuff that I couldn’t use to homeless people or neighbours and friends. I continue to do this since we are now facing the end of unemployment for this state now that they feel we are “back to normal” and we all are required to work at jobs that we don’t do or haven’t done in 30 years.


These are some great stories, and it’s heartening to see the good works our members are doing!

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Winner for 5/16/21: @ceedee
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Winners for 5/18/21: @BertK, @docwitt, and @khyetyson
I’m working on getting all the prizes picked out and packed up, and will be in touch with each winner in the next day or so!


Over the last year so many from around the world stepped up in so many ways. My husband is a disabled veteran and, being his caretaker, we were so appreciative of our personal community and those beyond for rethinking businesses and individuals to help us all. Also, our cats really enjoy all the extra delivery boxes coming their way!

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My county was in need for poll workers for the November election. For the first time, I worked the election assisting my fellow citizens vote.

What an amazing experience. It was a very long 17 hour day from setup to tear down but made all the more enjoyable with my 10 fellow workers pushing thru the wall. Thank your poll worker the next time you vote. There is more to what is done than you see and know.

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