Community Challenge 35: Ambassador Challenge to Empty the Community Treasure Chest

In Community Challenge 34, I challenged myself to try to empty the Community Treasure Chest. I tried valiantly, sending out accessory and swag prizes to over 20 challenge participants.

Now, it’s time to see if our @Ambassadors can out-perform me. I’m challenging each of our Ambassadors to try to swagify (or accessorize) up to five people in five days.

:key: Each Ambassador will be handed the keys to the Community Treasure Chest for up to five days. During that five-day period, he will introduce himself here and be tasked with finding up to five Community members he’d like me to send a Swag/Accessory package to. He’ll announce his selections in reply to this topic. Each Ambassador can create his own selection criteria, and might or might not :question: announce that criteria here.

:rofl: Maybe he’ll be looking for people who laugh at his jokes
:heart: Maybe he’ll be looking for people who like his posts
:handshake: Maybe he’ll be looking for people who are helpful and kind to other members here in our Community
:camera: Maybe he’ll be looking for people who share a photo in #reviews:photos
:kissing_cat: Maybe he’ll be looking for people who take a moment to thank someone who answered their question or confirm what fixed their issue
:dog2: Maybe he just likes dogs and will pick people with dogs in their profile picture!

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: He’ll have to notice you in Community in order to pick you as a winner.
Each selected winner will receive a nice package with some phone accessories, Republic Wireless swag, or both.

What is the Community Treasure Chest?
The Community Treasure Chest consists of an assortment of overstock items and returns from our online store as well as Republic Wireless branded items like T-shirts, Nike Visors, Cinch bags, etc. Returned items are like-new, but sometimes their packaging shows wear and tear.

What is an Ambassador?
Ambassadors are Republic Wireless members who have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the Republic Wireless service and have a track record of being helpful here in the Community. You can learn more about the Ambassador Program in Understanding the Ambassador Program


To start, I’m handing over the keys to the Community Treasure chest to @grandbobby. When he’s ready, he’ll introduce himself in reply in this topic, then his five days to find five winners begins.

Ok, let’s get this challenge started, and give some great republic wireless members the chance to earn some cool, and much desired republic wireless swag.

I have been a republic wireless member since 2013, and a member ambassador since May of 2016. I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia outside of Harrisonburg which is about midway between Washington DC and Roanoke Virginia with my wife, aka grandmommy.
We have 3 grandchildren that give us those names. A 23 year old, and he is a professional firefighter. A 18 year old, and he is a Diesel mechanic. A 14 year old, and she is a softball pitcher.
So any firefighters, diesel mechanics, or softball lovers will win extra points with me.
I’m retired, so retirees, or senior citizens get extra points.
I enjoy riding the Amtrak Auto Train to Florida and back to Virginia, so let me know if you like to, or use passenger trains and which ones.
We are also Disney fans, and visit the Disney Epcot park the most, especially as we age. Our newest favorite thing to do there is ride the newest form of transportation, the Skyliner, a gondola type ride that travels between Epcot and Hollywood Studios, and some of the resort hotels. Anyone else like those.
I would like to hear from members that come to this community to search and find solutions to their issues for themselves or to help others. You may not always post a question, but you are signed in and searching for solutions in places such as Tips and Tricks.
I’ll be following the community activity looking for members using the best member community I have ever used and awarding as much swag as I’m allowed to!


I choose @philp to receive a swag package for working on getting an answer to his question and not giving up. Congratulations


Thanks @grandbobby! That’s one! :one: You have four days left to find four more winners!

I’ll get in touch with @philp by direct message about his prize.

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I choose @tom4342 to be swagified.
Because he said this “I value loyalty more than price. Then again I’m old so go figure.”
And he meets at least some of my mentioned criteria, plus he has obviously spent time here in community reading posts, checking in, and supporting many good answers that have been given.
I already have some others in mind, but don’t want to rush it. And hoping there will be some replies to this challenge.


This time, I choose @bettyyoungweber for some republic wireless swag.
Because she has the Moto G4 plus and is dealing with some of the ghost touch issues. And that phone was the one I ended up with after beginning as member ambassador and sending my Moto G4 to republic wireless as part of the early testing for adding CDMA to the 3.0 phones.
I also had ghost touch issues and ended up sending the G4 plus to Motorola for a trade. I did like the phone enough that I purchased one for another family member. I have both phones for backup, but one appears to be at end of life.
@bettyyoungweber has been persistent in trying to get her issue fixed. Thanks for coming to community and sharing.


Thanks @grandbobby,

I’m struggling to keep up (Thursday and Friday always find my calendar packed with meetings) but I’ll be in touch with both @tom4342 and @bettyyoungweber about their prizes either later tonight or this weekend.

Keep 'em coming! :three: down, :two: to go!


I’m also retired and wish my kids would have some grand babies!!!
I entered Republic on the second wave and have been pretty happy all in all.
Never been to Disney but the Skyliner sounds pretty cool.
I always get wonderful help when I need it on Republic. Everyone is so smart and helpful. I started with a party line and rotary phone so all this is pretty new to me and I often needhelp. Thank you Ambassadors for your dedication.


Today I am choosing @robertl.o429qc to receive the community challenge swag.
Because I like his profile, and like me and other republic wireless members, he does not need a lot of cell data.
I like that name too!
And I’m traveling through Georgia later tonight/early in the morning.


I’m in the dark as to what the community challenge swag is all about. It’s a good thing I hope.


From our Community Manager @southpaw

"Each selected winner will receive a nice package with some phone accessories, Republic Wireless swag, or both.

What is the Community Treasure Chest?
The Community Treasure Chest consists of an assortment of overstock items and returns from our online store as well as Republic Wireless branded items like T-shirts, Nike Visors, Cinch bags, etc. Returned items are like-new, but sometimes their packaging shows wear and tear."


Thanks @grandbobby,
@robertl.o429qc has done a great job of filling out his Community profile! I’ll be in touch with him about his prize package, and I hope he’s had some time to read the top post in this topic and set aside any worries that he might have been nominated for something worrisome! :grimacing:


I choose @harrye to receive a community challenge 35 swag package for checking in as an early adopter beta member helping with a new WiFi option.


The key to the community treasure chest is now in your hands.

Thank you @grandbobby ! :key: :smiley:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I go by @SuperT here in the Republic Wireless Community.

It was suggested that we Ambassadors tell you a little about ourselves for this Challenge. Here’s my story on how I became a :turtle: with a badge! :smiley:

It was around five years ago. I was a new Republic Wireless Member and being the geeky type I was curious to check out its “Help Board”. :face_with_monocle:

I found that this little cell phone company I belonged to had a very interesting online Community. So well tended! No “Twitter” types of arguments or FB fluff. Here were people chatting with each other…looking for help with their cell phones. The nerd in me found myself drawn-in. :nerd_face:

I started reading other Members posts and found myself thinking…Hey…I know the solution to that! I learned a lot from the Ambassadors and Experts along the way too!

When I was asked if I would like to be an Ambassador by @southpaw (the Willy Wonka of this Community), how could I say no? (Yes that is a complement! :sunflower:)

I appreciated the honest answers given and admired how she and Republic always tried to make things right for a Member in need.

Ya, I wanted to be part of that. :smiley:

If you’re interested in the Ambassador program, you can find out information on it here :point_down:

Now that I got the keys to the Community treasure chest I can thank someone who made me smile several days ago with his post on setting up his Samsung! :grin:

@southpaw, would you please see if @seniorgeek would like some goodies? Maybe a case for his Galaxy S21 Ultra? Or a cool Republic t-shirt… :partying_face:


@SuperT I’m glad I was able to make you SMILE! During the times we’re living in today, that should be something we try to achieve each and every day. Republic Wireless is big enough to be competitive but small enough to allow us to have a close community which is unique in this industry. @southpaw is due a lot of credit for managing the community in order to keep us all on course. Keep up the good work!


I couldn’t have said it better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow! Now I know who to check with when my Google 3a arrives and I will mess it up !!! Thanks for your help~


@grandbobby, thanks for completing your challenge and doing such a great job of it! And thank you for handing off the keys to the Community Treasure chest!

I’ve contacted both @harrye and @seniorgeek about their prize packages… I think I’m all caught up from the weekend, and am looking forward to seeing who will be selected by @SuperT as our next winner!

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