Community Challenge 35: Ambassador Challenge to Empty the Community Treasure Chest

I couldn’t have said it better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow! Now I know who to check with when my Google 3a arrives and I will mess it up !!! Thanks for your help~


@grandbobby, thanks for completing your challenge and doing such a great job of it! And thank you for handing off the keys to the Community Treasure chest!

I’ve contacted both @harrye and @seniorgeek about their prize packages… I think I’m all caught up from the weekend, and am looking forward to seeing who will be selected by @SuperT as our next winner!


Good Morning @southpaw! :sun_with_face:
(It’s still morning here in SF :grin:)

I got my Community Chest key here :key: and I am ready to unlock it for a couple of Republic Members!

@beachb was very helpful with a post I had been watching!

I was hoping a fellow Community Member would see the special needs of the poster and be able to jump in with an answer.
Good job! :partying_face:

My 3rd trip to the Community Chest will be with someone who was looking at getting a new phone because she got locked out of her current Republic phone. :scream:

Because @nancym001 worked so well and patiently with our Community she was able to reset that bad boy and … I’ll let her say it:

@nancym001, now that your phone is all freshened up, let’s see if we can find some goodies for you! :gift:



Another day… another trip to the Community Chest :key: :smiley:

A few days ago @grampa popped into the Community and posted a question about moving a SIM for his wife (gramma?) :yum: to another Republic phone…
(This is a VERY common question here in the Community.) :face_with_monocle:
But before anyone could offer help, he found the answer himself (bravo! :partying_face:) and thoughtfully posted again letting the Community know and posted the solution!

I think that deserves one of my last two uses of the key :key: :wink:
And looking at the number of likes he got I think others would agree.

@southpaw, @grampa is my #4 pick.


This is my 5th and last trip to the Community Chest! :key: :slight_smile:

The Republic Member I hope to surprise and delight this time reminded me of when my good friend (another RW Member), was having trouble with his phone. He had inadvertently activated the Talkback feature which makes your phone start yapping about every tap you make on the screen. :fearful: A useful feature for sure, but it can be hard to turn off when activated accidentally!

And so, my 5th trip to the Community Chest is with @johng.6r5jad for his feelings of exasperation but eventual “save of sanity” experience with Talkback :yum:



Thanks @SuperT,

I’ve got some catching up to do, but I’ll be in touch with @beachb, @nancym001, @grampa, and @johng.6r5jad by personal message this weekend so I can get their prizes to them.

Maybe I’ll have a chance to catch my breath as you hand the key to the Community Treasure Chest off to the next participating Ambassador. I don’t know though, for a turtle, you seem to move pretty fast.

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That the “Super” part (and the cape helps) :laughing:


Too late @southpaw!
(Do keep breathing tho!) :laughing:
You DID challenge us Ambassadors so let’s keep this moving :wink:

(Seriously, Thank you @southpaw, I appreciated the opportunity to delight some Members! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

And now, I hand-off the Community Treasure Chest keys over to my fellow Ambassador… @louisdi :key: :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you @SuperT for passing off the :key:

It was suggested that when handed the keys we start by telling you a little about ourselves for this Challenge, so here goes.

I’ve been around the community for quite a while, having been active here since the launch of the original Moto X. As my wife would say, I’m “compelled” to help folks in forums like this and I’m active not only here but in various hardware manufacturer forums (and places like Quora) as well.

In addition to being a Republic Ambassador, I’m also a Republic Expert, helping field member tickets and chats when the issue doesn’t require the exchange of confidential or account data.

In my “real” life I’m a consultant that works with business leaders on operations and sales related projects in industries from telecom to financial services to manufacturing. Keeps me on my toes!

In any case, enough about me. I’d like to start by swagifying @bb6619 He (?) has been a member of the community since 2012 and like me appears to want the latest and greatest asking about the new Moto Stylus 5G and when or if Republic might support it. Although none of us know, I also am hopeful it will be soon!


Lousidi Yes He , I started with the Defy Beta C It’s not a matter of latest and greatest. If i’m going to get a new phone I want 5g. I like the specs of the stylus 2021 except the lack of 5g. My current phone is a G4 (i think) I like the Moto’s because they had FM radio. were not to expensive. The new stylus 5g is estimated at $399. only gets one android update. I can’t justify paying more for a phone. I have a hard nut justifying the $399.


Next, I would like to swagify tonyb.1ysdnx who has discovered that while Republic doesn’t officially support 5G, in places where T-Mobile has 5G NSA (which is pretty much 95% of their coverage), you’ll get 5G with your Republic service.

At the same time Tony has also discovered that the truth about 5G right now is that it is more marketing hype than reality. Most drive tests have found that on most networks 5G is at best marginally faster than 4G and at worst, unusably slow. For his 5G pain he deserves some swag!


About that phone – probably in a year or so, unless my current one gets run over by a truck, like my last one did. Long story.


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Hi @nancym001,

Even though you’re seeing our messages as e-mail in your inbox, the conversation (including your replies) is taking place publicly in our Member Community, in a topic where our Ambassadors are giving away prizes to Community participants. You received a message from me that began, “Thanks @SuperT” because I “mentioned” you (used your Community Username with an “@” in front of it) in the content of the message.

I see that you’ve also seen the personal message I sent you, (that’s not publicly visible) and you have replied to that so I can prepare your package. Congrats on being selected for a prize!

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Next up on my list I’d like to put davida.fhc2m9 on the swag list. David is new to the community but came with a perplexing problem where his phone thinks he’s nowhere near where he actually is. Hopefully the community can help solve this strange issue and hopefully the package with the swag will have a better sense of location than the phone and find its way to David!

Wow! Thank you, @SuperT, for the unexpected prize! I actually did search for the answer before posting my question, but was unable to find the answer (maybe I didn’t use the right search keys). Not long after posting, I went back to see if anyone answered my post and found another post a few threads down with the same or similar question. I can’t find that thread now (maybe a pattern of low search skills), but I remember it was answered by someone (likely @rolandh ) with a link to the post by @rolandh which I copied to my “Nevermind” post. So that’s my longwinded way of saying that @rolandh deserves most if not all of the credit.

Thank you @rolandh for answering my question even though at the time you were answering someone else’s question, and thank you for help with various other questions over the years. I’ll think of you when I sport my Republic Wireless swag😃


Hi @louisdi,
Do you have a couple more winners for us? I think today may be your day to hand the keys over to the next Ambassador, and I only see three winners from you so far.

Let’s start with Paradox5280 who gave the advice that a Moto update caused the screen timeout to increase significantly causing a significant increase in battery usage. Hopefully solving a mystery for a number of people. Paradox has been a member of the Republic Community since 2014!

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Second, I’d like to nominate jasonp.xsbec4 for some swagifying. He’s been very patient working through a weird silencing issue and some weird advice for solving it. That deserves some swag!

Jason has been a member since 2015, another long-time member!

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I think I’ve exhausted both my time and my secret codes to open the swag chest so I’m handing off the keys to @Burusutazu I hope everyone enjoys the swag!

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