Community Challenge 35: Ambassador Challenge to Empty the Community Treasure Chest

Thank you @Burusutazu for the handoff of the keys!

My route to Republic was somewhat indirect in that before doing more than lurking here, I was active in the Community of Republic’s then sister service and now sadly defunct RingTo. For those unfamiliar with RingTo, it was a Google Voice like service operated by Bandwidth is also Republic’s former corporate parent.

I’m also Community’s resident OBF (obnoxious Boston sports fan). In particular, I’m a hockey fan and, therefore, a die hard Boston Bruins fan. I hope folks will forgive me the OBF status. It’s not my fault as I grew up in the Boston area before relocating to South Florida (yay, it’s hurricane season).

Anyway enough about me. It’s time to put @southpaw back to work sending out swag. My first pick for swagification is @Obie for their question in: Potential Alternatives to Extend Home.

It certainly doesn’t hurt @Obie’s cause that they’ve liked a number of my posts though inexplicably they’ve liked more of @louisdi’s. :clown_face:


Very cool @Burusutazu!! Thanks for the swag!! :heart:

Welcome to the area :smiley: We really like it here!


Thanks @rolandh,

Yeah… I’ve got nothing else to do! :laughing:

This was the scene in my car this morning…


Oops, sorry, I figured you were all caught up! :wink:

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Today’s pick is Community newcomer @brentonc. Brent was kind enough to bring his question regarding availability of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 to the Community here: Galaxy s21 back in stock?. While this was Brent’s first Community post I do note, he’s been a member since August of 2014.

While he may not have gotten the precise answer he was looking for, hopefully, he came away with a solution. To me, Brent’s question is a powerful example of what Community does everyday, that is members helping other members. Should he (and others who might be lurking) have questions in the future, I hope Brent (and they) would be comfortable bringing them to Community.


Today, we have some :sunglasses: cool :sunglasses: RW swag for @cynthiah.7o2j9q! @cynthiah.7o2j9q was having some difficulty getting Google’s Play Store app to cooperate in updating the Republic Wireless app on her Moto G7 Play: Cannot update Republic Wireless app - clicking on prompt gets to "try again".

In particular, I wish to thank @cynthiah.7o2j9q for initially being willing to tolerate questions in response to her initial inquiry. Troubleshooting often requires gathering additional information before a meaningful solution is found. She deserves bonus points for providing a screenshot in response to my screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face: Discourse’s (the software powering Community) relatively easy ability to share screenshots is one of my favorite features.


Will @southpaw singlehandedly make USPS profitable?


Doing my part, man! Doing my part! And it’s not junk mail!!

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Just a few million more packages! You can do it! :rofl:



One of your winners has graciously declined the prize package, encouraging us to pass the gift along to another Republic member, so your challenge has now been increased, and you will get to select one additional winner before passing off the key :key: to the Community Treasure Chest.

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That being the case, I’ll make what might seem an unconventional pick in @caysea. @caysea isn’t an obvious pick since they last posted in 2018: Google Voice, International Calls.

I’m able to see @caysea is actively lurking because they like my (and others) posts with some frequency. The active lurking suggests to me @caysea despite infrequent posting continues to find value in Community. @caysea is a long-term member since July of 2012. Should they ever have another question not answered by lurking, I hope they’ll jump back in and would encourage others lurking to do so as well. As mentioned in my introductory post, I started in Community by lurking, so one never knows where seemingly humble origins might lead.


Thank you! Appreciate the “shout out.”

The wife and I (we both have RW phones) are not smartphone power-users, but we enjoy following the Community forums both for the free exchange of technical information, as well as the interesting and valuable exchange of ideas and suggestions.

Although our landline (yes; we still have one) has a “long-distance” calling plan, we very much appreciated rolandh’s excellent tutorial on using an RW phone for calls outside North America.

Many thanks.


For my final two swagification picks, I nominate @pirate96 who recently posted about helping a family member serving in South Korea here: Republic Phone in South Korea.

And, returning to Potential Alternatives to Extend Home, I nominate @royrose for his helpful participation and shared interest in Extend Home.

Both are long-term members as well.


Thank you @rolandh, and I have contacted everyone who has been picked as a winner so far, though I have not heard back from everyone.

With those final picks, I believe you’ve handed over the Community Treasure Chest key :key: to @johnny5 so he can close out this challenge.


I just replied privately. I was most definitely fun to be picked.


Thanks @southpaw and @rolandh for the :key:

I have been a customer of RW since 2012 but I watched, and participated in, the Community for a year prior to that. I really wanted to move to Republic because cell service where we now live is poor to non-existent but we do have WiFi/Internet via DSL.

Like some of the others here, I am both an Ambassador and Expert for Republic. I am now retired from real-life employment but worked in computing and networking throughout my career. I do still help my neighbors from time-to-time and I am a Local Guide for Google Maps, helping local businesses look their best, have accurate info and good pictures. These are more hobbies at this point.

I got started in online support on craigslist where things are a good deal rowdier than they are here. One thing I noticed is that people who ask for help on craigslist are really good at describing the aspects of the problem that are important to them e.g. “My legit ad got flagged, why?”. They are less likely to include the additional information a helper needs to actually be helpful. This led me to frequently ask for more information and eventually led me to change my online name to johnny5 because of this: Short Circuit More Input - YouTube

I thought this was a fun name to use and still encounter customers who get the reference.

I look forward to handing out swag over the next 5 days or so!


For my first pick, I nominate @rebecca.b for her very nice, though unneeded, apology as well as her super-helpful Tips and Tricks article on the Innocaptions app.

For my second pick, I nominate @bsquared for coming to the Community for help with his battery problem and for reporting back when everything was resolved.


For my third pick, I nominate @davidk.k5v3k0 for coming to the Community for help with choosing their next phone. He is a long-time Community member and I have to admit, I really liked his avatar. :slight_smile:


Edit to add further choices as I’m not allowed to make more than 3 consecutive posts in a thread…

For my fourth pick, I nominate @karenmh for her wonderful sidewalk art and for posting a picture of it as a photo sample for the Moto One 5G Ace photo samples thread.

For my fifth and final pick, I nominate @bocephous . He has been active in Community for a long time. I’m also always amused by his avatar


And now I return the :key: to @southpaw


@johnny5 is alive! Thanks for the nice words! I admire your words in the community. Thanks to all the great friends here! liked this!
Thanks to @southpaw for running away with the challenges overcome & making the community so great and acknowledging all that help/helped here.
I have been busy and away quite a lot dealing with family…
Love ya Republic Wireless.


Thanks for your picks, @johnny5! I’ve fallen behind on contacting all the winners, but I’ll be in touch with all of them this week to wrap up Challenge 35.

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