Community Challenge 37: What is that thing?!

Remember “Show & Tell” Or “Sharing Time” (or, for the more cynical, “Bring & Brag”) in elementary school? This Sharing Time Cul de Sac comic made me laugh and inspired our next Challenge.

In Community Challenge 37 we’re going to turn the challenge concept around with a twist on Show & Tell. You’ll have two different ways to win, so read carefully.

You could win a month of free Talk & Text + 1GB of data, or a $20 Amazon gift card!

Two ways to win

Option 1: Challenge our Community to guess what something is!

  • Now through 10/6/21 - Post a photo of an item that’s not readily identifiable. If you don’t have anything unusual at hand, you could take a close-up of a more common item. (Take a look at these close-ups, for inspiration.)
  • Be careful: Don’t save the photo with a filename that reveals what the item is!
  • Tell us what phone you used to take the picture. We hope to move some of the photos to our #reviews:photos category once the challenge has ended.
  • Then 10/7/21 through 10/10/21 be sure to come back and tell us what the object is! Your entry isn’t complete without this step.

Option 2: Now through 10/6/21 - Guess what the photographed items are!

  • When you make your guess you’ll need to name the person who posted the picture so we know which picture you are guessing about. To do so, type the “@” sign and their username, like @southpawkb.
  • Each participant may make only one guess per photo


  1. One photo submission per person.
  2. No photos of people or even parts of people. Moderation on this matter will be final.
  3. Keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  4. Submit only your own, original photos, and only photos that have not been previously entered in a Community Challenge.
  5. By submitting your photo as an entry in our challenge, you understand that the photo is publicly visible and you permit Republic Wireless to use the photo to demonstrate phone camera quality.
  6. Each eligible participant may win only once.
  7. Eligible entries must be submitted as replies in this topic before 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.


Option 1 eligibility:

  • Reply in this topic with a photo by 10/6/21 at 11:59 a.m. PT.
  • Include the type of phone or camera used to take the photo
  • Reply again in this topic to identify your photo between 10/7/21 and 10/10/21 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • By doing so, you are eligible for one entry in the Option 1 drawing.

Option 2 eligibility:

  • Reply in this topic with your guess to identify the photos by 10/6/21 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Include the username who posted the photo you are identifying
  • One guess per person per photo will count as an eligible entry in the Option 2 drawing.
  • If you are the first to correctly identify a photo, you will earn an additional entry in the Option 2 drawing.

Participants may win only once in this challenge, no matter how many eligible entries they earn.

Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families are not eligible to win. @Ambassadors and @Experts are eligible to win only in option 1 of this in this challenge.


Three winners for option 1 and three winners for option 2 will be selected by random drawing to win their choice of a free month of Republic Wireless Talk Text, and 1 GB of data or a $20 Amazon gift card.

Winners will be announced and contacted about their prizes by the end of the day, Friday, October 15, 2021.

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To get things started, I’ll submit a photo taken with a Moto G Power (2020.)
Tell me, please, what is this thing?

I’m guessing that the photo by @southpaw is a coral skeleton.

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Taken with Moto G Power (2020)
what is it?

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Taken with Samsung Galaxy S8. Fully functional, now retired, What is it?

It is an ashtray. Smoke comes out its nose, Not part of te contest but can you guess what it’s companion is?

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@billg - guessing soap dish.

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Nope, but nice try!

@ceedee - Asparagus tongs?


@cbwahlstrom Bravo!


@billg - coffee mug?

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No, that’s not it either, but holy cow that was a nice try.

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You got it @ceedee. To the best of my understanding, it’s a fossilized colonial rugose coral from the shallow sea that once covered Huntsville, Alabama.

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Huntsville! Who knew? It’s very cool.

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I was going to guess it was a doily lamp :frowning:

@billg Coffee creamer? I’m not sure how it works, maybe the cream comes out an ear?

Moto G Play (2021)

@johnny5 oak apple gall?

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Nope. I would just love to post a hint in the form of a picture of this fellow’s solid aluminum companion but I don’t believe the rules permit that.

Cave pearl

@ceedee You are correct!

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