Community Challenge 37: What is that thing?!

Yikes, the photo is upside down! :joy:

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@jumphour nope!

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The 3 guesses were all the same because it was not clear where or how to respond.

@ceedee - Wm. Rogers Cardinal slotted serving spoon ladle, circa 1920.

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@cbwahlstrom Rogers yes. Not a ladle.

Google Lens got this one wrong. :joy:

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@SuperT My PT wife says it looks like the upper half of a hip replacement! :joy:

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@SuperT A super long spinning top?

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Apple corer

Sugar sifting spoon?

Is it a top that once you start it spinning, flips upside down and spins on the stem?

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No, sorry Had to look up what an andiron was :joy:


@SusanMH boot scraper?

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@SusanMH no, good guess!

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@ceedee, sorry not a boot scraper.
Look at it from all angles :blush:

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Looks like some type of knob for a small appliance, perhaps for a yellow KitchenAid mixer?

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Butter dish?

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