Community Challenge 37: What is that thing?!

@johnny5 wow, pulled that out of…! :joy:


This photo was moved to: Samsung Galaxy Note20 photo samples

@louisdi - guessing a kong dog toy :grinning:

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Ahhh, you beat me to it! My daughter’s dog loves his!

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@freddyp Well darned, too easy. Thought the huge size might throw folks off!

@billg salt or pepper shaker?

Nope, sorry.

I’m somewhat pleased that none of our Community members seem to know (or want to admit knowing) what you have there.

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Do you know?

Yes, but only from the context of having met you, not from personal use.

Editing to admit that BillG DM’d me some info about his photo and I was wrong in thinking I knew what it was. It’s a more :innocent: item than I gave him credit for.

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Sorry, just saw one guess only, but now I think I know wha the cow item I may be :blush:

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Yea, I think I do too now. The camera angle is very deliberate.

pet food dish

Nope, sorry doc.

@billg Butter dish?

Nope, sorry.

@billg egg white separator?

Interesting guess but sorry, that isn’t it.

What is it? Taken with a Google Pixel 3a

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@dianeb it’s a salt dish.

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