Community Challenge 37: What is that thing?!

I need to look back through all the challenges and see if there are certain numbers that always get picked (we can count on @louisdi to pick 3 every time, for example) and start excluding those numbers from the drawing pool.

But for this drawing, lucky number :one: was assigned to @heatherd.tuemtk for her photo of what I have always called a wollyworm.

Which number is our second winning number, @rolandh?


Well, the number 3 is a favorite of mine (youth hockey number) but in deference to my friend @louisdi, I’ll avoid it today and select number 6 (which is divisible by 3 :wink:).


Lucky number :six: was assigned to @billg for his un-guessable photo of an ashtray. And for those who didn’t notice, rather than posting a new reply to explain his cow’s purpose in life, he edited his first post, adding yet another mystery item for those who might want to guess just for fun.

And what is our third and final winning number for the photo-posting category, @rolandh?


An ashtray, really? I would have never guessed.

For our final winner, I’ll resort to more math. 6-1 =5, so number 5 is our final winner.

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Number :five: was assigned to yet another un-guessable item, @SuperT’s replacement shoulder part. Although I’m not really sure I want to know how one ends up with spare body parts… I do think it is a really great photo.

So… that leaves us with 19 eligible entries for guesses, once I removed these three winners and the Ambassador guesses. I’ll just need a moment to scramble that list and pair the names with numbers, then we’ll have three more drawings.

@rolandh, thank you for your help, and I’ll be needing help again in just a few minutes if you or another Ambassador is around.


Congratulations to the winners!. I’ll be online a bit longer should you not get a better offer.


I’ve wasted enough time trying to imagine who would represent a better offer (couldn’t think of anyone) and so I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d keep on selecting our winners, @rolandh.

This time, I’d like you to pick our winners from the pool of numbers from 76-94, inclusive.

(The pool may change with each winner you pick, because so many people entered more than once, I’ll have to remove several entries for many of the winners.)

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Sorry, I’m blanking on which number to pick first. Let’s start with 91.

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Number 91 must have been the year you were born! :grin:

Whatever it represents, it was assigned to @ceedee who had lots of entries and lots of correct guesses, 91 being assigned to his “boot scraper” guess.

Now with @ceedee out of the rest of the drawing, the remaining eligible numbers are:

76, 77, 78, 79, 81, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 93, and 94


Haha, but no. It was a random pick. Sticking with random, our next winner is number 84.

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Random number 84 was assigned to @SusanMH for her Sugar sifting spoon guess.

And that leaves these numbers for our final pick:

76, 77, 78, 79, 85, 86, 89, 90, 93, and 94


Our final winner (I believe) is number 78.

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Number 78 was assigned to @cbwahlstrom for guessing the cow might be a coffee mug.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I’m not sure if @ceedee was having fun, or just really determined to win a prize, but I hope everyone had fun. I’ll be in touch with the winners by personal message about your prizes.

Thank you @rolandh for picking our winners!


I had fun! I even enrolled my wife in guessing and posting. Recall that she got pretty close on the shoulder appliance! :+1:

She has some really weird stuff! :grin:.

Oh yea, in covid times, we lead a pathetic and boring life. I love a good challenge!

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Interestingly, the reason I pick it is because my son uses number 3 for his youth hockey programs!

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