Community Challenge 39: Ten Big Years! (Challenge Extended!)

Today, Republic Wireless celebrates our 10th anniversary. :cupcake: Some of you, like me, stayed awake late into the night of 11/8/11, repeatedly refreshing your browser “one more time” to see if an order form would appear on the Republic Wireless website, until at long last it finally did. It has been a remarkable 10 years. We’ve seen a lot of changes, from the Optimus S running Android 2.3.5 with a 3.2" screen and less than 200 MB of available memory (mine still boots!), to today’s phones running Android 11 (and even 12) with 6" screens and more than 100 GB of memory. We look forward to exciting new changes as the next 10 years unfold.

Ten years: Republic Wireless Optimus S from 2011 beside a Samung Galaxy S21

In Community Challenge 39 we invite you to look back on the last 10 years and tell us about a significant change in your life in that time. If you prefer, you can look forward 10 years and tell us what you hope to change or accomplish by the time 2031 is winding down.


  1. Enter only your own, original thoughts.
  2. Keep it “rated G”, please. Moderation will be swift and final. The moderator is a prude.
  3. Written entries must be submitted in the spirit of the contest, telling us about a significant change you’ve experienced in the last 10 years or hope to experience in the next 10 years.
  4. Each participant will receive no more than one entry in our random drawing.
  5. Each eligible participant may win only once in the random drawing.
  6. Each eligible participant may win only one bonus prize
  7. Eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, November 28, 2021.


To be eligible to win a prize, you must reply in this topic with meaningful content relevant to the topic.

*Sorry, Republic Wireless staff members and their families, @Ambassadors, and @Experts are not eligible to win.


Three winners will be selected by random drawing during the week of 11/29/21 to win a $20 Amazon Gift card.
Additional small bonus prizes from the Community Treasure Chest will be awarded throughout the challenge period.

Challenge Extended!

Round one

For round one of the challenge, we will draw three winners, each to receive a $20 Amazon Gift card, from those eligible entries submitted before 11/29/21.

Each of those entries will also receive one of our bonus prizes.

Round two

For round two of the challenge, the same rules as above will apply, except eligible entries must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, 1/9/22.

Round two will also consist of a drawing for three winners, each to receive a $20 Amazon gift card, as well as bonus prizes to be awarded to some of the round two entries.


I have been with Republic since the second wave. I waited anxiously to join with my 2 school age kids. We started with AT&T and were not very happy with receiption or costs so when we got in it was a rebirth. I felt relieved knowing that I could reach my kids and they could call for help if needed. My daughter changed carriers about 3 years ago but has since returned to Republic. I have only had minor issues and I always receive great assistance from all the wonderful helpers. We live rural and it is lovely that I have very few issues receiving calls. So my signifigant change was leaving AT&T and being much happier with Republic.


It took me a minute to think about everything that’s happened in the last ten years, and it’s all good. My two daughters got married, and I now have three wonderful grandchildren (and two awesome sons-in-law). The love these kids give me has helped me better deal with an ongoing medical issue. The aging process is so much easier with them in my life. Like I said, it’s all good.

My wish for the next ten years is that “Papa” & “Gramma" will be around to see their grandchildren grow up to be wonderful human beings. Let me tell you, they’re off to a great start!

Oh, and I wish for three cell signal bars in my home! :grin:


December 2011
Graduated college
March 2012
Moved halfway across the country to start my career
June 2013
Somehow conned a wonderful woman into marrying me. (Still hoping she doesn’t figure it out…)
July 2013
Got my first smartphone, unfortunately on a high-dollar carrier.
November 2014
Moved halfway back to take a job I actually enjoy.
August 2015
Joined Republic for the first time! Still miss that 2nd-gen Moto X.
February 2016
My first daughter was born!
Bounced between Sprint and Republic based on whichever was a better deal at the time.
November 2017
Celebrated a World Series championship with the Houston Astros.
April 2018
My second daughter was born!
November 2019
Began my (ongoing) penance for (still) being a fan of the Houston Astros.
April 2020
Innovated on the concept of “staycation”.
August 2020
Decided to pursue another degree. Realized about a month in why everyone else in the class was 25 and single.
January 2021
My third daughter was born!
November 2021
Left Republic for Fi so I could play with my Pixel 6
December 2021
Returning to Republic Wireless.

So, yeah, been a slow decade. Hard to pick out a significant change, though I’d have to say welcoming three daughters has to be the biggest change. They fill this house and make it a home. I love my wife, but getting her on board was an easy change compared to bringing in those three.

For the next decade, it’ll be continual adjustment; not planning any big, sudden changes. Just growing with my children and wife, and working out what the Lord has meant for me.


Reading the news one morning I came across a story about this startup cell phone service that mixed Wi-Fi calling with cell calling. My SO and I had service with Verizon. Their $125.00/mo. service was terrible at my place so Wi-Fi calling seemed like a better way to go. I jumped in but applications were no longer being accepted. Some months later when RW switched to the Defy XT we finally got in and never looked back
In those early years we spent a lot of time dealing with router issues we rarely encounter these days. I’m not sure if routers got better or if RW did. Then we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get our phones to work with Google Voice. Ugh. Sean helped a lot with this stuff but they got the best of Sarah and she jumped from a tall bank building in downtown Raleigh. I begged for a lock of her Republic green hair to remember her by but failed to get one.
If there is one aspect of RW that has remained unchanged over these 10 years it has to be the excellent participation of Southpaw. In the beginning she was a community participant like almost all of us. It didn’t take long for us to realize she was one of the most valuable among us and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one trying to convince her to apply for a job with RW. The highlight of these 10 years was visiting RW headquarters in Raleigh for a couple of days and getting to meet Sarah, and Sean and so many of RW’s wonderful staff and yes, I got to do all of that with Southpaw.


For those who aren’t as brushed up on the history of Republic, @sarahd did not jump off any buildings, she rappelled down the side of the bank building in a fundraiser for Special Olympics.

Photo of Sarah:


In 2012 I decided to retire super early and it was Republic Wireless’ crazy plan that allowed me to afford phone service on my new journey for 19$ a month from the over $80 a month I had on discount from att via my employer. The money saved helped tremendously as I learned to minimize and cut back. The conversations with people about this mobile phone service for less than $20 were just an added bonus. People would tell me they couldn’t afford to do this or that and I would ask how much they are paying for their cellphone. Usually $100 - $200 for themselves or family. One friend who could have paid just $80 a month for RW, instead of the $200 for their phones, though I was being scammed. well 10 years later the joke was on her because i had saved thousands from that “scam” :slight_smile:


10 years ago I was using TracFone.

The prepaid minutes plan was the cheapest that I knew of at the time, but it was only possible with their 3x-minutes-for-life phones which of course were not smartphones. I had to buy a years worth of minutes to get an additional discount, and each time towards the end of the year, I had to take watch my phone usage.

Then one or two years later my friend introduced me to Republic Wireless. Now, for slightly less money I could have unlimited talk and text as well as a smart phone. This was a huge change for me. Spam text messages were no longer taking my minutes. I didn’t have to re-word my texts to get them under a certain amount of characters, and I could actually have some longer conversations with my long distance friends.

Was this the biggest change for me? No, I have had career changes, a marriage, and a child in the past 10 years, but it definitely made my life much easier! Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see people’s reactions when I tell them how little my wife and I pay for good service.


You can have a lock of my hair now, but it’s not green, it’s orange :laughing:


Now there is a friendly face from the past! Hope all is well with you and the family


We joined the Republic family back in 2014 and have been happy we did. Having been late in getting cell phones we were perfectly content with having plain phones with another company with only calling and texting. Back then we didn’t even have nationwide calling since we didn’t travel all that much outside of our “area”. When we started having problems with one of our flip phones we went to our carrier to replace it. They were going to charge us a huge amount for a flip phone, but would give us smart phones for free, if we upgraded to a data plan. We liked the price we were paying and were fine not having data, but I did not want to pay what they wanted to charge me for a basic flip phone. That is when I started looking for other options and came across Republic. I did my calculations and determined that even having to buy new phones, the overall cost compared to who we were with at that time and the two options we had with them (buying new flip phones and keeping our current payment, or getting free smart phones and paying for a data plan) we would be saving money with Republic and have Data. If the company we had been with would have worked with us to keep our plan without trying to push us to switch to a data plan we would probably still be with them.


Too late Sarah. Pushing you over the edge wasn’t enough to fulfill my contract but I’ve quit making voodoos dolls. :smiling_imp:

Thanks, jben! It’s so nice to see all of your friendly names :slight_smile: Things are going well, busy with two young children, but good nonetheless. I hope you and yours are doing well as well.


Glad to hear you’ve quit, not really good for your mental health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Challenge Extension!

I have not forgotten about this Challenge, though I’m very behind in awarding the prizes. Our Bonus Prizes have been tied up in some bureaucratic red tape. :scream:

So, what I’d like to do is extend this Challenge.

We’ll have a first drawing for the three $20 Amazon gift cards sometime this week (really!) and everyone who created an eligible entry prior to the original 11/28 deadline will be included in that drawing.

Additionally, everyone who participated prior to the original 11/28 deadline will receive one of the bonus prizes, once they are available to be given out. That’s:

@dianeb, @ceedee, @Checklist, @billg, @mineakey, and @SamuelC

(That’s pretty good odds for the gift card giveaway!)

If you participated prior to 11/28 and do not win a gift card, you’ll be eligible for the “extended challenge” drawing, along with anyone who creates an eligible entry between 11/28 and 1/9/22. I think the new year is also a great time to reflect on years past and years to come, so this Challenge is fitting as we roll into 2022.

There will also be bonus prizes for some of the entries during the extended challenge period.

Keep in mind, even though I wrote about the past 10 years of RW, this doesn’t have to be about your phone service. @Checklist gave a great example of reflecting on the changes in his life over the last 10 years, truly in the spirit of this Challenge! :trophy:


In 2015 we quit our jobs, sold our house, bought a camper and took our children on a one year tour of the US. We hit over 100 national parks, monuments and historic sites. Drive 44,000 miles and visited 40 States.


Okay, it’s time to pick our winners from round 1 of this Challenge.

@dianeb, @ceedee, @Checklist, @billg, @mineakey, and @SamuelC, you are all eligible win one of three $20 Amazon gift cards.
You’ll also each receive one of the mystery bonus prizes. I’ll be in touch with you by personal message to get your preferred shipping address. Don’t post it in reply to this message!

My friend @SuperT is here (virtually, from the other side of the continent) to help me with the drawing.

Tonight we’ll be picking winners by picking three unique letters from the word WIRELESS.

@SuperT which letter will you pick to draw our first winner?

First winning letter “W” :slight_smile:

W for winner, huh? The lettter W was randomly assigned to @Checklist who really thought through the last decade with a great post..

Which letter will you pick for our second gift card, @SuperT?

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The second letter I pick will be “I”