Community Challenge 4: Community Connections Scavenger Hunt



Hello @hollowWorld! My heart is forever in Florida, but I actually currently live in Oklahoma. I’m close to Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. It might not be officially winter right now, but being @aFloridian winter is here already. I’ve already seen snow this year. :open_mouth:The first time I actually saw snow in real life was when I was in VA when I was 19 years old. I surely do miss the warmth of my home state, and I will continually miss it especially during the winter months. :wink:

Enjoy the sunshine @hollowWorld. :slight_smile:


Although I really don’t like the cold, I’m thank the Lord that here in Oklahoma, we haven’t had any real major weather issues like what people have experienced in California, Houston, and etc. From what I hear, I think it’s a little unusual that we’ve already seen snow, but so far relatively speaking, I have nothing to complain about.


To be honest, I picked it as something related to tennis which is one of my favorite sports. I got it from Google search, I believe it is fanart.


I’ll take part in this.


Just applied this update to one of the phone on my account

@beng - does RW get notified by Moto when these updates are coming or do you independently find out about them ?


Here’s a great example of community participation to find the right case


Tonight’s leaderboard:

If you think I’ve missed points for you, please let me know.


Here’s an additional task @hollowWorld has unlocked by maintaining the lead position as the only participant with over 450 points:

Reveal the username of one of our two “New User of the Month” badge recipients for this month, as chosen mysteriously by the Community software. (20 points)


I found @markarchibald as a New User of the Month.


@southpaw Hi there. I didn’t win by :100:. :sob:


I found this in Announcements & News.

I got the update last night.


Ha! Don’t be greedy, you still won big, @jumphour!


User from same vicinity: @bocephous Go Browns!

User from different location: @jben I just learned that your home, Raleigh, is home to Red Hat. I’m using Ubuntu now.

Favorite avatar: @bitflung That’s a beautiful avatar photo. It looks so peaceful. Did you take that?

User with a cat avatar: @cat_wrangler

User with a dog avatar: @debbiem.issonyxk9

User with a flower avatar: @michellen

Community expert: @louisdi

Republic employee shoutout: @southpaw Thanks for the repurposed guitar picks you sent me!


Well @southpaw, I feel like it’s a bit of a cheap shot, but I was named one of the new users of the month. So that would be @hollowWorld for the bonus task.


Community Guideline: if you see a problem, flag it.

Site statistics: all-time likes 110k

Name change: @southpaw is “AUser.Resau” taken?

Best answer: Phone won't audibly ring


User with a dog avatar: @cynthiac.38a1cd
Expert member: @littletoucan


It is now!


Here’s today’s leaderboard:

Congrats to @AUser.Resau who has now crossed the 450 point mark and has earned additional unlocked tasks. The first additional task is to earn your Wet Feet badge.

Additional unlocked tasks only for @AUser.Resau and @hollowWorld

  • (20 points) Name a non-staff member who has earned a badge that no more than 10 people have earned, name the badge, and explain how the badge was earned.
  • (20 points) Name one member who is celebrating his first anniversary (on the day you’ve named him) in our Community.

Don’t miss the surprise tasks that have been added for everyone in the top post, as well!

If you’re participating and you don’t think I have your score right, or I’ve overlooked you, please let me know!


@AUser.Resau if you truly wanted it to be palindromic wouldn’t you want it to be AUser .Resua ?